Apple AirPods Pro Review: Incredible Hearable.

Apple AirPods Pro Review: Incredible Hearable.

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The Apple AirPod is an incredible hearable that fuses style and function. It comes loaded with features such as active noise cancellation, stunning audio clarity, and passthrough mode.You can also operate the AirPod Pro with Siri commands. The AirPod has custom-built drivers that deliver premium sound. It even makes use of the internal mic to adjust the sound quality, so you get the best hearing experience.The noise cancellation feature ensures that you hear the tiniest beat in great clarity.


These wireless headphones are compactly designed so they fit snugly in your ears. Plus, they have rubber tips that ensure comfortable wear.They are lightweight and stay in the ear even when youre sweating it out in the gym. The hearable comes with rubber tips of different sizes, so you can choose one that offers the right fit. You can check the guided size and fit tutorial to find out which rubber tip size will be perfect for your ears.The aerials are hidden inside the stalks and easily connect with your iPhone.


When you first use the AirPods, check the sound quality with the Ear Tip Fit Test. The app plays a sound that is captured by the microphone that points into your ear canal.The app then checks if youre using the right rubber tips and have a good seal. The earbuds have a vent system that reduces the pressure build-up in the ears.So, you wont have the headache kind of feeling that usually happens when you use in-ear buds for a long time.

Noise-cancelling Feature

While the design is the USP of this Apple AirPod, the functional features come a close second. The device has a great noise cancelling feature.The earbud has one microphone on the outside and one on the inside. The outside microphone analyses the ambient sounds while the speaker inside counteracts the surrounding sound with anti-noise. However, this function works well only if you have a good seal.If you want to know whats going on around you even as youre listening to music or a podcast, just press and hold the touchpoint on the stalk of the device. It toggles between the outside world and your soundtrack.


The Siri settings are automatically switched on when you get the device. Just say Hey Siri to launch the app and get it working. Skip tracks or podcasts or do other tasks by using Siri commands.Read your messages hands-free by enabling the feature in your iPhone settings. You will hear a chime when you receive an iMessage and then Siri will read out the message to you. It will let you know who the message is from.You also have the option to prioritize contacts whose messages you want Siri to read. This feature doesnt work for WhatsApp messages.


The battery lasts for up to 24 hours on a single charge. For two hours of listening every day, you can charge once in two weeks.However, the battery drains faster if you have active noise cancellation on. There is no battery meter, so you need to check the battery information on you iPhone.

Whats in the Box

AirPods, rubber tips

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