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  • deWiz Biofeedback Golf Swing Modifier

    deWiz deWiz Biofeedback Golf Swing Modifier

    IT'S NOT A SWING ANALYZER IT'S A SWING MODIFIER deWiz patented Learning Stimuli State-of-the-art, real-time data Uses neuroscience to help you adjust your swing PRECISION, POWER and CONSISTENCY Every golfer knows that it's too late to think once you've started your swing. Your brain is hard-wired to perform your golf swing – an automated behavioral sequence. And when you perform flawed swings over time, they become the “normal” as your brain's established motor pattern. By providing deWiz's biofeedback feedback to a flawed swing pattern, your brain “auto-adjusts” to gradually modify your swing and make lasting changes. Get deWiz and rewire your swing to perfection. THE SCIENCE BEHIND DEWIZ deWiz combines patented biofeedback technology, state-of-the-art sensors and finely tuned algorithms to improve your swing FAST. deWiz doesn't just ANALYZE your swing, it uses cutting-edge technology and neuroscience to MODIFY your swing. FAST AND EASY ONBOARDING  You will be able to analyze your swing and set the changes you want to learn, and see results within a couple of minutes THE ULTIMATE TOOL FOR COACHING Measure your students swing data and set the desired changes you want the student to learn. CURE THAT SLICE PROBLEM This is how you can use deWiz to help you cure that problem of coming over-the-top FAST AND EASY ONBOARDING You will be able to analyze your swing and set the changes you want to learn, and see results within a couple of minutes CONQUER YOUR SLICE/HOOK Over-the-top? Under-the-top? deWiz helps you dial in your swing. Discovery Practice & learn MAXIMIZE YOUR SHOT POWER Gain consistency and distance with a unique deWiz metric. Discovery Practice & learn Challenge IMPROVE CONSISTENCY Too quick? Too slow? Now you truly will know. Discovery Practice & learn Challenge DISCOVERY This mode will familiarize you with your deWiz numbers and analyze your golf swing. PRACTICE & LEARN Choose which aspect of your swing to improve, and let the Learning Stimuli optimize your practice session. CHALLENGE Put your swing to the test, score points, play against your friends. TRANSITION PLANE The measurement of how far over-the-top or under-the-top you swing. LENGTH OF BACKSWING A precise measurement of how many cm/inches your backswing is, both for full swings and wedge shots. SWING TEMPO RATIO The ratio between backswing and downswing duration.

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