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  • FORM Swim Smart Goggles

    FORM FORM Swim Smart Goggles

    One Membership. Unlimited Potential. Before, during, and after each swim, FORM makes it easy to unlock the full-body benefits of swimming. FORM Annual Membership (12 months): ? 26,806.00 Renews annually. Activate in app. Heres how. Transparent in-goggle display Workout library with hundreds of guided workouts Accurate real-time swim metrics and workout instructions FORM app for reviewing swims, tracking progress, and social sharing Show Up with a Plan Pick a workout and get pre-swim workout tips so you can show up feeling confident. Make Swimming Fun Love every moment in the pool with engaging workout instructions and real-time metrics. Track Progress and Celebrate Stay motivated by a community of swimmers and track your hard work in the FORM app. Endlessly Motivating Guided Workouts Unlock your best swim with in-goggle instructions that make every swim fun. Get fired up to swim with over 400 coach-designed workouts. Stay energized from start to finish with progress updates and metrics. Swimming. Redefined. FORM combines the worlds smartest goggles, real-time metrics, and guided workouts to make swimming fun. Meet the game-changing membership thats redefining swimming. Quality and Warranty Built to last. Premium design and high quality features like chemical-resistant anti-fog coating and FDA-certified silicone eye seals. FORM goggles come with a one-year warranty, so you can swim worry free. Your Membership Experience In-Goggle Swim Metrics Get in-the-moment metrics like your swim time, distance, and pace when following a workout, or free swimming in the pool or open water. Guided Workouts Pick a workout and get in-goggle motivation from start to finish. And with an evergrowing workout library, youll keep every swim fresh. Post-Swim Tools and Review Dig into your swim performance and track progress over time with powerful tools for swim analysis, training, and goal setting. A Community of Swimmers Connect with FORM swimmers by sharing your swims and celebrating your successes, while being inspired by each other (even the pros!). Motivation from Start to Finish with Guided Workouts Your goggles will tell you what to swim, when to go, when to rest, and the right effort level. Hundreds of coach-designed workouts means youll always be able to match your mood, skill level, and schedule. Swim updates and the progress bar tell you where you're at in each set, and your overall workout. Time Track your total time from start to finish. See your moving and resting time in your goggles, so you don't need to look at a pace clock or watch. Distance See your distance (meters or yards) in your goggles, updated as you swim. Never lose count of laps or wonder how far you've gone. Pace See your pace while you swim (instead of when you stop) to accurately maintain your speed as you continue to move through your workout. Available in pool, open water, and swim spa modes. Heart Rate (sensor required and sold separately) Stay in the right zone and track your heart rate in real time with a compatible Polar sensor* (with FORM mounting clip to attach to your goggles). No need to rest, wait, and check it manually. Learn more. Split Times Maintain a consistent pace by tracking how long it takes to swim each length. Only available in pool mode. Stroke Rate Find your optimal stroke rate range, whether you're doing a speed or recovery set. Real-time stroke rate is available when swimming freestyle. Average stroke rate from your last length, available for all strokes. Stroke count Stroke count (paired with distance per stroke) is a great tool to use when you're working on increasing the efficiency of your stroke or modifying your swim technique. Only available in pool mode. Distance Per Stroke (DPS) Know how far each arm stroke gets you to help you find your optimal stroke count range, depending on how fast you're going. Calories Burned Track calories burned while you swim and see the total amount when you're done. Track Your Swims See essential performance metrics in the water, whether you're swimming in the pool, in open water, or a swim spa. Customize Your Metrics With FORM, you can choose the metrics you want to see while you swim, rest, and turn. Review, Share, And Connect Look at past swims and celebrate your progress. Share your swims in the app, on other fitness apps, and social media to connect with other swimmers. Open Water Compatibility In open water mode, connect your goggles to a compatible Garmin or Apple Watch to see distance and pace metrics. No watch required for pool swimming. Swim Your Way Pick a guided workout or go for a free swim. When you swim a guided workout, youll see in-goggle workout instructions and real-time metrics. Heart Rate with Polar Stay in the right zone with FORM and Polar. Using a compatible Polar sensor* (Polar Verity Sense or OH1/OH1+) and FORM Mounting Clip (included with purchase of goggles), you'll be able to track your heart rate in real time.*Polar sensor sold separately. Real-time heart rate as you swim Recorded and saved in the FORM Swim App Available in pool, open water, and swim spa modes Find Your Fit Try different nose bridges and adjust the straps to find your perfect fit. Switch The Display See your metrics in the right or left lens.

