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Bragi Dash Pro Review: Refined Design With Intelligent Features.

Bragi Dash Pro Review: Refined Design With Intelligent Features.

, by Nams, 3 min reading time

The Bragi Dash Pro is s described as an ear computer that features a refined design with intelligent features. It delivers a clear sound and offers a comfortable fit. This second-generation hearable is more of a hearing device than a fitness tracker. It offers real-time translation, gesture control, music listening, and basic fitness tracking.


The standard version has a teardrop design, which you need to use with the provided ear tips for a snug fit. Bragi teams with Starkey Hearing Technologies to offer a customized version that perfectly fits the shape of your ear canal. To get the custom-fit ear bud, you need to have the ear mold taken by an audiologist.The earbud shape and size are designed based on the dimensions of the mold. You wont need ear tips when youre using the custom earbud.The customized ear bud will cost you more than the standard version. However, if you usually find it difficult to get earbuds that fit right or if you do vigorous activities, the custom-fit earbuds will be a better option. You can clean the ear buds using the provided tool and the Starkey's Hear Clear filters.The outer part of the ear bud has a touch-sensitive surface. Tap the surface to start a workout or swipe the surface to adjust the sound settings. The earbuds come with a charging case. Mount the earphones on the magnetic port on the case to charge them.

Setup and Pairing

To setup and pair the earbuds with the computer, first you need to press a small button on the case. You can use a pin or paperclip as the button is too small to press with a finger. Then, use Bluetooth to pair the device with your computer or cell phone.


The sound quality delivered by the Bragi Dash Pro is clear with a lot of bass. The earbuds offer passive noise isolation and a windshield option.Tap the right earbud to activate the audio transparency feature. It allows you to listen to the surrounding sound or talk to someone without having to remove the ear buds.


The features offered in this device are a real-time translator, music playback, and gesture controls. It also has a 4D menu. The real-time translation feature uses a third-party app iTranslate.This app translates 40 languages. Once you activate the Shortcut mode, you can use the gesture commands. Tap on the side of your face (rather than the ear bud) to activate the voice assistant or control the music tracks. The touch controls on the left and right earbuds are different.The 4D menu is a hands-free menu that lets you use head gestures to scroll through the music tracks or do other actions. However, this technology is still in the nascent stage and may not deliver the best results.

Fitness tracking

This hearable offers plenty of tracking features for fitness fans. It automatically detects the start and stop of a workout session.A few seconds after you start the exercise, you will hear a tone and an acknowledgement that the tracking has begun. The device tracks cycling, running, and swimming even without a cell phone. The earbuds capture all the data. Once you tether the ear buds to a cell phone, all the data syncs with your phone. The Bragi Dash Pro also captures heart rate.However, you will not get any data visualizations, but a summary with laps, time, distance covered, and average heart rate.


The battery offers up to 5 hours of power on a single charge. The device sends a notification when the battery charge is low. You can get up to 5 recharges from the case before you need to recharge the case.Lights indicate the charge status of the case. A blue light indicates full charge, green light means high charge, and red light indicates that the charge is low.

Whats in the Box

Bragi Dash Pro earbuds and Case

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