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If you have serious health goals, you definitely need a fitness tracker. Fitness trackers are gaining popularity world-wide and models are available for men, women and kids. They mostly come with a calorie counter, heart rate tracker, GPS, smartwatch abilities and more. Fitness trackers help you to stay active, sleep better, eat better and improve your overall health. These wearables are available from Fitbit, Xiaomi, Garmin and Samsung, and more. Most fitness trackers cost between $50 and $250, so you can pick something that suits your budget. These trackers are available in a range of styles - bracelets, watches, and clip-ons.

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  • MERLIN Actifit Talk

    MERLIN MERLIN Actifit Talk

    Stay fit while staying connected. With a removable built-in Bluetooth headset, the ingeniously designed ActiFit Talk monitors your heart rate, blood pressure, sleep, calories burnt, steps taken, while keeping you updated on your social world via discreet notifications. And when you get a call, simply remove the headset from the band and talk away.

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  • MERLIN ActiFit


    Slim and stylish, this high-performance activity tracker continuously monitors your physical activity and delivers real-time stats on demand. ActiFit helps you stay motivated and on the move. Your Vital Stats on Demand Access your blood oxygen levels, blood pressure and heart rate statistics straight from your wrist with ActiFit delivering real-time health and fitness data on demand. All Day & Night Activity Tracker Whether you’re running around having a busy day or fast asleep at night, ActiFit is constantly monitoring your steps, your activities and even your sleeping behavior and patterns. Stay Active. Stay Fit. Through any Weather Sweat-proof and splash proof, ActiFit is built to keep up with your exercise routines through wind, rain and dusty conditions so you can achieve your health and fitness goals all year round. Automatic Data Sync to Your Preferred Health App Our dedicated app syncs all your data in real-time. ActiFit is also designed to sync automatically with Google Fit or Apple Health so your fitness data is always backed up on your preferred platform. Charge and Go No batteries and no fuss. Simply charge your ActiFit via a USB charger and power through for the next 30 hours. Smart All Over Get immediate and discreet notifications from your socials, emails and even calls without even having to pick up your phone.

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  • MERLIN ActiFit Lite

    MERLIN MERLIN ActiFit Lite

    Slim and stylish, this high-performance activity tracker continuously monitors your physical activity and delivers real-time stats on demand. With an inbuilt heart rate monitor, sleep monitor, reminders. ActiFit Lite helps you stay motivated and on the move. Vital Stats on Demand With an in-built heart rate monitor, you can quickly access your fitness stats straight from your wrist to help you understand and plan your fitness journey with Actifit Lite Designed with the Outdoors in Mind Built to be waterproof and durable, ActiFit Lite is designed to keep up with you through sun, rain and dust. Don't worry about the watch in difficult weather. keep your thoughts focused on your fitness. All Day & Night Activity Tracker Not only does ActiFit Lite show you steps taken, distance traveled, and active minutes on its brilliant OLED display, but it also tracks your sleep cycle at night, helping you learn how to sleep better, and wakes you silently in the morning. Charge and Go No batteries and no fuss. Simply recharge your ActiFit Lite via a USB charger and power through for the next 48 hours.

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  • More Pro V19 Fitness Tracker