    Rs. 30,775.00

  • ActionBand for Apple Watch

    Twelve South ActionBand for Apple Watch

    Why work out with ActionBand: Incredibly comfortable, stretchable and flexibleStretches so you can can wear it on your wrist or forearmProtects and preserves your other premium Watch bandsCompatible with Apple Watch Series 4, 5, 6 & SE Wrist? Forearm? No sweat. ActionBand securely holds your Apple Watch in a sturdy, protective frame that keeps it against your skin, tracking your activity while providing full access to the Digital Crown and Side Button. Thanks to a blend of lycra, ActionBand has enough stretch to position on your forearm - giving you the option to move your watch off the wrist if you prefer. ActionBands thick cotton material soaks up sweat, keeping your hands dry, making it easier to keep a firm grip on barbells, free weights, cardio equipment or a tennis racquet. With one for each wrist included, youll crush your next workout in style! Immense comfort for intense workouts. The first thing youll notice when you slip on ActionBand is how comfortable it is. ActionBand literally hugs your wrist, and the soft cotton flexes with your movement in the gym, on a bike, or a yoga mat. With a little lycra woven into the cotton band, ActionBand has enough stretch to expand or contract during workouts, and even allow you to position it on your forearm when needed. Work out once with ActionBand and youll wonder how you lived without it. You have workout shoes, why not a workout band? How many times have you left the gym wearing a wet, sweat-soaked Apple Watch band? Put an end to that uncomfortable situation by making ActionBand your dedicated workout band. Pop your watch into ActionBand when you get to the gym. After your workout, switch back to your nice Watch band, which will be clean and dry. Then, toss ActionBand into the wash with the rest of your workout clothes so it'll be ready for your next session. Order three pair or more and save 20%. A pair for each day of the week? Two hands. Two bands. ActionBand includes a pair of soft, stretchy cotton wristbands. One band has a secure Apple Watch frame stitched into it and the second band keeps your opposite hand dry while exercising. Grab a few pair of ActionBands so you always have a clean set ready for your next workout. Close your rings with the most comfortable way to wear your Watch. Order your ActionBand today. ActionBand for Apple Watch Specs PRODUCT DEVICE COMPATIBILITY MODEL NUMBERS ActionBand for 40mm Apple Watch 40mm Apple WatchSeries 440mm Apple Watch Series540mm Apple Watch Series640mm Apple WatchSE A1977, A2007A2092, A2094, A2156A2291, A2293, A2375A2351, A2353, A2355 ActionBand for 44mm Apple Watch 44mm Apple WatchSeries 444mm Apple Watch Series544mm Apple Watch Series644mm Apple Watch SE A1978, A2008A2093, A2157A2292, A2294, A2376A2352, A2354, A2356 ActionBand for 41mm Apple Watch 41mm Apple Watch Series 7 Coming Soon ActionBand for 45mm Apple Watch 45mm Apple Watch Series 7 Coming Soon

    Rs. 3,701.00

  • Aipower Wearbuds W20 Lite

    Aipower Aipower Wearbuds W20 Lite

    True Wireless HiFi Earbuds Charged on Your WristHi-Res Audio | Qualcomm Audio Chip | IPX5 Water-Resistance | Unique On-Wrist Charging Earbuds In the Box 1. Two fully wireless earbuds;2. One fitness band;3. Two ear-tips;4. One magnetic charging cable;5. Quick start guide;6. Warranty card.

