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  • Pansonite New Version VR Headset Remote Controller 3D Glasses

    Pansonite Pansonite New Version VR Headset Remote Controller 3D Glasses

    ?Permanent free replacement-Professional technical support?? Customer satisfaction is of great encouragement to us.No need to worry about quality. Unsatisfied-the fastest 100% refund. In case of any product failure, missing parts, difficulty in use, etc, please contact us in time, and we will be happy to help you. ?2021 Latest Version VR? After three years of research , development and adjustment, we not only reduce the volume and weight , but also pay more attention to internal component. We went on to conquer multiple barriers to obtain very accurate fitting of parts. Pansonite VR with a new handheld controller that seamlessly responds to organic, human movements in virtual experiences.(PLEASE NOTE:The remote control is free gift) ?Eyes Protecting & Bluetooth Connection? HD resin aspherical lens are updated to be more smooth and purified. It can completely eliminate the feel of vertigo and provide you high-resolution imaging and the color visual event.The remote control is connected to the mobile phone via Bluetooth to get rid of the wire trouble. ?Adjustable Pupil and Focus Distance? You can simply adjust the position of the spherical resin lens through moving the button on the top of the 3D VR GLASSES so as to get a better experience of watching movies in seconds. So better and faster! Pupil settings for the best 3D experience, even to those near-sighted. ?Ergonomic Design? This adjustable T-shaped strap is made of lightweight material, which can decrease the pressure around your eyes, face and on your head, providing you more comfortable feeling. This Flexible and adjustable headband is suitable for different people. What's more, the nose area is deepened, reducing the pressure on your nose. Removable front cover helps heat dissipation and keeps cool while enjoying the virtual world.

    Rs. 7,150.00

  • Dream Glass Air 4K AR Glass

    Dream Glass Dream Glass Air 4K AR Glass

    Dream Glass 4K is a portable & private AR entertainment that works for the whole family. It's a plug & play AR headset with a 200" AR screen for all contents, from your smartphone/tablet, game consoles, PC&Mac, drones, and more. It frees up your hands, immerses your eye in 3D and shows everything in private, together with surrounding safety awareness. Everything you dreamed of, we offer something even better. 90 Ultra-wide FOV 90-degree filed of view presents a 200-inch large AR screen just in front of your eyes. Your coolest private movie theater and gaming studio. 4K Resolution 4K resolution and super vivid color display immerse you into a stunning digital world like never before. 2D/3D/360 Immersive Viewing Switch between 2D, 3D and panoramic viewing freely. Private but also stay connected to the surrounding environment. Plug & Play All Devices A plug & play AR headset with a 200-inch AR screen for all contents, from your smartphone/tablet, game consoles, PC & Mac, drones, and more. Eye Glasses Friendly Friendly for users who wear glasses. Ten layers of optical coatings are used to reduce the blue light that fatigues the eyes.

    Rs. 68,996.00


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