    More Pro More Pro V19 Fitness Tracker

    HD custom color screen gives you a better visual experience. Easier and clear for your reading despite in the sun with the brightness adjustment. Take care of your heart with accurate ECG monitoring and keep an eye on possible atrial fibrillation, a common form of irregular heart rhythm. You can immediately view the results on the app by putting your finger on the sensor for 30 seconds. Know your heart condition at any time, and provide a professional cardioid curve. At any time, any place, give you a smooth and comfortable mood. Automatically monitor Sp-O2 blood-oxygen value from 12:00 am to 7:00 am. STEPS: Just turn on the ‘Scientific Sleep’ and ‘Blood-Oxygen night monitoring’ functions in MorePro app. Suitable for a variety of people, such as seniors, people with hypoxia in alpine, people with snoring, etc. According to multi-dimensional indicators such as physical activity, heart rate, night sleep breathing changes, and heart load monitoring and analysis, low blood oxygen vibration wakes up, reminding snorers to adjust their sleeping posture, effectively improving sleep and avoiding the risk of suffocation. 24-hour automatic heart-rate monitoring in the MorePro app adopts the most advanced sensor to detect real-time heart rate. Combine with PPG, Monitoring your real-time heart rate, heart rate variability, QT interval. record your H-R changes throughout the day and monitor your data anytime, anywhere to keep you fit. Set heart-rate cap reminder in the app, the smart tracker will vibrate if the heartbeat is abnormally high. Truly understand your sleep habits for well-being. The nap can also be easily monitored, Monitor your sleep status and sleep pattern silently and automatically. When you exercise outdoors, simply connect your phone's GPS and you'll be able to see the status and route in real-time. Simply press the sensitive button to track your real-time heart rate, steps, distance, calories burning when doing excises. Easy to get your goals. The MorePro V19 bracelet is based on the IP68 waterproof standard and can be used for daily cold showers, sweat, hand washing, etc. Prohibited: use in hot water bathing, diving, and other scenes. Incoming calls and text notifications. Don't worry about missing any important messages from social apps. Key Features ECG24/7 Heart rate monitoringHR reminder24/7 Blood pressure monitoringBlood Oxygen Monitoring(Night 0:00-07:00)Sleep MonitoringScientific Sleep MonitoringIP68 WaterproofSports modes: RunningDaily activity tracking(steps, distance, and calories burned)Call, text & app notifications &Store informationRemote CameraBrightness AdjustmentSedentary reminderCountdown & stopwatchAlarmsLight up the screen by rotating your wristDo not disturbFind DeviceFind PhoneLock ScreenSave PowerFamily Account ModeImperial & Metric SettingsLight up the screen by rotating your wristFemale reminder

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  • More Pro V100S Fitness Tracker

    More Pro More Pro V100S Fitness Tracker

    MorePro health fitness tracker is designed to help you manage your health. Adopting more advanced sensor technology, the fitness tracker can 24/7 automatically &continuously detect your H-R, B-P, and body temperature and also accurately detect any skin color person. All-day H-R monitoring helps you make the most of each exercise activity, check the H-R zone. You can check the detailed health data in the morePro App to help you understand your health status and make adjustments to your healthy lifestyle. Easy to get your health data: 1. Scan the QR code in the user manual or download the “morePro” App from the “App store” or “GooglePlay”.2. Turn on Bluetooth and GPS/location on your cellphone.3. Go to the App-Settings-Device-Find V100S to connect it.4. After connecting successfully, go to Switch Setting-Turn on all automatic detection. MorePro fitness tracker is always with you all the time to start your health journey.MorePro fitness tracker helps you live a healthy and balanced life. Built-in 6 different sports modes on the fitness tracker for your choice(Run/Ride/Walk Outdoor, Run indoor, HIIT and Plank sport modes). GPS tracking, Morepro is the ideal sports companion-with pace and distance exercise monitoring on a supported smartphone, it can also generate maps in the App. 24/7 tracking your all-day activities including steps, distance, and calories burned to help you achieve your goals.Adopt a 1.14-inch IPS color screen. There are 4 different styles of display and the screen brightness can be adjusted on MorePro App. You can choose your favorite display style by long-pressing the main screen for a few seconds. Let your eyes be comfortable no matter in the sun or in the dark. Easy to slide Left & Right operate, which is convenient and easy for you to control the screen and choose the function you want between different functions.Receive incoming calls, text messages, calendars, and app notifications when your cellphone is nearby. You never miss important message notifications. Body Temperature Tracking. Automatically monitor your body temperature every 10 minutes throughout the day, which can help you monitor your body temperature in real-time without being affected by external factors. Sleep Tracking. Our fitness tracker tracks automatically your deep sleep, light sleep, awake sleep from 8 p.m.- 10 a.m. All sleep data shown as a chart on the App, helps you better understand and improve your sleep quality. IDEAL LOCK SCREEN WITH IP68 WATERPROOF Design lock screen function to avoid the mistakes by the water or something touched. With IP68 waterproof, you can wear the fitness tracker to go swimming or do some water activities in the shallow water area. PRIVACY SAFETY FUNCTION Manually disconnect (not automatically disconnect) between the fitness tracker and the App, all data on the fitness tracker will be cleared to “0”, including the time. Only after reconnecting to the App, all the data will be displayed on the fitness tracker and the App again. Meet your privacy safety needs. USB CHARGER DESIGN Adopt a built-in USB plug instead of the wired charger, it is convenient for you to charge it anytime, anywhere at home, or in the office. Lasts for 7 days of normal use after 2 hours of fully charging. Key Features Body Temperature Monitoring24/7 Heart rate monitoring24/7 Blood pressure monitoringSleep MonitoringScientific Sleep MonitoringIP68 Waterproof6 Sports modesDaily activity tracking(steps, distance, and calories burned)Call, text & app notifications &Store informationRemote CameraBrightness AdjustmentSedentary reminderCountdown & stopwatchAlarmsLight up the screen by rotating your wristDo not disturbFind DeviceFind PhoneLock ScreenTorchSave PowerFamily Account ModeImperial & Metric SettingsLight up the screen by rotating your wristFemale reminder