    Rs. 17,280.00

  • Apple Watch Case - RSC - ONYX BLACK

    Golden Concept Apple Watch Case - RSC - ONYX BLACK

    In 2020 we launched a more dressed series of cases for Apple Watches, which became one of our most popular products ever, now we are following the success with a new series designed with the active man in mind, our RS models are made to stand up against any task, however casual or likewise rigorous. ONLY 22 GRAM (0,77 OZ) Made from the planet's two strongest and lightest materials, Titanium and Carbon fiber, combined with the same manufacturing methods that the Swiss watch industry has used for centuries, this watch with its timeless design will easily find its place in your watch collection. COMPATIBILITY Apple Watch Series 41/45 mm : 8, 7 Apple Watch Series 40/44 mm : 6, 5, 4 and SE II CASE Titanium and PLY Carbon Composite CASE SIZE Apple Watch 45/44mm: 44 mm x 51 mm Apple Watch 41/40mm: 41 mm x 48 mm WRIST SIZE Up to 25 cm WATER RESISTANT This watch case is water resistant CASE THICKNESS 14 mm BRACELET Rubber strap with deployant buckle WEIGHT 45/44 mm case: 78 grams (116 grams including apple watch) 41/40 mm case: 78 grams (110 grams including apple watch) INCLUDED IN THE BOX Instruction book, watch case, bracelet, screwdriver, screws, warranty card

    Rs. 291,288.00

  • AUKEY EP-T21 Move Compact True Wireless Earbuds

    AUKEY AUKEY EP-T21 Move Compact True Wireless Earbuds

    Superior Sound Quality Experience crisp, high-fidelity sound while Bluetooth 5 provides faster pairing and a stable, efficient wireless connection. Great Battery Life The earbuds alone provide up to 5 hours of high-quality sound output on a single charge, and the included charging case provides an additional 6 charges, giving 35 hours of total playtime. Package Contents AUKEY EP-T21 True Wireless Earbuds-1Micro-USB Cable-1Ear-Tips (S/M/L)User Manual-1Quick Start Guide-1

    Rs. 2,997.00

  • Etekcity Apex HR Smart Fitness Scale

    Etekcity Etekcity Apex HR Smart Fitness Scale

    Break away from traditional fitness with the HR Smart Fitness Scale. Using BIA (bioelectrical impedance) technology, this scale provides a full body composition analysis in seconds. Customize the scale display and track your progress in the free VeSync app.  Introducing the Etekcity Apex HR Smart Fitness Scale Get a well-rounded view of your health, not just your weight, to help you set specific fitness goals. BIA Technology Using a safe, low-amplitude current conducted by the ITO surface, the fitness scale provide sultra-precise body composition measurements in seconds. 14 Biometric Measurements Go beyond one weight measurement with essential biometrics that give you a comprehensive look at your everyday health. Smart Customization Customize which biometrics appear on the TFT display and the order in which youd like them to appear. Large TFT Display TFT (thin-film-transistor) screens are specially crafted to show high-resolution graphic that can be easily read from different angles perfect for the displays positive messages and data results Completely Connected Sync Data with your favorite fitness apps to keep all your health stats in one place. Unlimited Users Let every one join the fun and create as many personalized Ve Sync profiles as youd like. Share the Victories Export data to friends and family so you can encourage one another towards your fitness goals. What's in the Box 1 x Apex™ HR Smart Fitness Scale 1 x USB Type-C Charging Cable 1 x Quick Start Guide

    Rs. 9,226.00

  • Apple Watch Case - CL - Silver

    Golden Concept Apple Watch Case - CL - Silver

    Our vision of transforming the world's best technologies into something beyondthe ordinary continues.Our design team has created a casethat allows you to transform your regular Apple Watch into a watch that you can wear in all occasions,Whether you are going to work, going to a party or working out, this classic design will fit your style.You can also personalizeit even more by simply replacing the bracelet with a color or material that suits your look of that particular day.Made with the same manufacturing methods that Swiss watch industry has usedfor centuries, this watch with its timeless design will easily find its place in your watch collection. The Caseis carved from a solid 316L Stainless steel block, the surfaces areexpertly handpolishedby a master craftmanto give the watch it's extra ordinary look.Our Apple Watch Casesare limited to only 9999 pcs worldwide, each marked with a unique number engraved on the temple.

