Motiv Ring Review: Feather Light And A Perfect Choice.

Motiv Ring Review: Feather Light And A Perfect Choice.

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If you are looking for a slim and lightweight smart ring, the Motiv Ring will be a perfect choice. Its design is a fusion of simple fashion and hi-tech function. This iOS compatible smart ring is featherlight and comfortable to wear.


The slimMotiv ring is just 2.5 mm thick, so you can wear it even when youre working with your hands. It also feels lightweight, which makes it a great choice for all-day use.The Motiv ring features a titanium construction. It comes in two finishes rose gold and slate grey. With a minimalistic design and a brushed metal finish, this smart wearable complements your outfits.It is waterproof up to 165 feet and holds up to rough use. On the front of the ring is a black LED light band that lights up when you charge the wearable. The battery charges in about three hours and lasts for up to three days.The ring comes with a battery charger that fits into your laptop USB port. On top of the charger is a magnetic base where the ring needs to be placed for charging. A red light indicates charging in progress and a green light indicates that the wearable is fully charged.


The sensors are located on the inside of the wearable. The heart rate sensor is on the underside of the ring and collects data throughout the day.The smart wearable also has a 3-axis accelerometer that tracks calories burned, distance, and active minutes. The device combines activity data and steps with the heart rate data to calculate the active minutes.

Tracking Functions

This smart ring has an always-on optical heart rate monitor. The sleep and activity tracking works 24/7. The activity tracking feature of this ring gives you a snapshot of the activities and not a lot of detail. It tracks active minutes and not steps.

Choosing the Right Size

Use the brands sizing kit to choose the right sized ring. You can try on the different sizes of the test rings before you find the right one. However, it is suggested that you wear the ring for a whole day before you finalize the size.


The simple app has a card-style dashboard layout. The sections displayed on the layout are activity, resting heart rate, sleep, and more. Syncing the app is quick and easy. Simply turn the ring around your finger a few times till a purple light flashes on the LED strip the device has been synced with the app.The clean lines, clear fonts and bright colors of the app make it easy to read the information. Click on a section to see a colorful chart of the data. The bar graph even compares data and helps you track the patterns, be it of activity or sleep. However, the app doesnt give you real-time data. You have an option to add information to the data collected.For example, if youve been moving around for 10 to 15 minutes and the wearable is not able to identify the kind of activity youre doing, itll display a grey card. This card will have a list of activities such as boxing, sex, tennis, yoga, general cardio, and more. You can choose the activity from the list.

Whats in the Box

Motiv Ring, USB charger, and charger key ring

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