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Samsung Galaxy Active Review: Keeps You On Your Toes.

Samsung Galaxy Active Review: Keeps You On Your Toes.

, by Nams, 5 min reading time

The Samsung Galaxy Active Watch is a true successor of Samsung Gear Sport, and it is meant for keeping its users in perfect health and active the entire day.The Samsung Galaxy Active would be of the choice for those who loved Samsungs smartwatches, but found them bulky and expensive. Although the Active is 7,500 INR cheaper than the early models, Samsung has not compromised on its features.The 19,500 INR worth Active has built-in GPS, heart rate monitoring, swim tracking and contactless payments in addition to ensuring a battery life for two days. It would be quite interesting to note that it has a new way for monitoring fitness tracking in addition a new feature to track blood pressure which ensures efficient health monitoring.Anyhow, the rotating bezel, a very popular speciality of Samsung smartwatches since its Gear S2 days, is not available in the Galaxy Active.

Design and comfort of the Active

The Active at 40mm might look smaller when compared to the 46mm and 42mm Galaxy models. The frame which is circular in shape gives it a much smaller look than even the Gear Sport. Samsungs effort to produce a new design has enabled it to come up with this lighter watch in comparison with its other models.The casing of the watch, its buckle that accompanies the 20mm interchangeable band and the lugs come in different shades of silver, green, black and rose gold. The metallic casing and other parts including the physical buttons have a matte finish. Samsung has earned an excellent reputation in producing smartwatch displays.The Active too does not lag behind in this sphere with its 1.1-inch and 360 x 360 AMOLED display. The display is very bright; its images as well texts have clarity. In order to reach the previous screen or the home screen, there are two buttons on the side.

The top button is to enter the Samsung Pay Screen.Though the absence of the bezel is a tad disappointing, there are a lot other features for the user to like in this small smartwatch. Though the Active is tightly packed with many of the features in the Galaxy for sports tracking, what stands out the most is the special features for fitness tracking.Samsung's fitness tracker screen has all the features that the Apple models carry. It can measure the users daily activity in calories and also the workouts in minutes and hours whenever the user is on the move.One of its interesting features is that it will not allow its user to remain idle for long. It can suggest some simple exercises like torso twists and count the number of repetitions. Badges appear if the user reaches activity milestones in a day. It also gives detailed insights into activities which can be seen on the users phone. All of these features work smoothly and without any problem which gives Active its reputation!

Sports tracking

The Active comes with GPS coverage, sensors, swim tracking, heart rate monitoring and more. All these features have been very carefully incorporated in the compact Active.No other smartwatch can match its performance while swimming, during workouts in gym or in actual running. The heart rate monitor at the back of Active works 24/7 and also tracks heart rate during exercises.As in Apple, Garmin and Fitbit, it monitors the heart rate the entire day without stopping helps the user to find his state of fitness at any time. It is also capable of showing excellent results during exercises.

Blood pressure monitoring

Samsung has brought in a new method for monitoring blood pressure easily from the wrist in place of ECG introduced by Apple for quality heart rate monitoring.Instead of the usually used cuff-style method, Active is performing the task using a simpler method. The feature works with My BP Lab 2.0 app which the user can download from Google Play Store. It is interesting that this cannot be found in Samsung Galaxy Store or Apple App Store.In order to read the data on the smartwatch, the Active is to be connected with the app before measuring the blood pressure. Again, only the Samsung smartphones are capable of downloading this smartphone app.

The Active features

The Active is basically a smartwatch. For the same reason, all the features of a smartwatch are available in it. It can boast of receiving important notifications, downloading apps and Samsungs Bixby assistance.In addition, it has a built-in music system, facility for payments, weather and calendar information and, above all, installations for quick access to interesting features. It can be also comfortably paired with iPhones and Android smartphones.The One UI which is a speciality in its phones has been introduced by Samsung into this smartwatch. Its functioning is also not that different.

The notifications work excellently and interface swiping also can be done comfortably. Payments can be done simply by pressing the top button on the Samsung Pay set up.The Galaxy Wearable app is of great help for tinkering as well installing new features. The user can easily view the status of the stored power in the battery as well the duration of the life of the remaining power. Spotify, Nest, MapMyRun and Strava are some of the noted apps available.The performance of Active as a smartwatch is quite commendable. It works well on notifications and some basic features like alerts. The payments also do not give any problem. But the lack of app support is a main deficiency Samsung is to tackle.

The Apps in Active

As far as the software is concerned, in order to make it work comfortably, the Galaxy Wearable plugin is to be downloaded after the Galaxy Wearable app is inducted in the Active.The apps are available from the Samsung Galaxy Store. A separate app namely Samsung Health is meant for closely monitoring the data on health and fitness. The Health app provides a Fitbit-type dashboard and mechanisms meant to offer different data on health.More meaningful features like exercise programs and useful articles from other publications like Runners World have been added to help its users..

Battery life

The battery life of Active is, on an average, lasts for a day and half. If power save mode is used, it can be stretched to two days. This power saving mode enables the battery to work and also helps provide features like notifications.The charging of Active could be done either by using the magnetic charger in the shape of a disc or use the Samsung S10 smartphone.

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