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  • Moov Now - Moov Fitness Coach

    Moov Moov Now - Moov Fitness Coach

    Train Right With Moov Now Correct form, reduce injuries, and beat personal bests Coaching for all the ways you Moov Circuit Training, Running, Cycling, Swimming, Cardio Boxing, Treadmill Run, Indoor Cycling, Open Tracking Ultra Light, Only 15.1g The most comfortable band in the weight of leather. It Is Actually Rocket Science Moov's 9-axis Omni Motion sensor captures & analyzes your motion in 3D. Did you know it has been used in the navigation system inside strategic missiles? How awesome! Form Matters Continuously monitoring your form will minimize chance of injury while pushing your limits. Interval Works Interval training lets you push yourself hard and recover, leading to faster results. Level Up Moov offers levels that gradually increase in intensity. Over time you will see significant improvement. Spice It Up As your body gets used to the same workouts, it burns fewer calories. Moov's variety keeps you away from plateau. It Is Actually Rocket Science Moov's 9-axis Omni Motion sensor captures & analyzes your motion in 3D. Did you know it has been used in the navigation system inside strategic missiles? How awesome!

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  • YoYoFit FT907HR US

    YoYoFit YoYoFit FT907HR US

    Customize for children, automatically tracking kids all day workout, monitor kids' heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen. Long Battery Life YoYoFit Kids fitness tracker, with a lower-power chip battery which last more than 5 days.Only need to be charged 2 hours. Drinking Water Reminder Open the "Drinking Water Reminder" function in the app, when your kid playing too long, the vibration alarm will encourage you kid to drink water and rest All-day Activitu Tracker Automatically tracking kids all day Step Distance Calories Heart rate Sport time Swimproof designed Kids can wear it in the class, pool, playground and beyond, don't worry about spills and splashes. Build A Health Habits Automatically or Manually monitor Kids heart rate so you can care about their health at any time

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  • YoYoFit FT903HR

    YoYoFit YoYoFit FT903HR

    Lod Kids Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor, Sleep Monitor Calorie Pedometer Smart Band Fitness Watch with 5 Sport Modes Easy to Charge This activity tracker can be easily charged with any USB port, no cable, more freely. All-Day Activity Tracking Steps Distance Calories Heart rate Sport time New Design Swimming Mode Greets the arrival of hot summer with you, Solving the short of professional records while swimming. Enjoying Your Family Sports with YoYoFit Lod Be Your Family Sports Healthy Partner

