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Stryd Running Power Meter: Predicts Running Time and Pace.

Stryd Running Power Meter: Predicts Running Time and Pace.

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The Stryd Running Power Meter is a foot wearable designed for a triathlete, runner, or an Iron Man competitor. This wearable is compatible with most smart watches, training platforms, and apps. You can easily strap this device on your shoes and start tracking your performance.This tracker is built on the concept that powerful running is intelligently paced and consistent over any distance and terrain. This foot pad can help you predict your running time and pace, so you can confidently run with the right pace and power to reach your running goal. The tracker gives you real-time updates of your heart rate, running pace, and how much work youre doing. All this information will help you make the most of your energy and power when youre running long distances.The Stryd running power meter measures work at the source. It assess the actual output of each step whether youre running on a flat terrain or uphill. It will also let you know if youre stressing out and if your performance is dropping.


This tracker is shaped like a small pod and is designed to securely clip onto your shoes laces. It weighs just 10 grams and you wont feel the weight as youre running. This pod is made of carbon-fiber to hold up to rough and tough use. Also, the pod is water resistant, so you can wear it even when youre running in wet and rainy conditions.Dont worry if you step into a puddle. The pod can withstand the dunking. The foot wearable houses three accelerometers that measure horizontal, vertical, and lateral acceleration. This data is analyzed by an algorithm to assess the power you exert while placing each step.While analyzing the data, the algorithm also takes into account the distance. This foot pad is ANT+ and Bluetooth compatible. The tracker comes with a wireless charging dock to power the device. The charging dock is also shaped like the tracking pod, which makes it easy to carry when youre travelling.

Setting up the Tracker

Syncing the Stryd foot pad with the companion smartphone app is a simple and easy process. There is no calibration required, but then you need to run a few miles wearing the tracker.The tracker will use this data to build a baseline. Next, you need to do a Critical Power Test that will help the device calculate your maximum sustainable output (critical power). You can do this Critical Power Test with one-time based assessment, one-track based assessment, 5k or 10k run stats.It displays the critical power and pace in 5 zones, which are easy, moderate, interval, threshold, and repetition. You can use the data to plan your training intensity.

Features, training and race tools

Stryd offers performance tracking in two areas racing and training. The tracking features in training will help you plan and pace the intensity of practice. The tracking stats in racing will help you pace yourself on the race day to help you reach your running goals.There are two ways in which you can view the data captured by the Stryd. One is directly on your smartphone app and the second method is by connecting the foot pad to your running watch. You can also download the dedicated Stryd Watch app to view the details. This foot pad tracks miles, pace, power (in watts), duration, and cadence of both indoor and outdoor runs.The audio updates are sent to your earphones via Bluetooth. You can set the frequency of audio updates. After the run, the app gives you a complete breakdown of the run stats and route map. It also gives you a Running Stress Score which is calculated based on your training level and intensity. The tracker also gives stats on average pace, elevation, and heart rate.It also gives you details of the Leg Spring Stiffness, which is a measure of how well you recycle the energy that you apply on the ground while running. You can check your training history and detailed stats for each training/running session in the in-app.

Analyzing your training stats

You need to access the Power Center web tool to get a detailed analysis and breakdown of your running and training stats. Metrics such as time spent in each power zone and time between elapsed and moving time are displayed in an easy-to-understand format.You can also create training plans for 5K, 10k, half marathon and full marathon in the Power Centre. The training sessions are updated on the calendar for easy reference. The Improve section in the Power Centre helps you understand your training status, running profile and gives suggestions on how to improve your performance.You can check your muscle power, muscle endurance, and metabolic fitness charts in the Runner Profile.

The metabolic fitness is rated on a scale of 0 to 75 to give you a clear idea how prepared you are for running. For example, a score between 40 and 65 tells that you are ready for a half marathon.Muscle power is the highest power exerted in 10 seconds of a run. It helps assess your running efficiency. The higher the muscle power score, the higher your running efficiency. Muscle endurance is a score of the highest load of each week.It tracks endurance based on your longest runs and gives you recommendations on your run distances for the week. A heat map gives you a visual picture of your power output and duration of every run. The map helps you determine how balanced your training is.The app has a Training Optimizer that gives specific recommendations on areas that you need to work on. It doesnt just give suggestions, but also gives detailed explanations of how you can improve your training session.

Using the Power Meter on The Race day

Even if youve trained diligently, the excitement and nervousness on the race day may make you run a little faster at the start or change your pace.The Stryd running power meter helps you stay grounded and in line with your training even on the race day. Whether youre running a full marathon or a 10k, the tracker can help you perform at your best.To calculate your race power, you need to input the recent race time details, distance, and choose a runner type (Speed Demon, Balanced Runner, or Aerobic Monster.) Click on Calculate to get your target race power.

Syncing and compatibility

The Stryd Running Power Meter is compatible with Vivoactive, Suunto 9, Suunto Ambit, Garmin Forerunner 935, Fenix, Polar V800 and Apple Watch Series 2 and 3. It also works with Garmin Connect, Zwift Running, TrainingPeaks, and SportTracks. The syncing process depends on the device and platform.


The battery powers the device for up to 1 month of run time. You can check the battery status only on the app.

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