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Style Your Apple Watch with the Best Accessories

Style Your Apple Watch with the Best Accessories

, by Raj, 9 min reading time

Apple is a brand thats known for its iconic style! If you feel that theres nothing that can make your Apple Watch trendier, were disagree. Weve got a range of accessories that are custom designed for this statement wearable.Explore the extensive yet exclusive selection of Apple watch accessories in this guide. When we say accessories, we are talking about the whole range that includes charging docks, chargers, straps, traveling cases and lots more.Whether you want to up-style your old Apple Watch or find classy accessories for your new Apple device, this guide will help you choose the right one.

Best Apple Watch Docking Stations

Charging docks more than functional accessories that charge your wearable. Available in a range of styles and designs, these accessories are a great way to show off your device as it is being charged.

Elago W3

The design of the Elago W3 docking station is inspired by the old school Macintosh.You need to open the back of the dock to place your Apple Watch for charging. Just like the old Mac, this dock also doesnt have any compartment to hide the cable.Perfect for those who love the classic Mac style!

Belkin PowerHouse

If youre a hardcore Apple fan, then youll probably have an iPhone as well as an Apple Watch.With the Belkin PowerHouse docking station, you can charge both devices. This charging dock integrates with the Apple Watch charging puck and the Lighting cable.You get two charging options in one device, which means that this Powerhouse is a tad expensive.

Anker PowerWave+ Pad

The Anker PowerWave is one of the popular Apple charging accessories as it features propriety charging tech.Plus, you can charge both your iPhone and Apple Watch with this one device. While it charges the phone pretty fast, charging the wearable takes more time.This Anker accessory comes at an affordable price.

Native Union DOCK Marble Edition

If you are looking for a docking station that is highly functional and super stylish, then the Native Union Dock Marble Edition is the best option.The state-of-the-art magnetic charging pad is hidden in a round rotatable protrusion set on a solid square base.You can place this charging dock in cramped spaces or on a cluttered nightstand as it can be positioned laying flat or upright.

Bysionics 2-in-1 Wireless Charger

Simultaneously charge both your Apple watch and iPhone (newer models) with this wireless charger.You need a charger rated higher than 5V/1A to charge both devices at the same time. It means that you need to use an adaptor with 9V/1A or 5V/2A rating.This docking station can handle up to 7.5 W for fast charging.

Spigen S350

The Spigen S350 nightstand is designed with a Nanotac base that firmly sticks to a surface.Its cable management neatly tucks the cables out of sight.This nightstand holds your Apple watch and its charger.

Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock

This magnetic charging dock is the official device from Apple and features Apple AirPower.Its simple elegance makes it a classy addition to your Apple accessories collection. You can use it flat or on its side.Plus, it doubles as an alarm clock. The only downside is the huge price tag.

Best Portable Chargers for Apple Watch

Portable chargers are a great way to keep your Apple Watch running no matter what youre doing or where youre travelling.

FLAGPOWER Portable Wireless Charger

Charge your Apple watch wherever you go with this portable wireless charger from Flag Power.It has a 700mAh battery that can power your Apple watch twice in one charge. It also has a handy clip to attach your keys or bag.Carry this portable charger when youre on a marathon to keep your smartwatch powered as you hit the trail.

UGREEN Portable USB Wireless Charger

This compact wireless charger doesnt have a built-in battery bank, but serves as a spare portable USB charger.It is designed with a built-in stand and has a protective cap to secure the USB connection.The Ugreen Portable USB wireless charger makes a great travel companion.

CJ Brands 3-in-1 portable travel charger

This 3-in-1 charger is a great investment if you have a bevy of Apple products. The CJ Brands portable charger lets you charge your AirPod, Apple Watch and iPhone. The Apple Smartwatch magnetically attaches to the charger.Use Lightning cable to charge your iPhone using the USB port. Pop the AirPod into the hidden charging case to recharge it. It has a 5200 mAH battery to power your portable devices. An indicator light lets you know the charge status of the internal battery.The next time you hit the road, you dont have to worry about carrying multiple chargers for your Apple devices. You can make do with this portable travel charger.

Twelve South Time Porter

The Twelve South Time Porter is a compact travel case that neatly holds your Apple Watch charging cable, interchangeable bands and a USB wall plug adaptor. Plus, it also acts as a charging stand.Place your Apple watch outside the case or prop it up on the case and charge your Watch. The inside of the case is lined with silicone to protect your Apple accessories from damage.The case has cable management for a clean look. It is compatible with all models of Apple Smartwatches. If youre a frequent traveler, then it is worth investing in this accessory.