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  • YoYoFit 906HR US

    YoYoFit YoYoFit 906HR US

    A fashionable watch suitable for outdoor sports,excellent visibility even in direct sunlight outdoors Easy to Charge This Activity tracker can be easily charged with any USB port, no cable, more freely. Comfort to Wear Made of high quality material, this fitness running watch is use friendly design and smooth respond ALl-Day Activity Tracking Track Your Workout, view directly on the watch Steps Distance Calories Heart rate Sport time Tracking your Health Life in Real-Time Fitness tracker can record your all day heart rate in dynamic mode or static mode.+ Sport Mode and Connected GPS Tracks 4 sports such as running, walking, cycling, climbing.+

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  • YoYoFit 905HR US

    YoYoFit YoYoFit 905HR US

    Ergonomic design,lightweight and durable,comfortable to wear.Accurately track all-day activities Ergonomic Lightweight Design Built-in USB plug,comfortale to wear, light and flexible convenient to use.Not easy to be allergic. Heart Rate Monitor Call and message Reminder Sleep Monitor 5 Sport Modes Pedometer Calorie Sedentary Reminder Alarm Reminder IP67 Waterproof COnnected GPS Your Health Assistant Accurately Track all-day activites including Steps Distance Calories Heart rate Sleep Message and call Reminder The Fitness Tracker will Support phone calls , text messages, APP notifications, Vibratory awaking, Sedentary Remond, Alarm Colck Remind, Won't miss the important things. Mulitifunctions Smart Watch Date and 12/24H time display Heart rate/Sleep monitor Calorires calculation Auto pedometer Clock Alarm Mulit-Sports Mode Sedentary reminder ect

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  • Muse Cue

    Muse Wearables Muse Cue

    SILENTLY TRACKS YOUR ACTIVITY AND BODY VITALS THROUGHOUT THE DAY AND NIGHT IT’S ALL ABOUT THE RIGHT TIME TO MEASURE YOUR BODY VITALS...As you do various activities throughout the day, it is important to know the current activity status while a periodic measurement is being taken.Muse Cue remains context aware and waits for the right time to measure your body vitals.Users can also trigger a real time measurement via the App anytime to get the data at that instant. HEART RATE MONITORING Muse Cue with its highly impressive optical sensors helps you track your heart rate throughout the day and night.Observe that your sleeping Heart rate should be significantly lower than when you are awake.Also monitor your Heart Rate after your workout session by triggering a real time measurement. OXYGEN SATURATION MONITORINGWith its optical sensors and time tested algorithms, Muse Cue precisely measures your oxygen saturation or SpO2 levels in periodic intervals.Ideally, your SpO2 levels are in the range of 95-99% and pretty much remain in the same range. SKIN TEMPERATURE TRACKINGMuse Cue’s highly accurate temperature sensor measures skin temperature throughout the day.With this, Cue estimates your body temperature for you to monitor daily. HEART RATE VARIABILITY AND RESPIRATORY RATE Heart Rate Variability gives a performance measure of your autonomic nervous system or the ANS, which determines your fight or flight response and recovery.Respiratory rate or breaths per minute gives a direct measure of your respiratory health.Measure your Heart Rate Variability and Respiratory Rate from your App at least once everyday - preferably just after waking up. FITNESS AND SLEEP TRACKINGDid we mention that your Muse Cue will be your partner in crime for your fitness journey?Muse Cue tracks your sleep cycle, your steps, calories and all your health metrics that give you that summer body.LET MUSE CUE BECOME YOUR LIFESTYLEMuse Cue connects to our Muse Health App in which you can see all your body vitals at a glance.You can also see your vitals patterns throughout the day and night.GET PERSONALISED CUESGet alerts like alarms, calls, health cues, vital alerts right on your wrist.Snooze your phone calls with a double tap on the Cue.For health cues, set from your App to trigger vibration on the Cue every set interval.MONITOR YOUR HEALTH SCORE EVERYDAYMuse has designed a “Health Score” to assess the user’s health based on their body vitals’ patterns.From the vitals data that Muse Cue collects throughout the day, Muse Health App calculates the baseline vitals of every individual and assigns a health score.In case of a marked difference in these baselines due to any infection, the health score drops and the user is alerted in the App.IT’S ALL ABOUT THE RIGHT ALERTS AT THE RIGHT TIMEMuse Cue will know first and alert you in case of a deviation in the body vitals beyond the normal limits. Note: Muse Cue Currently available only for Android.

