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If you like small and cute wearables, it about time we put a ring on it. Smart rings come with some sort of tech built into them so that they can track your sleep, activity, pulse rate and more. Most of them can connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Unlike smartwatches and fitness bands that can be tightened and loosened to fit your wrist, smart rings are a tad difficult. They usually come with sizing kits to improve fitting. Smart rings come in cool designs with like fitness trackers, NSC chips, SOS buttons and more. As they do not have a screen, they do not require frequent charging. You can pick a variety of options available in the market today - Keydex NFC Multi-Function Ring, the Oura Ring, the Motiv Smart Fitness Ring and more.

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    Circular Circular Smart Ring

    Your Personal Health Companion Smart Ring. The most complete wellness hub app, powered by the smartest smart ring. Wake up at the perfect time with Smart AlarmWake up silently to vibrations and set a smart alarm to wake up at the perfect moment and start the day energized.Understand and improve your sleep, foreverCircular analyzes your bio-signals during your sleep to help you keep track of its efficiency. Learn what parameters impact your sleep and how it correlates with your days. Circular will assist you on your journey to improve it, forever, with easy-to-read insights and pertinent recommendations.Keep track of your activities at all timesQuantify your physical activities and improve your recovery with empowering metrics. Visualize your trends, your progress and benefit from personalized advice to energize your life and improve your daily performance over the long term.Biohack your way to better healthCircular will help you take back control on your health. The ring continuously monitors your bio-signals and alerts you if anything is unusual. Use Circular to check on your immune system readiness with proactive monitoring. Understand the effect of your lifestyle and environment on your health and benefit from appropriate recommendations to make informed behavioral decisions on a daily basis.Control your mood with breathing exercicesTake care of your mental health and improve your focus. Leverage the power of your ring's vibrations with a variety of guided breathing exercises used by Olympic athletes, yoga masters, and special forces to help you go to sleep, recover or calm your mind.  Complementary features around empowerment & productivity Airplane mode - Free your mind from EMF exposure by disabling your ring's communications. Calendar & Notes - Quickly see what's important and add notes manually to correlate your data with everything you do. Timer - Take advantage of haptic feedback. Whenever you want. Understand and improve your sleep with simple and impactful insights Circular analyses your body signals during your sleep to help you keep track of its efficiency while helping you to improve its quality. Sleep quality score - The score reflects how well you slept based on valuable metrics calculated during your sleep. Sleep overview - Quickly overview the times you slept. Edit your sleep logs. Sleep metrics - See the result of each sleep component so that you can directly identify what to change. Sleep/wake detection, Naps detection, Real sleep, Sleep debt, Time to fall asleep, Chronotype, Sleep stages monitoring, Circadian Rhythm, Disturbances, SpO2, Heart Rate, Heart Rate Variability, Temperature Variation, Breathing rate, Sleep quality score©. Sleep graphs - In depth insights about the sleep metrics. You can compare to your own short- and long-term trends and get to know your evolution. Want better Health? Get engaged with your sleep Improve your sleep like never before thanks to sophisticated tracking, easy-to-read insights and a seamless smart ring. Critical to your health and your energy Sleep is the period to repair, regenerate and prepare your mind and body for performance. Understand & improve your sleep to give yourself the sleep you deserve and reach yincrease your wellbeing. A sleep lab in a tiny and comfy ring Precise heart rate, breathing rate, SpO2, temperature and motion sensors along with a machine learning powered app will help you understand and improve your sleep over the long term Meet the 3 pillars of sleep Quality Learn how much time you spend in each sleep stage: Light, Deep, REM & Awake. Deep sleep enables physical recovery while REM sleep helps with memory, thinking and creativity. Do you know how much time you spend in each ? Is it optimal ? Kira will help you improve and optimize these. Duration Circular looks at how much you have actually slept compared to your personal sleeping length needs. Circular also calculates the duration of disturbances during your sleep, and gives you a score on how efficiently you slept. Circadian Rhythm Science shows that sleep must follow a light/darkness cycle, be in line with your natural chronotype and that the more consistent you are with your sleep schedule, the better sleep you'll get. Kira makes recommendations that match up with your chronotype to achieve higher consistency. What you are missing out on with a non efficient sleep Immune system against illnesses and cardiovascular diseases Productivity, cognitive ability and focus Stress, mood and weight management The ultimate day & night companion, Designed for every moment of your life Changeable outer shells Adapt the look of your ring to different situations at any time.Choose from an array of changeable outer shells with different colors and builds. 1. Silver DESIGN: Designed for a sophisticated stylePROPERTIES: High grade alloy of stainless steel and carbon fiber with resistant silver coating 2. Rose Gold DESIGN: Designed for a sophisticated stylePROPERTIES: High grade alloy of stainless steel and carbon fiber with resistant rose gold coating 3. Black Fit DESIGN: Designed for high resistance to scratchesPROPERTIES: High grade alloy of stainless steel and carbon fiber with resistant black coating 4. Gold DESIGN: Designed for a sophisticated stylePROPERTIES: High grade alloy of stainless steel and carbon fiber with resistant gold coating

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