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The Ultimate Guide to Apple Smartwatch

The Ultimate Guide to Apple Smartwatch

, by Nams, 11 min reading time

All That You Need to Know About Apple Smartwatch

Congrats on getting the Apple Smartwatch that youve always wanted. However, you need to know about its features and functions to make the most of it. In this guide, we have covered the basic details about this wearable, tips to make the most of its features, and essential apps that you can download to your Apple Smartwatch. We hope that this guide will help you get the best from your smart wearable.

What are the Functions of the Apple Smartwatch?

If youre buying a smart wearable for the first time, then you will have a lot of questions about what it actually does. The Smartwatch is more than a wearable that allows you to take calls or read text messages from your wrist. It also offers a host of other services such as: Heart rate monitoring Fitness tracking Navigation Notifications on the wrist Displays tickets and boarding passes Displays time Siri Assistant Reminders, alarms, and timersThe functions listed above are available on all Apple Smartwatches. LTE smartwatch versions with data plan let you make calls and receive messages on your wrist. The Series 4 and 5 Apple Smartwatches are designed with ECG monitoring function. If you get the GPS version of the model, then you can also do GPS tracking of workouts.

What are the Various Versions of the Apple Smartwatch?

Apple has released five series of Smartwatches. Explore the features and functions of each Smartwatch version, and choose one that fits your budget and meets your preferences.

Apple Watch Series 1

Buy now: Amazon | 14,500 INRThis watch series has been officially discontinued, but is available at other retailers. This wearable doesnt have LTE or GPS. You can get this watch upgraded with the latest WatchOS 5.

Apple Watch Series 2

Buy now: Amazon | 16,500 INRThe Series 2 Apple Smartwatch is no longer officially sold by Apple, but is available on Amazon. This smart watch has GPS tracking.

Apple Watch Series 3

Buy now: Amazon | 24,000 INRThe Series 3 watch is officially available at Apple. This swim-proof wearable comes in 38mm and 42mm sizes. You can go for the GPS/LTE or GPS standalone versions based on your preferences and budget. This version is the smallest Apple watch, but its shape looks a little odd.

Apple Watch Series 4

Buy now: Amazon | 53,000 INRThe Apple Series 4 Smartwatch has been officially discontinued, but is available on Amazon. This watch is available in 40mm and 44mm sizes. Choose from the GPS standalone, cellular/GPS, Hermes, or Nike+ versions. You can also go for the special edition version that is designed in the shape of an apple.

Apple Watch Series 5

Buy now: Amazon | 50,000 INRThe latest version of the Apple Smartwatch is Series 5. It has NFC for contactless payment and GPS for location tracking. Series 5 watches also have LTE/4G cellular connectivity. The display is always on.

Steps to Setup Your Apple Smartwatch

Now that you have a brand new Apple Smartwatch in your hands, here are the steps to set it up.1. Enter your Apple ID and create a password/pass code2. Install the apps that you need3. Adjust the activity settings as per your requirements/preferences4. Calibrate the notifications5. Back up the settings

Using the Apple Smartwatch

After the setup is done, it can take some time to get used to the wearable. You may find it difficult to navigate the menu or find the information that you are looking for. Just keep exploring the options and settings, and soon you will easily use the complications, change watch faces, or make payments.

How to Reset the Apple Watch

One of the top selling points of Apple products is its security options. If you want to unpair your wearable from your iPhone, you need to first go to the Watch companion app on your mobile. Follow the instructions to unpair the watch. After its unpaired, you can reset the data and pair it to your new iPhone

Best Apps for Your Apple Watch

Our list of the best Apple Watch apps includes Spotify, ESPN, Citymapper, Strava, CARROT fit, Streaks, Just Press Record, and Auto Sleep.

Fitness Tracking with Apple Watch

The Apple Smartwatch is a great combo of smartwatch, sports watch, and fitness tracker. The activity app helps you monitor and track calories burnt, standing time, and movement. The watch encourages you to hit your daily goals by trying to close the ring. This smartwatch also has a Breathe app to help you become more mindful.You can view all the stats on the smartwatch and also in the Activity app on the iPhone. The data is also transmitted to the Apple Health app. The Workout app in this smart wearable tracks various activities such as running, indoor workouts, and cycling. It monitors calories burnt, time spent, laps, and heart rate.This app also monitors indoor and outdoor walk, run, and cycle, elliptical, rower, pool and open water swim, hiking, and yoga. GPS is required for tracking outdoor workouts. All the stats collected by the Workout app are stored in the Activity app on your Apple device. In WatchOS, this workout app has automatic run detection, cadence tracking, as well as pace alerts.

Heart Rate Monitoring with Apple Watch

Heart rate tracking is available from Series 1 Apple Watch, but in Series 4, it is loaded with numerous features.This feature helps track live and resting heart rates throughout the day. It also monitors heart rate during workouts. The Series 4 and 5 watches also have ECG reading in addition to heart rate tracking. The stats obtained by the heart rate monitor can be used to evaluate fitness, health condition, and improve fitness levels.If it detects elevated heart rate, irregular heart rate or elevated bpm, it immediately alerts the user.

Apple Watch ECG

The ECG monitor is incorporated in the Apple Watch Series 4 and 5. This monitor takes medical grade readings of your heart rhythm and heart rate. It also looks for symptoms of Afib, which could indicate the onset of stroke. The ECG monitor also monitors for irregular heart activity. You can export the readings in a PDF format and share with your doctor.