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  • HONOR Band 6 Fitness Tracker

    HONOR HONOR Band 6 Fitness Tracker

    6 Features that Make Your Daily Life Healthier 1.47" Large AMOLED Screen 14 Days Long Battery Life All-Day Blood Oxygen Level Monitor Intelligent 24-Hour Heart Rate Monitor 10 Professional Workout Modes Watch Face Customization to Fit Your Mood Redefine Fitness Tracker with a Large Screen Screen Design: Large screen with narrow bezels Using Experience: Large screen for easy operation 1.47" Large AMOLED Screen Phenomenal Visual Experience A 1.47" large screen means 148%2 more display area than traditional fitness trackers that gives you a phenomenal visual experience. Show Your Style with Our Unique Design Special Red Line Button HONOR Logo Design Customizable Watch Face to Fit Your Mood Change your band face at any time to fit your style with a lot of band face choices in watch face store. Show your attitude by setting an album photo as your personalized watch face. Charge for 10 Minutes Wear It for 3 Days HONOR Band 6 has a better battery life and equips with magnetic fast charging to free you from long recharge times. Intelligent 24-Hour Heart Rate Monitor With TruSeen 4.0 all-day heart rate monitoring, HONOR Band 6 can detect abnormal heart rates and give alerts. HONOR Band 6 is here for you, all day. Customizable Watch Face to Fit Your Mood Change your band face at any time to fit your style with a lot of band face choices in watch face store. Show your attitude by setting an album photo as your personalized watch face. Sleep Monitor Helps You Sleep Deeper TruSleep algorithm on the HONOR Band 6 can precisely record sleep durations and stages. HONOR Band 6 provides professional sleep improving suggestions and personalized sleep aid, HONOR Band 6 can help you get a good night of rest. All-Day Blood Oxygen Level Monitor on Your Wrist Blood oxygen level is a key indicator of your overall wellness. Low blood oxygen will cause tiredness, lack of energy, loss of memory capacity. Long term of low blood oxygen will damage your brain, heart and other organs. The HONOR Band 6 combines optimized optical hardware and software algorithms to provide all-day precise blood oxygen level detection. Female Cycle Tracker Every Special Period is Important HONOR Band 6 supports the period-tracking calendar that allows you to see your upcoming estimated fertile window and compare all your stats in one place, giving you a better overview of your health. Diverse 95+ workout modes Make Your Own Progress Every Day HONOR Band 6 has a large selection of 95 workout modes to track your physical exercises including 10 professional workout modes such as running, walking, cycling and other activities. Even if you want to do your exercise underwater, HONOR Band 6 will precisely record your performance for your reference. Auto Detect Workout Types Record Your Every Move HONOR Band 6 auto detects 6 workouts such as running, walking, rowing machine and elliptical machine. HONOR Band 6 can also precisely record your real-time heart rate and give you feedback during workout based on preset goal. Together, HONOR Band 6 will make your exercise easier by providing more comprehensive data. Every Thing You Need to Know HONOR Band 6 Will Remind You HONOR Band 6 will remind you of everything that requires attention, such as incoming message, daily agenda and so on. Functions like music playback control, remote camera shutter, find your phone and other useful features make your daily tech life more enjoyable.

