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  • Google Pixel official release

    , by Madhu Google Pixel official release

    The most in depth look of the Google pixel watch has been released via the official teaser. The depth of the bezel's edge has cleverly...

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  • Samsung Galaxy watch 5

    , by Sona Samsung Galaxy watch 5

    A promise on improvements , the latest galaxy watch 5 and Galaxy watch 5 Pro is expected to roll out soon. , the company has...

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  • Apple ultra watch specs

    , by Madhu Apple ultra watch specs

    It features 76% bigger battery if the leak from a chinese certification database is to be believed , the first generation of Apple's outdoor watch...

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  • Samsung's growth boosted by Galaxy watch 4

    , by Sona Samsung's growth boosted by Galaxy watch 4

    Samsung has experienced over 58% sales and it overtakes Huawei , coming off as the second best selling wearable. This strong performance has been boosted...

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  • Gaarmin's reply

    , by Nams Gaarmin's reply

    Garmin has enjoyed the limelight with its releasealongside AppleWatch ultra, but recently it has taken a subtle dig at the battery life of Apple claiming...

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  • This new feature on Apple doubles battery life

    , by Anusiya M This new feature on Apple doubles battery life

    One of the prominent features that captures the attention is the Low power mode.This mode is made availabe on Apple watch series 4 which unlocks...

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  • Identical charge design on Fitbit 6

    , by Anusiya M Identical charge design on Fitbit 6

    Fitbit charge 6 will feature an identical design replicating its predecessor charge 5 , it is set to hit FCC listing , labelled as FB424,...

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  • Apple watch Ultra

    , by Nams Apple watch Ultra

    Apple has annouced the trio of watches at the annual event in Cupertino . The Apple watch ultra has a 49mm titanium case , is...

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  • Apple watch selling out even after its discontinued

    , by Madhu Apple watch selling out even after its discontinued

    The Apple watch series 3 is continuing to get sold in few regions after the news of it getting discontinued has been announced. It will...

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  • Strava integration on Huawei

    , by Sona Strava integration on Huawei

    It has been annouced that there will be strava integration on Huawei . This new integration has been announced alongside Huawei watch D at the...

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  • Features of Huawei D

    , by Nams Features of Huawei D

    Huawei has also got a ECG certification and has been launched in China, it is also expected to launch in Europe as well. The noteworthy...

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  • Amazfit launches three smartwatches

    , by Sona Amazfit launches three smartwatches

    Amazfit has launched three smartwatches , the GTR 4 , GTS 4 Mini and GTS 4, these smartwatches represent a significant improvement. The GTR 4...

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  • The GarminVenu Sq 2

    , by Nams The GarminVenu Sq 2

    The Garmin Venu Sq has been launched and it boasts improved battery life and it comes in comparitively lower price than the full Venu 2...

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  • Fitbit launches 3 new wearables

    , by Nams Fitbit launches 3 new wearables

    Fitbit has introduced Versa 4 , Sense 2 health watch and an overhauled version of Inspire 3 fitness tracker. Though Fitbit has been under the...

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  • New feature update on Garmin

    , by Sona New feature update on Garmin

    For the Fenix 7 , Epix and instinct ranges get a huge update with a host of new updates , in the Forerunner 255 and...

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