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Top 20 Google Cardboard VR Apps & Games for Your Smartphone

Top 20 Google Cardboard VR Apps & Games for Your Smartphone

, by Nams, 6 min reading time

Get great VR at a low cost

Google Cardboard is a great solution for those looking for those looking to enjoy VR apps and content without spending too much. This low-cost DIY VR headset is easy to build and is compatible with both iOS and Android platforms. Apart from Google, there are numerous developers that sell cardboard VR headsets for mobile at decent price tags. You need to look for a badge that reads Works with Cardboard. In this guide, weve listed the best 20 Google Cardboard VR apps for your Smartphone.

1.Best VR Apps

Free, App Store or Google PlayCINEVR helps create virtual spaces for co-op and multiple player VR experiences. Get together with your friends and watch videos in a virtual movie theater. This VR headset has spatial audio and ambient lighting to give you the max effect. You can even chat with your friends without ruining the movie experience.

2. Baobab VR

Free, App Store or Google PlayBaobab VR is one of the earliest VR games designed for Daydream and Cardboard. This animated tale talks of a bunny that meets aliens. The video is directed by the director of Madagascar Films, Eric Darnell. Get the complete VR experience in Baobab app.

3. Expeditions

Free, App Store or Google PlayExpeditions is a fun app that takes you on nearly 600 virtual field trips. This VR learning adventure is open for teachers, students, and anyone interested in virtual travel. The app forms buddy groups of those using the same Wi-Fi network. Travel to Jupiter, explore the African plains, or go inside the ISS in this game. The leader of the group can point out various things in the trip and relay information to the others in the group. If you are an adventurer, just sit back and enjoy the trip. This app is also available on Daydream.

4. vTime

Free, App Store or Google PlayvTime is a cross-platform app that lets you hang out with friends who are using other VR headsets and devices. You can personalize your avatar, take v selfies, and even share 360-degree and regular images with your friends. Choose from one of the 20 VR environments while chatting with your friends. This app works over both Wi-Fi and data.

5. Within VR

Free, App Store or Google PlayWithin VR from Chris Milk lets you explore cinematic virtual reality. The virtual library contains documentaries, animation, short movies, comedy from Saturday Night Live, National Geographic, New York Times, and Vice. The library is regularly updated, so you get to watch the latest content. Use headphone for an immersive VR experience.

6. YouTube

Free, App Store or Google PlayYouTube offers 360-degree video experience and a host of other true VR experiences. This app offers virtual tours, VR music videos, and lots more that will keep you engrossed for hours at a stretch.


Free, App Store or Google PlayGet your daily dose of fresh news and documentaries with the NYT VR app. News, documentaries, and small 360 videos are updated daily. This app is compatible with both iOS and Android.

8. War of Words VR

Free, App Store or Google PlayWhether you want to indulge in your love for words or share them with someone, the War of Words VR will be ideal. This app translates the hypnotic rhythm of poetry into a thrilling VR experience that everyone can appreciate and enjoy. It has War of the Words: Soldier-Poets of Somme. This app also has an immersive version of The Kiss written by Siegfried Sassoon. The narration is by Michael Sheen.

9. Fulldive VR

Free, App Store or Google PlayBrowse the internet, watch videos, and view 360 and 3D photos on this virtual reality platform. You can capture VR photos and stream YouTube 360 videos on this platform. Soon, this app will have an option to stream content from your computer system.

10. Google Arts & Culture

Free, App Store or Google PlayThe Google Arts and Culture app brings you 360 degree and VR content from organizations that have partnered with the Google Cultural Institute. You can virtually browse artifacts and artwork displayed in more than 850 museums, organizations, and archives across the globe on this app. The zoom option lets you get up close to the image, so you can view the details and even read the factual tidbits given there.

11. Star Wars VR

Free, App Store or Google PlayThis Cardboard app gives you a VR experience of The Force Awakens from the Star Wars. You get to play the role of a Resistance secret agent who is on Jakku, the desert world from the 2015 movie. This app works with both Android and iPhone.

12. Google Cardboard Camera

Free, App Store or Google PlayWith the Google Cardboard Camera, you can capture VR and 360-degree photos and view them through Cardboard. Download the app to your phone. Open the camera to capture a 360-degree view of a scene. The app will automatically stitch the frames together and even capture audio and create a 360-degree video. This app is also compatible with Google Street View VR. So, you can use this app to add 3D locations to your street view favorites.

13. Street View

Free, App Store or Google PlayGoogle Street View gives you a 360-degree view of streets in any part of the globe. You can virtually view all the landmarks and details of a particular location before visiting it. Tap the Cardboard icon to enable access to Pegman. This app is compatible with iOS and Android phones.

14. Lanterns

Free, Google PlayWant to relax and just chill out? Use the Lanterns app to create a beautiful night view lit by lanterns.

Best Cardboard Games

Free, Google PlayIn this free VR game, you get to virtually explore caves without getting your hands dirty. Tread carefully, if youre claustrophobic.

16. Minos Starfighter VR

70 INR, Google PlayIn this first-person space shooter game, you get to blast your enemies ships. The impressive visuals render an immersive experience. To get the most out of this VR game, play while sitting on a swivel chair, though standing too gives a great experience.

17. VR Street Jump

Free, App Store or Google PlayThis game can be described as the VR version of the mobile game, Crossy Road. You need to hop across a sequence of roads and escape without getting splattered. This game is similar to Frogger.

18. Hidden Temple

300 INR, App Store or Google PlayThis VR game brings the classic point-and-click puzzle to mobile VR. Turn your head and gaze at items in an ancient temple. The graphics are realistic and give you an immersive VR experience.

19. Wizard Academy VR

Free, App Store or Google PlayYou get access to a host of action and learning games at the Wizard Academy. Navigate around the village and find plenty of fun and educational challenges. You will need a controller to enjoy playing the VR games. Make a controller yourself by just downloading the free kit.

20. InMind 2

Free, App Store or Google PlayThe InMind 2 is a sequel to the InMind game. In this game, you play the role of John, a teenager, who grows into an adult. You will get to see the chemistry behind the brain development.

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