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  • HONOR Band 4 (Running) Fitness Tracker

    HONOR HONOR Band 4 (Running) Fitness Tracker

    Your Professional Running Guide Equipped with a six-axis sensor, the Honor Band 4 Running is able to detect seven kinds of fitness data, including foot strike pattern and impact, swing angle, eversion range, step length, cadence, and ground contact time. These data will be analyzed by the technology developed by CISS to provide you with insightful running posture analysis and workout suggestions. Accurate Fitness Data Algorithm developed by Honor dedicated to make sure that every step taken is accurately recorded.The increased processing power of the new six-axis sensor, coupled with Foot Mode and the upgraded running posture monitoring algorithm raises the accuracy of running distance measured to over 95%. Six-Axis Sensor Professional running posture monitoring algorithm Fashionable Dual-Color Wrist Strap Inspired by the stylish air vent of a sports car, the Honor Band 4 Running is powered with unlimited vigor! Unleash your inner self with the dual-color design available in multiple colors. Switch Freely Between Two Wearing Modes The Honor Band 4 is designed to be versatile so you can switch between two different wearing modes instantly. Wrist mode The Honor Band 4 Running supports a variety of features under Wrist mode. Trendy necessity for your daily needs. Foot Mode Turn your running shoes into a smart workout companion; attach the band body to your shoe buckle to switch to Foot mode. Anti-Slip Design Quality strap materials carefully crafted using in-mold and dual-color injection molding technology, combined with inverted lock-in design of the body, you will never worry about the band slipping off during an intensive workout! Light-Weight and Breathable Band Made of TPU with multi-vented strap design and a weight of only 17g (body and strap included), the band fits effortlessly to give you the comfort you need. Track Your Sleep Never be bothered by LED lights while sleeping. Accurately records your sleep data when you are in deep sleep, light sleep, and awake to help you adjust your sleep habits. 21 Days on A Single Charge Thanks to the high-performance and low-power-consumption processors, the Honor Band 4 Running can last up to 21 days under standby mode and 2 weeks with regular use. Battery life of 40-hours when tested and used continuously under Foot mode. Free yourself from messy charging cables and charge instantly using the charging cradle! 21 Days on A Single Charge Last up to 2 weeks with regular use. Charge instantly using the charging cradle. 0.5-Inch OLED Screen that Works Effectively with Your Mobile Sensitive and round touch key makes operating the band easier. Greater convenience with Raise wrist to wake screen/Lower wrist to turn off screen/Rotate to switch screen functions. Sends vibration alerts for incoming calls/messages. Water-resistant, up to 50 meters The Honor Band 4 Running is the perfect workout companion, regardless of the activity, rain or shine.

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    Key Features 1.1" AMOLED display Display resolution: 126*29 Display color depth: 16 bit Display backlight: Maximum brightness ≥ 450 nits, adjustableOne touch-button (wakeup, return)High precision 6-axis sensor and PPG heart rate sensor, 6-axis sensor: Low power-consumption 3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis gyroscope, PPG heart rate sensor, Digital MEMS microphoneMagnetic chargingCharging time: < 2 hoursBattery life: ≥ 14 days11 professional sports modes: Outdoor running, power walking, cycling, indoor running, pool swimming, freestyle, indoor cycling, elliptical, jump rope, yoga, rowing machine. (Supports automatic running or walking detection, pace alerts, completed kilometer alerts, high heart rate alerts)24-hour heart rate and sleep monitoring with women's health tracking Heart rate monitoring: Whole-day heart rate manual heart rate, resting heart rate and heart rate curve Sleep monitoring: Deep sleep, light sleep, rapid eye movement (REM), naps Women's health tracking: Provides recording and reminders for the menstrual cycle and ovulation phases Stress monitoring, breathing exercises, PAI vitality index assessment, idle alerts, step counter, goal settingRemote photo-taking, music playback, find my phone, phone muting, phone unlocking, incoming call notification, do not disturb, WhatsAPP notification, app message alerts, calendar reminder, event reminder, weather forecast, timer, countdown timer, alarm, Bluetooth broadcasting, online dials, custom dials, preset dials, screen locking, charging progress display, choice of wearing method, OTA upgradesBody net weight: 11.9 gBody dimensions: 46.95 × 18.15 × 12.45 mmWaterproof rating 5 ATMWireless connection Bluetooth 5.0 BLEHaptic and Roto motorRAM: 512 KBFlash memory: 16 MBAdjustable length: 155–219 mmBattery capacity: 125 mAhBattery type: Lithium-ion polymer batteryStrap material: TPUWristband buckle material: Aluminum alloyDisplay cover material: 2.5D reinforced glass and AF coatingCase material: PC plasticOperating temperature: 0℃~45℃System language Supports English, Spanish, Russian, Italian, French, German, Ukrainian, Polish, Korean, Portuguese, Turkish, Japanese, Arabic, Czech, Thai, Indonesian, Greek, Vietnamese, Romanian, Chinese and Dutch. The aforementioned languages will be launched successively.Supported systems: Android 5.0 or iOS 10.0 and above Included Mi Band 5 Fitness TrackerMagnetic Charging CableUser Manual

