Amazfit GTR Review: Affordable Smartwatch.

Amazfit GTR Review: Affordable Smartwatch.

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Xiaomis sub-brand, Huami has made a comeback with an affordable smartwatch with many specifications similar to smartwatches from other brands in the market. Amazfit Bip resembled the Apple Watch and Amazfit GTR is more or less similar to smartwatches from Samsung or Fossil.The strength of Amazfit GTR is in its look and long battery life and that too for a price of 13,000 INR. The battery life for the 47mm variant is around 24 days. GTR is compatible with both Android phones and iPhones.

Amazfit GTR: Design

The Amazfit GTR comes in 47mm and 42mm case sizes. The two variants have some differences in other features too. The 47mm case comes with a 22mm band and 42mm comes with a 20mm band. While the 47mm case version has a battery life of 24 days, the 42mm version has a smaller 195mAh battery that has a life of 12 days.At first glance, the 47mm Amazfit GTR looks like a Fossil Q Explorist, mainly with the tan leather band. It is a far more premium watch than what is expected for the price at which it comes. The watch case is made of metal with a ceramic bezel surrounding the display. The options available on metal are aluminum-titanium alloy and stainless steel, which differs in weight. The aluminum-titanium alloy case is the lightest one which weighs 36g(minus the strap).

Taking advantage of the lightweight, the watch is designed thick and is 10.75mm. The comfort of wearing it is not compromised by the bulkiness. The two crowns on the side give it a classy appearance. However, the ceramic bezel has a tendency to pick up scratches. The screen uses Corning Gorilla 3 tempered glass and has less tendency to get damaged. The 47mm case comes with a 1.39-inch AMOLED display with 454x454 resolution which translates to 326 pixels per inch. The 42mm version has a 1.2-inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 390x390 but with the same pixel density as the 47mm variant.Amazfit GTR has a vibrant and bright display mostly except when in intense sunlight, there is a little bit of struggle to read some information like the running graph on the screen.

The always-on feature, if enabled, can display either a digital watch face or analogue watch face. The always-on display, however, reduces battery life. The crown at the top can be used to turn the screen on or off, together with the standard wrist-raise feature. But the display cannot be put to sleep by covering the screen with your palm like it is in many other smartwatches and you need to use the button to do so.The button at the bottom can be personalized for various functionalities like viewing status of activity, checking notifications or accessing workouts quickly. The leather strap may seem to be unsuitable for sports but the rubberized lining beneath the leather makes it comfortable and sweat-resistant during workouts. Water-resistance of Amazfit GTR is 5ATM and going for a swim with leather strap on, may not be a good idea.

Amazfit GTR: Fitness tracking

The fitness tracking in Amazfit GTR is aided by an accelerometer, barometer, GPS and GLONASS, and compass. Underneath the watch, you can find a PPG optical heart rate monitor as well. So you get almost everything you expect in a smartwatch. Twelve different activities can be tracked in the Workout app, for example, outdoor running, swimming, skiing and cycling to mention but a few.Amazfit GTR deduces a Sleep Score and other relevant statistics on sleep. Step counting is another useful feature that comes in GTR. Your daily step goals can be set in the companion app. It will also alert you if you have been sedentary for a long time.

Amazfit GTR: Smartwatch features

For basic notifications or call alerts. GTR is a good option. Pretty much all the activities on your phone will come as notifications on the watch and you will be alerted with a strong vibration. However, you cannot reply to messages or answer calls from GTR. There are many amazing watch faces at your disposal.The smart do not disturb mode identifies when you are asleep and turns on automatically. All the notifications are muted so that your sleep is not disturbed. When you are in bed, the wrist raise function can be turned off so that the display does not turn on while you are asleep.

Amazfit GTR: Battery life

The battery life of 24 days is possible under specific usage only. Practically, only half of what is claimed is possible from a single charge. And this is achieved with always-on display disabled and only 30 minutes of GPS but with more notifications and frequently raising the wrist to view the screen.Even half of the claim, that is, 12 days of battery life, is outstanding compared to many other smartwatches, especially with AMOLED display. If charging is a burden for you, there is a basic watch mode(showing only time) which can give 74 days of battery life. The commendable factor is the minimum impact of GPS on battery life. A run for half an hour drains only around 4% of battery.

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