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In a supercharged upgrade, the Fitbit Charge 5 receives an ECG and a new design.

In a supercharged upgrade, the Fitbit Charge 5 receives an ECG and a new design.

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The Fitbit Charge 5 is here, and it's the most significant change to Fitbit's flagship fitness tracker line since heart rate was added in 2015.The Fitbit Charge 5 takes Fitbit's most sophisticated capabilities from its Sense smartwatch and fits them into a completely redesigned gadget that looks a lot better than the Charge 4.It solidifies the fitness tracker as Fitbit's flagship product, even if it blurs the borders between smartwatches and activity bands.At $179/169 (13,224.43 INR), it's almost half the price of the Fitbit Sense. Continue reading to learn all you need to learn.Fitbit Charge 5 specs, features, price: AMOLED display, Stainless steel case (black, silver, gold), GPS, Heart rate and SpO2, Stress management, EDA sensor, ECG, 20 workout modes, 7-day battery life, Sleep tracking, 28g, 36.7mm L x 22.7mm W x 11.2mm D and Price: $179.99Fitbit Charge 5 all new designFitbit has completely redesigned the appearance of the Charge 5, drawing design elements from the new Fitbit Luxe, which was released earlier in 2021.There's a stainless-steel casing with a bright AMOLED display, which addresses our major complaint about the Charge 4's look. The dull, monochromatic display was out of line with Xiaomi and Samsung competitor bands, and lacked a premium feel.The screen on the Charge 5 is 11% larger than the Charge 4, and the device is 1mm longer but over 1mm thinner. For the first time, the display is constantly on, so there will be no dead, dark regions on the wrist. According to Fitbit, it preserves the Charge 4's 7-day battery life, however utilising the always-on display may reduce that. The Charge 5 will be available in platinum (silver), gold, and black as standard, giving it a more unisex vibe than the Luxe. There are also a variety of band options.Sensors on the Fitbit Charge 5 are supercharged. The Fitbit Charge has traditionally included the most sophisticated features of the Fitbit lineup; however, it has fallen behind the Fitbit Sense health watch since its release in 2020.Fitbit, on the other hand, has surprised us by incorporating all of the best features from its flagship line into the fitness tracker form factor.That means there's an ECG sensor for detecting irregular heart rate rhythms, as well as a PDF graph of your heartbeat that you can show your doctor.The ECG function will not be accessible at launch, but Fitbit claims it will be available soon after. The electrodermal activity sensor (EDA) is also included, which can measure stress reactions from perspiration on your hand and works in conjunction with the Fitbit stress management score.This is in addition to the Charge 4's GPS, skin temperature, and SpO2 sensors.The Fitbit Charge 5 also has 20 workout tracking profiles, exercise autodetection, and all of the sophisticated sleep detection and high/low heart rate alarms that you'd expect from a Fitbit gadget.Daily Readiness score And also, the improvements aren't limited to hardware.The Fitbit Charge 5 introduces the Daily Readiness score, which will be available on the Dashboard on all Fitbit devices. This new rating assesses your fitness for training and is intended for individuals who wish to challenge themselves. The Daily Readiness score, like the Stress Management and Sleep scores, is based on three factors: activity/exercise, sleep length and quality, and heart rate variability (HRV), which is measured during deep sleep. A personal baseline is established, which evolves as you improve your fitness.The Charge 5 will recommend a workout time and intensity based on this score.It will propose tailored exercises from the Fitbit Premium library, which might include a lung-busting HIIT session when your body is ready to go, active recuperation, or even mindfulness.Fitbit Charge 5 release date and priceWith all of these upgrades, the Fitbit Charge 5 has raised in price to $179 from $149. Fitbit said it will arrive "this Fall" and will be available for pre-order starting today.That's not unexpected since the Fitbit Luxe cost the same as the Charge 4 and has a feature set that pale in contrast to the Charge 5.It also casts doubt on Fitbit's $299 Sense health watch, demonstrating once again that the fitness band is Fitbit's heart and soul. In an interview earlier this year, we discussed this with CTO Eric Friedman, and he said: Are those trackers or smartwatches? We have some trackers that really run applications. I believe the lines between those two groups will become increasingly blurred, Friedman said.With Fitbit at the helm of Google's smartwatch initiatives, it appears that the firm is betting big on fitness bands. And this is a serious proclamation.


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