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  • Muse S (Gen 2) - EEG-Powered Meditation & Sleep Support

    Muse Muse S (Gen 2) - EEG-Powered Meditation & Sleep Support

    Using advanced EEG technology to respond to your mind, heart, and breath, Muse S is a comfy brain sensing headband that helps you understand & track how well you focus, sleep and recharge so you can refocus during the day and recover each night. Immersive & intelligent sleep soundscapes (aka Digital Sleeping Pills), personalized insights, and forget-it's there comfort give you the ultimate home sleep support. Experience the next evolution in sleep technology with Muse S (Gen 2). Digital Sleeping Pills Immediate & intelligent sleep support to put you to sleep & help you fall back asleep if you've woken up during the night. Sleep Tracking Get your best rest through overnight sleep tracking, deep sleep insights, position tracking and a personalized sleep score. Mind Real-time brainwave feedback (EEG) teaches you the art of focus. Heart Tune into your heart rate to optimize performance. Body Discover how your meditation posture can bring you physical relaxation. Breath Learn how to use your breath to find calm and fight stress. Key Features 1. Digital Sleeping Pill (EEG + PPG + Smart-Fade Technology)2. Sleep Tracking (EEG + PPG + Accelerometer)3. Mind (EEG)4. Heart (PPG + Pulse Oximetry)5. Body (Accelerometer)6. Breath (PPG + Gyroscope)7. 10 Hours of Battery Life (Rechargeable Li-Ion) 3hrs Charge Time8. 1 Headband, Multiple Users9. Wireless Connection: BT 4.210. MicroUSB port (cable included) and LED Indicator11. Muse App Compatibility (iOS 12.2, Android 8 or higher, Huawei devices not supported) Benefits Immediate Sleep Relief Experience breakthrough intelligent sleep support with Digital Sleeping Pills combined with forget-it's-there comfort to help you refocus during the day and recharge overnight. Meditation Made Easy Stop guessing if you are doing it right. Use real-time feedback to guide you and keep you motivated during your meditation practice. Track & Measure Your Progress Review your data, set goals and build a rewarding meditation practice.

    Rs. 49,367.00 - Rs. 54,920.00


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