Oura Ring Review: Packed With Hi-End Technology.

Oura Ring Review: Packed With Hi-End Technology.

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The Oura ring is a super smart wearable that is packed with hi-end technology and features a simple and intuitive interface. This smart ring is best suited for those who are looking for a wearable that offers round-the-clock monitoring.The device not just tracks your activities, but also helps you understand the reasons for the peaks and the lows. It tracks sleep, heart rate and breath rate.


The sleek and stylish Oura ring is made from Zirconia, which is a ceramic compound. It looks like a metal ring, but is not made of metal. The material makes the ring durable and non-allergenic.This smart ring is bulkier than a normal ring. But then its curved edges and smooth finish make it look like a stylish jewellery. This ring comes in dark grey, Artic white, and matte black.


The app dashboard has a simple interface that makes it easy to read the information. It has three categories Activity, Sleep, and Readiness. Click on each category for more details about it.For example, if you click on the Sleep category, a bar graph opens up. This graph shows your sleep patterns over the last week. Each bar will give you details of REM sleep, awake time, light sleep, deep sleep.You will also see another graph that will give you a visualisation of total sleep, disturbance, sleep latency, and sleep efficiency. You can also compare the data day-by-day and check the resting heart rate variation over the week.All the data is stored in the Oura cloud that you can easily access if you want to check the data outside the app. In the Activity category, you can see a visualisation of data such as steps and daily activity burn.The app also lets you know how ready youre for the day based on your previous nights sleep quality, your resting heart rate, body temperature, and recovery index. A high score means youre totally ready for the new day.

Tracking and Sensors

The device has an accelerometer that tracks the duration and intensity of your activities. It also has a heart rate monitor that uses photoplethysmography (PPG) to monitor your heart rate.This sensor has an LED transmitter and receiver that measures blood flow in the arteries to measure the respiration rate, heart rate variability, and pulse amplitude. Theres another sensor that measures your body temperature. All the data is collated to give you an accurate picture of your sleep and activities.The accelerometer is fitted inside the ring while the LED transmitter and receiver are on the underside of the ring.


The battery lasts for about three days. You will receive a notification if the battery charge is low. Click the ring in place on the charging station to recharge it. A light will come on, which indicates the charging status. The battery charges to full capacity in a few hours.

Whats in the Box

Smart ring and charging station

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