Best Apple Watch Protective Cases

Protective cases keep your Apple Smartwatch safe from falls, scratches and marks. Choose cases that not just amp up the style of your wearable, but also offer a host of protective and functional features.

Spigen Tough Armor Case

Protect your Apple Smartwatch from knocks and scratches when youre running, working out, biking or working in your garage or garden.This armor case is made of polycarbonate and TPU and uses air cushion technology to provide the ultimate protection for your wearable. Plus, it neatly sets in with your standard Apple Watch Strap for a comfortable fit.The case completely protects your device while still allowing you to easily access the controls. Its 2mm lip further protects the screen from scuffs and scratches.

Twelve South Action Sleeve

The Twelve South Action Sleeve is an Apple watch accessory that enhances practical usage while providing the maximum protection.When youre punching bags or lifting weights, just attach your Apple watch to the upper arm belt just like how you would do with your Smartphone. You can still track or pause your activity, check progress and control music playback.However, this sleeve is not compatible with the Series 4 Apple watches.

Bucardo Pinstripe Pocket Watch for Apple Watch

If you like the edgy style, then you will love this Pinstripe pocket watch case for Apple Smartwatch.The case slides into the band slots of your wearable and covers the screen. Just flip open the metal lid to view the screen. It is compatible with 38 mm and 42 mm series of watches.This pocket watch case is engraved and comes in silver and gold. It comes with matching 15-inch chain that completes the look.

Catalyst Rescue Ranger

If you are using the Series 1 or original Apple watch, then you should definitely go for this IP68 certified case that is waterproof.The tough Catalyst Rescue Ranger case protects your wearable from scratches, damage and water. The molded strap is also waterproof.This protective case is expensive, but cheaper than upgrading to a later Apple model.

Best Apple Watch Straps

It is no easy task to choose straps for your Apple Smartwatch.The strap style needs to take you from board meetings to parties.Get iconic straps to enhance the style of your watch or go for interchangeable straps that you can change as your mood changes.

Pad & Quill Lowry Cuff

Crafted from full grain vegetable-tanned leather, the Pad & Quill Lowry Cuff looks more beautiful as it ages.It is available in three shades brown, tan, and black. This leather cuff has a metal buckle in a matching color and a stitched finish. The suede underside gives you all-day comfortable wear.This luxurious cuff is perfect for 42mm and 44mm Apple Smartwatch and fits 125 to 215 mm wrists.

Apple Watch Milanese

This official loop from Apple is expensive, but is absolutely stylish. The Milanese range of straps is available in numerous sizes and colors.

iGK Sport Band

If you lead an active lifestyle and tend to sweat a lot while working out, then the iGK silicon bands will be ideal for you.They are affordable and are available in various colors.The band offers a comfy fit and enhances the style of your Apple watch.


Why go for standard straps when you can design your very own?Casetify helps you design a strap with your favorite photo. You can also choose a strap design displayed on Casetify website or Smartphone.When youre choosing the strap design and layout, you can need to specify if it is for 38 mm, 40 mm, 42 mm or 44 mm Apple watch. The website also offers free shipping.

Kardia Band

Its ok if you are using one of the older versions of Apple Watch.With this Kardia band, you can upgrade your wearable as it has an electrocardiogram sensor. The medical-grade ECG sensor detects electrical activity produced by the heart.This sensor even detects conditions like atrial fibrillation and abnormal heart rhythms.

Best Apple Watch Screen and Case protectors

Keep your Apple Watch scratch free and looking like new for long with screen and case protectors.

Ultimate Shield Screen Protector

It offers the ultimate protection for your wearable. It is so slim at 0.2 mm that youll barely notice it on your watch screen.This military-grade screen protector features an ultra-clear no-diminishing matt effect. It is self-healing and neatly fits around all straps and cases.This screen protector comes in both 338 mm and 42 mm sizes. You will also get screens that fit Series 4 watches.


The Honejeen is specially designed for Series 4 Smartwatches, of both 40 mm and 44 mm models. Its best factor is that it comes at an affordable price.

Luvvitt Clarity

The Luvvitt Clarity is a super clear screen that offers the best scratch protection and absorbs shocks.It is made of a soft flexible material that protects the steel edges of your device from chips and scratches.This screen is available in 38 mm and 42 mm variations, but is not yet available for Series 4 watches.


If you dont want an adhesive or flexible screen, then this plastic case will be right for you. It fits tightly over the screen and prevents moisture from entering into the screen. It fits with a simple snap on.

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