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Guide to Wear OS on iPhone Everything you need to know about Wear OS

Guide to Wear OS on iPhone Everything you need to know about Wear OS

, by Mathu, 4 min reading time

Google launched Android Wear 2.0 in 2017. Initially, this platform was aimed only at Android phones. But soon, Google began to integrate versatile features, making this wear OS compatible with iOS wearables as well.So, they renamed it Wear OS in 2018. This platform allows iPhone users to pair compatible Smartwatches with their Apple phones, which wasnt possible earlier.So, those who use Apple iPhones and wearables from other brands will greatly benefit from Google Wear OS. This guide will tell you all that you need to know about Wear OS, how to set it up, what it does, what it doesnt do, and lots more.

Devices that are Compatible with Wear OS

You can pair your smartwatch with your iPhone only if, You have an iPhone 5 or later models or if your Smartphone is installed with iOS 9 Your smartwatch is compatible with iOSGoogle is working to expand the list of compatible devices, but most of the older smartwatch versions may not be compatible. However most Android phones that got the Oreo update will also have Wear OS update. So, unless youre using a very old device, you dont have to worry. Almost all devices can be paired with an iPhone.

How to Set Up Wear OS

You can quickly and easily pair your Smartwatch with your iPhone. If you have already linked your device to another phone, you need to first do a factory reset. To do this, go to System, and click on Disconnect and then Reset. After youve done the factory reset, download Google Wear OS to your iPhone Start your Smartwatch and choose the option to pair a new device Choose your smartwatch from the list in the iPhone app Verify connection in both the Smartphone and smartwatch To set up new watch, go to the menu in the app. You will find it on the left of your home screen. Select the option to Set up a New Watch Once the set up and update is completed, you need to select the Google account that you want to associate with this app After a few minutes, your watch will start working with the new Wear OS A tutorial will walk you through the notifications, Google Assistant, and other features of Wear OS

Google Wear OS - What it does on iOS?

With Wear OS, there is so much that your Smartwatch can do. First, it brings Google Play right to your wrist. So, you can install and use the standalone apps that you used in your android phone. You also get Google Assistant on your smartwatch. Plus, you get Google Pay, which can be an alternative payment option to Apple Pay.As for the notifications, it notifies you when you get texts or emails and even calendar reminders. The notification option also works with third party apps such as Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and Twitter. Also, when you dismiss the notifications on your watch, they also disappear from your phone screen. If you use Gmail, then you can reply or archive your emails directly from your Smartphone.If you use ZTE Quartz watches that have LTE connectivity and a built in mic/speaker, then you can directly take or make calls from your wrist. You can also subscribe to T-Mobile, Sprint, or AT&T carriers. Wear OS also gives you music controls for Apple Music, Spotify, and other third-party music streaming sites. With Wear OS, you also get basic fitness tracking features of Google Fit.

Wear OS: What it doesn't do on iOS

Though Google Wear OS enhances the features and functions of your Smartwatch, there are many things that it doesnt do. You cant check your iMessages on your wearable as they are only supported by iOS.Secondly, calendar and email integration is limited. Also, you will not be able to reply to your WhatsApp messages from your Smartwatch.Google Assistant can mark reminders in the dairy in Android, but this functionality is not available in iOS. If you ask the assistant on your Wear OS to mark reminders, it will redirect you to your iPhone

Google Wear OS - The iPhone app

In the home screen of iPhone app for Wear OS, you can see all the paired devices and update prompts. The Menu icon is on the top left of the screen.Use the settings option to make changes in Google Assistant, notifications, smart home control, play music, set alarms, and calendar. You can choose to get your email and calendar updates from Apple or Google account. You need to manually install Play Store on your phone as it will be available only on the Smartwatch.However, after the initial set up, you dont have to come to the app on your iPhone. In many ways, Wear OS for iOS may be limited, but it brings to you the best of both worlds of Android and iOS.

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