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  • Amber Alert GPS Active Halo® GPS Device

    Amber Alert GPS Amber Alert GPS Active Halo® GPS Device

    The perfect companion for your family's safetyCOMMUNICATION, SAFETY AND GPS LOCATION IN ONE LITTLE DEVICESmartphone Companion AppEASILY TRACK YOUR CHILD'S LOCATION FROM YOUR PHONE How It Works The Active Halo® GPS Smart Locator is a durable, child friendly product that works hand-in-hand with our easy-to-use parent app and portal, keeping busy families connected with tracking information and voice functionality.LocateTrack your little ones online or from our mobile app - location information is updated every five minutes. CommunicateUse two-way calling to call your child anytime - they can even call you with the touch of a button. Stay connected with frequent location updates and long battery life. AlertSet up safe zones to get informational alerts, such as a child entering or leaving school, as well as SOS alerts, indicating your child may feel threatened or is not feeling well via voice call, text and/or email. Lasting PowerOur battery lasts up to 40 hours on a single charge, so you'll be covered even on sleep overs.Unlimited Text and Email alerts to Family and FriendsDesignated family and friends can receive safety alerts via email &/or text messages to their mobile phone.Award WinningWe repeatedly get ranked as the best GPS tracker on the market by TopTenReviews"For its exceptional functionality, the Amber Alert GPS is our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award winner."One-of-a-kind Predator AlertsA parent can also be aware of any threats in their neighborhood or around the areas their child frequents. With this exclusive feature, an email and/or text alert will be sent when their child comes within 500 feet of a registered sex offender's residence.

    Rs. 16,880.00

  • AngelSense GPS Tracker for Special Needs Teens & Adults

    AngelSense AngelSense GPS Tracker for Special Needs Teens & Adults

    Help Your Special Needs Child Reach Their Full Potential GPS Tracker for Teens and Young Adults Supporting Your Loved One Through All Stages of Life Helping People with Special Needs Realize Their Goals AngelSense GPS offers support during transition periods by helping to ease the stress and pressures of change with the added safety that ensures special people can reach their personal goals and sustain them. Increased success with employment, independent living and developing skills for the future Peace of mind and security for parents & caregivers a better quality of life for all New Smaller Device! New Additional Wearing Options: Watch Band, Arm/Ankle Band, Lanyard New WiFi & Bluetooth Connectivity SALE price for a Limited Time Only Intelligent iAlerts Reliable Alerts for safe & Unexpected Places, Late Arrivals & More Safe Ride Monitoring View Detailed Travel Routes & ETA in Real-Time on a Live Map Assistive Speakerphone Auto-Pickup Speakerphone for 2-Way Conversations & Check-ins Safeguard GPS Accurate, All Day Monitoring Nationwide Throughout the US, Canada, and UK Detailed Timeline Time and Duration of Each Days Locations & Transits Device SOS Button Reach Support Team with the Click of a Button to Request a Call Unlimited Guardians Customizable Features for Caregivers, Support Team, & Employers Location Playback See Movement Within Workplace Step Counter Personal Activity Level for Each Location Throughout the Day Unlimited Guardians Customizable Features for Caregivers, Support Team, & Employers Location Playback See Movement Within Workplace Transition Support for Higher Education, Independent Living, and Employment AngelSense increases safety that allows for more opportunities to practice independence and build confidence. Enrich transition plans to encourage better communication, independent travel, and self-advocacy. AngelSense helps special needs people achieve personal success. Device for Your Loved One Sensory Friendly with Assistive Speaker phone Discreet and non-removable wearing with 2-way auto pick-up speakerphone & call request button Mobile App for You Accurate Location & Reliable Alerts The only GPS tracker designed for special needs Allow more independence without compromising safety Reliable Safeguard GPS Know when your loved one arrives or leaves safe & unknown places Feel more secure about your loved one being out of the house. Speak to your loved one anytime & SOS button to request remote support during difficult moments. Real-time route tracking and ETA updates give you peace of mind during independent travel Wearable GPS for Teens, & Young Adults Sensory Friendly, Nonremovable & Removable Options

    Rs. 68,977.00

  • AngelSense GPS Tracker for Kids

    AngelSense AngelSense GPS Tracker for Kids

    Life-Changing Safety & Independence Designed for Your Loved One with Special Needs AngelSenses Powerful Solution...Now With a Smaller Device! Dont let the size fool you, with our new device, AngelSense provides maximum safety, greater independence, a better quality of life, and unbelievable peace of mind! Introducing our light & small GPS tracker for kids, teens, adults, and seniors with special needs, autism, or dementia with the same great battery life. Non-Removable Wearing Designed for children with sensory sensitivities, can only be removed with a special parent key Assistive Speakerphone Auto-Answer Speakerphone on your childs device to talk to them during an emergency Emergency Detection Alerts Get immediate alerts for emergencies: Elopement, unfamiliar places, late arrivals and more School Bus Monitoring See live tracking map, updated ETA, speed, and detailed history for each and every ride SOS Call Request Know right away if your child needs you with the simple & non-intrusive SOS button Share Live Location At a click of a button, temporarily share a real-time map with search & rescue teams Device for Your Child Non-Removable with 2-Way VoiceSecured with customized, sensory-friendly wearables 2-way voice with auto pickup speakerphone. Mobile App for You Proactive Alerts & Live Location Sharing The most powerful yet easiest GPS solution Immediate alerts about your childs location, and live location sharing with search teams. Proven to save lives! Keep Your Child Safe & Get Peace of Mind Lifesaving Alerts Get immediate alerts when your child elopes or is in an unexpected place. 2-Way Voice with Auto Pickup Speakerphone Talk to your child at any time. Tell your child to stop or calm them down, or talk to people nearby. Sensory Friendly Wearing Accessories Rest assured your child will wear the AngelSense device daily and will not remove it.

    Rs. 48,272.00


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