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All that you want to know about the new Apple Watch Series

All that you want to know about the new Apple Watch Series

, by raj, 9 min reading time

The Apple Watch Series 4 is finally here! This series is Apples riposte to the Fitbit Versa and Samsung Galaxy Watch. Weve already tried this watch and we think that it is one of the best smart watches in the market now.Here are our first impressions on the key features of this new Apple smartwatch.Unlike the previous model, the series 4 watch is available in three models - Apple Watch Hermes, standard Series 4, and the Apple Watch Nike+. You have a range of options to choose from like aluminum or stainless steel case and black, gold or grey colors. Choose either the GPS or the GPS + cellular model. If you dont mind a smartwatch that works without your iPhone, the series 4 watch is a good choice.On the design front, this watch is rectangular shaped and is available in 40mm and 44mm versions. The screen size is nearly 30% larger than the previous version. The larger display screen lets you view more info clearly. Though the display screen size is larger, it is still compatible with the watch bands that you have used with series 2 and 3 watches. The red circle on LTE models instead of the red dot is a new tweak in this series. This watch also has a new digital crown with haptic feedback. The speaker is moved to the left side of the watch, away from the mic, giving you better voice quality for calls or while talking with Siri.Unlike series 2 and 3 watches, the series 4 watch is waterproof. Its 5ATM waterproof rating lets you take it for a swim up to 50 meters depth.The Series 4 watch has Apples new S4 silicon with 64-bit dual-core processor that doubles performance compared to the previous version while keeping the battery life the same. The new gyroscope and accelerometer provides precise measurements.The Series 4 is using Apple's new S4 silicon, which packs a new 64-bit dual-core processor that, Apple says, will get you twice the performance we saw on Series 3 while keeping the same battery life of a-day-and-then-some. This watch can detect if you have had a fall. When it detects a tumble or fall, it gives you a short cut to call your emergency contacts or the emergency services. If you dot turn the alert in five seconds, the watch makes the call for you.A major new feature of the Apple Series 4 watch is the ECG (electrocardiogram) monitor. Just place your finger on the Digital Crown, you can check your ECG reading. The watch also alerts you if it detects abnormal rhythms, which could be a possible sign of atrial fibrillation. Apple has the clearance from FDA for ECG and irregular heart beat detection. We can say that this smartwatch is the first over-the-counter ECG device offered to customers. FDA clearance is different from FDA approval. FDA clearance means that Apple has proved that this device functions similar to another FDA cleared product already available in the market. FDA approval requires clinical trials, but that is usually for implants and drugs. Apple will be launching the ECG app in the watch only in the US later this year. So, users in the other parts of the globe may have to wait longer for this feature.The new Series 4 watch has the regular optical heart rate monitor, but with a few improvements. The earlier versions could detect if your heart rate is too high, but this optical sensor is designed to send you a notification if the heart rate is low, high, or abnormal. Check out our Apple Watch heart rate monitor guide to find out how this heart rate monitor works.As with all Apple smart watches, this one too works only with iOS. So, it is incompatible with Android devices. It runs on the watchOS and is available with the latest version of WatchOS 5. The watch has features such as notification support. It plays music and supports sports and swimming. However, you may have to use third party apps for a few features.)Software updates in this smart watch give you better health and fitness tracking features. It offers support for hiking, yoga, running, cycling, and swimming. Grouped notifications and Walkie talkie mode are the new notification and communication support available in this model. There is also a dedicated app for podcast fans. The new watch face with more display space allows you to quickly access Apples mindfulness feature.As we talk about the features and functions of Apple watches, we should also let you know about a few desirable features in competitor smart watches that are not available in Apples wearable. Apple doesnt have sleep trackers and Spotify apps that are found in Garmin and Samsung smart watches.The battery life of the Series 4 smartwatch is unchanged from that in Series 3 watch, and is still at 18 hours.As for the pricing, the GPS model price starts at 30,000 INR while the cost of cellular models starts at 53,000 INR. On the other hand, the cost of Series 3 is around 23,000 INR for GPS and 27,500 INR for LTE. So, you need to shell out an extra 8,500 INR if you want to upgrade to the new Series 4 Apple smartwatch.


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