    Rs. 34,419.00 - Rs. 80,462.00

  • Leaf Urban designs Smart Jewelry

    Bellabeat Leaf Urban designs Smart Jewelry

    The best of both worlds; this wellness tracker combines fashion with function to help you raise your well-being to the next level. Become in sync with your body, mind, and soul! Benefits No screens or buttons Optimized for women's health Water-resistant Shower safe Wear it as a bracelet, necklace, or clip Tracks activity, sleep, stress, meditation and reproductive health Made of wood composite material and hypoallergenic stainless steel Long-lasting replaceable battery In the Box Leaf Urban Active Bracelet Infinity Necklace CR2032 Coin Cell Battery Battery Replacement Tool

    Rs. 11,402.00

  • Muse Cue

    Muse Wearables Muse Cue

    SILENTLY TRACKS YOUR ACTIVITY AND BODY VITALS THROUGHOUT THE DAY AND NIGHT IT'S ALL ABOUT THE RIGHT TIME TO MEASURE YOUR BODY VITALS...As you do various activities throughout the day, it is important to know the current activity status while a periodic measurement is being taken.Muse Cue remains context aware and waits for the right time to measure your body vitals.Users can also trigger a real time measurement via the App anytime to get the data at that instant. HEART RATE MONITORING Muse Cue with its highly impressive optical sensors helps you track your heart rate throughout the day and night.Observe that your sleeping Heart rate should be significantly lower than when you are awake.Also monitor your Heart Rate after your workout session by triggering a real time measurement. OXYGEN SATURATION MONITORINGWith its optical sensors and time tested algorithms, Muse Cue precisely measures your oxygen saturation or SpO2 levels in periodic intervals.Ideally, your SpO2 levels are in the range of 95-99% and pretty much remain in the same range. SKIN TEMPERATURE TRACKINGMuse Cue's highly accurate temperature sensor measures skin temperature throughout the day.With this, Cue estimates your body temperature for you to monitor daily. HEART RATE VARIABILITY AND RESPIRATORY RATE Heart Rate Variability gives a performance measure of your autonomic nervous system or the ANS, which determines your fight or flight response and recovery.Respiratory rate or breaths per minute gives a direct measure of your respiratory health.Measure your Heart Rate Variability and Respiratory Rate from your App at least once everyday - preferably just after waking up. FITNESS AND SLEEP TRACKINGDid we mention that your Muse Cue will be your partner in crime for your fitness journey?Muse Cue tracks your sleep cycle, your steps, calories and all your health metrics that give you that summer body.LET MUSE CUE BECOME YOUR LIFESTYLEMuse Cue connects to our Muse Health App in which you can see all your body vitals at a glance.You can also see your vitals patterns throughout the day and night.GET PERSONALISED CUESGet alerts like alarms, calls, health cues, vital alerts right on your wrist.Snooze your phone calls with a double tap on the Cue.For health cues, set from your App to trigger vibration on the Cue every set interval.MONITOR YOUR HEALTH SCORE EVERYDAYMuse has designed a “Health Score” to assess the user's health based on their body vitals' patterns.From the vitals data that Muse Cue collects throughout the day, Muse Health App calculates the baseline vitals of every individual and assigns a health score.In case of a marked difference in these baselines due to any infection, the health score drops and the user is alerted in the App.IT'S ALL ABOUT THE RIGHT ALERTS AT THE RIGHT TIMEMuse Cue will know first and alert you in case of a deviation in the body vitals beyond the normal limits. Note: Muse Cue Currently available only for Android.

    Rs. 3,599.00

  • Muse Hybrid Smartwatch - Modernist Series

    Muse Wearables Muse Hybrid Smartwatch - Modernist Series

    Muse Modernist 36MM Crafted with polished stainless steel in an elegant jet black finish, this model of ours is for the elegant, modern and yet casual at the same time. Muse watches are perfectly engineered timepieces, packed with the most sophisticated technology that keeps you intelligently connected with yourself round the clock. Currently available only for Android Mobiles Robust and Durable 1 Year Warranty Stainless steel & Premium finishes Activity Tracking Never Charge - 12 Months Battery life Filtered Notifications Control Music

    Rs. 7,599.00


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