Tips to Make the Most of Your Apple Watch

With Apple smartwatch, you can easily download or stream music directly from Apple Music, which has more than 30 million songs in its library.You can also sign in to the official Spotify music app available on Apple Smartwatch. If you have LTE-enabled Apple Watch from Series 3 to 5, you can directly stream music to your device and use a pair of Bluetooth headphones to listen to the tracks.You can also sync playlists and albums from your iPhone to your wearable and control music from your phone.

Unlock Your Mac System

Use the Auto Unlock option on your Apple Smartwatch to open your Mac system without a password. You need to enter the PIN on your watch to complete this action.

Using Apple Watch Maps for Navigation

Apple Maps offer local points of interest as well as turn-by-turn directions.

Using Alexa on Apple Watch

If youre not keen on the native voice assistant, Siri, you can also use Alexa on this smartwatch.

Setting timer or alarm

You can easily set an alarm or a timer using Siri.

Updating your Apple Smartwatch

Regularly update your Apple Watch to get the latest features. In December 2018, the ECG app was launched as an over-the-air update.

Best Apple Watch faces

Though Apple has still not opened up this wearable to third party watch faces, there are a few watch faces that are compatible with it.


This watch face supports up to 8 complications and even has new corner placements. It offers a huge range of stats for the data obsessed. This watch face is perfect for Series 4 and 5 Apple Smartwatches.


This watch face has 6 complications. You can change one of the three icons at the bottom to contacts and make calls directly from your wrist. The middle icons can be changed to show calendar and the next appointment.

Apple Watch bands

Buy now: Amazon | 1000 INRThe Milanese loop is available in a plethora of hues and shades. You can get the bands in all the four Apple watch sizes on Amazon at an affordable price.

Biaoge Metal Band

Buy now: Amazon | 2000 INRThe Biaoge metal band has a link bracelet design with dainty chains. You can get this unique band in all the four Apple Watch sizes at Amazon.

MIFA leather band

Buy now: Amazon | 1800 INRAdd a touch of class to your wearable with the MIFA leather band. Designed with a leather strap, steel adaptors, and a buckle fastener, it looks classy and elegant. This band is available in 42mm and 44mm sizes and is compatible with Series 4 watches.

Apple Watch and Siri Assistant

Siri Voice Assistant comes with Apple Smartwatches. Just hold down the Digital Crown to wake Siri. Once the listening indicator pops up, you can release the crown and give your instruction. To enable Siri, go to settings, General, Siri, and Raise to Speak. A few of the common Apple Watch Siri commands are:

  • "Hey Siri, what time is it in California?"
  • "Hey Siri, what's my day looking like?"
  • "Hey Siri, turn up the volume by 20%"
  • "Hey Siri, what's the weather in New York?"
  • "Hey Siri, start a 30-minute cycling workout for me"

Apple Watch FAQs

The Series 3, 4, and 5 watches are waterproof up to 50 meters. It means that your watch can stay on your wrist when you shower or take a dip in a pool.

2. Can I sync my Apple Watch with my android phone?

Sorry, no. Apple watches are not compatible with android phones.

3. Can I wirelessly charge my Apple Smartwatch?

No. You need to use the proprietary magnetic charging dock system to charge your wearable.

4. What does Apple Watch complication mean?

In the world of smart wearables, a complication refers to any feature that you add on a watch face. A complication can show the date, display weather condition, launch apps, show battery level, and do more.

5. How to add a complication to my Apple watch?

First, you should select a watch face with complications that you want to edit. Hold the screen on the watch. Tap on the green box that appears. Scroll down the options using the Digital Crown. After youre done selecting, press the Digital Crown to save your choices.

6. How to add a watch face to my Apple Watch?

Go to the watch app on your iPhone and select the Face Gallery tab you see at the bottom of the screen. Scroll the selection to choose a watch face. Once youve selected, personalize the watch face by selecting the complications you need, such as date, appointment, contacts, battery percentage, shortcut to Spotify, or more. You can also edit the watch faces available on the My Faces section based on your preferences. If you want to add a photo from your gallery to the watch face, first add the photo to your Favorites album. Then, you can sync it to the Face Gallery Section.

7. How to connect Apple Watch to wireless headphones?

To connect wireless Bluetooth headphones to the wearable, first go to the Setting. Select the Bluetooth option and search for the device that you want to pair.

8. Does Apple Watch have sleep tracking option?

Afraid not! Apple watch doesnt have any native feature for sleep tracking. However, you can download third-party sleep tracking apps to the wearable.

9. How to make payments using my Apple Watch?

The payment option is available in all versions of the Apple watch. Double tap on the side button to bring up your card. Tap the reader to use Apple Pay to make your payments.

10. How does fall detection work?

The fall detection option is available in Series 4 and 5 Apple watches. When the wearable detects a hard fall, it will immediately buzz your wrist and sound an alarm. The watch will immediately list the Emergency SOS numbers on a swipe gesture.You can directly contact the emergency services or click on the button that says "I'm OK" if you don't need help. In cases, when the watch detects a fall and no movement for a full minute, it will start a 15-second count down while simultaneously tapping your wrist and sounding the alarm.When there is no response, the alarm sound gets louder. The device will automatically contact emergency services and provide your location detail.

11. Where is the battery indicator in the Apple Watch?

Swipe up on the screen to see a percentage icon on the left, just below the Wi-Fi tab. If you dont want to swipe to see the battery percentage, you can install the complication on the watch face.

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