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  • WHOOP 4.0 Your 24/7 Personalized Fitness and Health Coach

    WHOOP WHOOP 4.0 Your 24/7 Personalized Fitness and Health Coach

      DISCOVER THE NEXT GENERATION The all-new WHOOP 4.0 is smaller, smarter, and designed with new biometric tracking, including skin temperature, blood oxygen, and more. WEAR IT ANY-WEAR Comfortable enough to wear non-stop thanks to new, durable SuperKnit bands, but flexibly designed to be worn off your wrist in new WHOOP Body apparel. WAKE UP AT THE OPTIMAL TIME Set a haptic alarm that gently vibrates to wake you at the optimal time based on your sleep needs and cycles. MONITOR YOUR HEALTH A robust sensor suite allows you to monitor your key vital signs: Blood oxygen levels, skin temperature readings, and heart rate metrics. GET MORE ACCURATE DATA 5 LEDs and 4 photodiodes capture your data more often than most wearables, providing best-in-class accuracy validated in lab studies and with third-party testing. TRACK METRICS 24/7 Wirelessly charge your WHOOP with a waterproof* battery pack and capture data continuouslyeven while in the shower or washing dishes. THE MOST IN-DEPTH FITNESS & HEALTH FEEDBACK WHOOP monitors your sleep, recovery, and daily effort around the clock to deliver actionable insights on how you can optimize your performance. RECOVER FASTER WHOOP analyzes your key metrics like HRV and resting heart rate to determine a daily recovery score, and shows you how specific lifestyle and training behaviors affect Recovery. TRAIN SMARTER WHOOP measures and accumulates your training activities and daily effort with a Strain score that helps you understand when to rest or push. SLEEP BETTER WHOOP monitors your sleep cycles, debt, performance, and quality, to help you know how much sleep you need every night. NEW! FEEL HEALTHIER WHOOP now measures your blood oxygen levels, skin temperature, heart rate, and more, so you can see when youre making progress, or when somethings off your baseline. JOIN WHOOP TODAY Get the latest WHOOP 4.0, the app, personalized analytics, coaching features, and regular updates, all for one price. Choose from 6, 12, or 18-month plans. AN ALL-NEW WAY TO MONITOR YOUR HEALTH The Health Monitor gives you a big-picture look at your overall health.** GET HEALTH INSIGHTS Monitor key metrics like heart rate, resting heart rate, heart-rate variability, skin temperature, and blood oxygen levels, to better understand your bodys overall health. SEE IMPROVEMENTS AND IRREGULARITIES WHOOP calibrates to your individual baseline. Know when youre within normal range and get alerts when you deviate. DOWNLOAD HEALTH RECORDS Export 30 or 180-day health data trends into a PDF that you can share with your coach, trainer, PT, PCP, or physician. UNLOCK YOUR BEST WITH PERSONALIZED COACHING The WHOOP app delivers personalized insights and actionable feedback based on your unique data, behaviors, and goals. STRAIN COACH Take the guesswork out of your training with Strain Coach. Based on your recovery, youll get a daily target exertion goal to help avoid overtraining and undertraining. SLEEP COACH WHOOP measures your sleep patterns and debt, so you know how much sleep you need and when to go to bed. Sleep Coach can even wake you when youve reached optimal recovery. BEHAVIORAL JOURNAL Track your daily behaviors like diet type, stress levels, caffeine intake, and more to understand which behaviors impact sleep and recovery most.

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  • Withings Pulse HR Health &amp; fitness tracker Smart Watch

    Withings Withings Pulse HR Health & fitness tracker Smart Watch

    Move at the speedoflife Connected GPS Heart ra Water resistant to 50m Smartphone notifications 20-day battery life Designed to last Pulse HR is an advanced activity tracker that enables you to effortlessly keep track of daily activity and training sessions. Includes continuous heart rate to help you get the most out of your workouts, connected GPS to map your route, and automatic sleep tracking with a daily Sleep Score. Plus, you can stay connected to what matters with fully customizable smartphone notifications. Standout materials Crafted with a premium 316L stainless steel case and a reinforced polycarbonate surface coating, Pulse HR features a minimalist style that can stand up to the rigors of everyday life. Better battery life Pulse HR outlasts the competition with a long-life battery of up to 20 days so you can spend more time moving, and less time charging. Health partner Pulse HR lets you learn about yourself to help you get in shape. Why should you measure your heart rate every day? Improving your health on a day-to-day basis is about taking care of your most important muscle. Strengthening your heart can be an an excellent way to build endurance, and knowing your heart rate zones can help you improve. Your biggest supporter Walk, run, swim: all daily activities are automatically recorded to give you the best overview of your health and daily activity goals in the Health Mate app can help you get inspired to make progress every day. Personal trainer Discover how Pulse HR can help you improve your physical activity. Multisport mode Every activity is different: you dont work out the same way when youre playing soccer or doing yoga. If you want to track your training session as accurately as possible, simply hold down the side button to select from more than 30 activities. This will start your session and activate continuous heart rate so you can optimize your training. Connected GPS Retrace your route. The connected GPS feature, which you can access via your smartphone, will give you a map of your session, including distance, altitude, and pace. This function requires a Bluetooth connection with a smartphone, and location services must be turned on. Data at your fingertips Measurements are automatically synced to the Health Mate app, which means you can visualize results with easy-to-read charts. Includes the time spent in each heart rate zone (light, moderate, intense, and peak) to help you to focus your workouts and achieve real results. And with automatic recognition 24/7, all your daily moves will be recorded in the app. Get a good night's rest Knowing your nights can help you improve your days. Sleep cycle tracking Each morning, Pulse HR will provide updates on your night's sleep (light & deep sleep plus interruptions) in the Health Mate app. And with Smart Wake-Up, the band features a silent vibrating alarm that can wake you at the optimal time in your sleep cycle to help get your day off to the best possible start. Sleep score The length of your night's sleep isn't always a guarantee of quality. See your Sleep Score in the app when you wake up and get the lowdown on the factors that influence the quality of your rest, so you can improve it. Notifications Stay up-to-date with what matters while living in the moment. Whether you want to see calls, texts, events, or your favorite apps, you can enjoy the freedom that comes with not having to take your phone out of your pocket. Perfect pairing Pulse HR automatically synchronizes via Bluetooth with the free Health Mate app, available for iOS and Android. See your health data, view your progress, receive personalized advice, and get extra motivation to reach your goals. Heart rate monitoring Track heart rate trends day and night, plus continuous heart rate in workout mode Activity tracking Automatic walk, run, swim (water resistant - 50M) & 10+ activities recognized, plus calories burned & distance Sleep monitoring Sleep cycle analysis (light and deep sleep) plus silent vibrating alarm with Smart Wake-Up OLED screen Daily statslike steps, distance & heart rate, plus smartphone notifications (calls, texts, events, apps) Long battery life Up to 20 days on a single charge

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