Best Smart Rings 2019 Discrete Smartwear for Anytime Wear

Best Smart Rings 2019 Discrete Smartwear for Anytime Wear

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Dont like Smartwatches or fitness trackers on your wrists? You can now stay connected with Smart Rings. It is difficult to get high tech integrated into a slim and sleek band thats so small. But, there are many talented startups that are designing this fashionable tech. Smart rings are designed for both men and women. This guide will look into this relatively new entrant to the world of Smart tech.

Motiv ring

Buy now from Amazon for 14,500 INRThis Android and iPhone compatible ring was launched in 2017. It is 8 mm wide, lightweight, and comes in seven sizes. You can choose from slate grey, silver, or rose gold finishes of titanium.This smart ring has a fitness tracker that monitors active minutes, distance, and steps. Plus, it has an optical heart rate sensor that monitors heart rate. The New Alexa support lets you conveniently check the stats.You can log into your Google, Amazon, or Facebook accounts using gestures. This ring is waterproof up to 50 meters and has a battery life of up to 5 days.

Oura Ring

Available from 21,500 INR at ouraring.comThe Oura ring is available in two different models and comes in ring sizes US6 to US13. This stylish ring offers a comfy fit.Though slim in design, it packs numerous sensors such as body temperature sensor, gyroscope, a 3D accelerometer, and infrared optical pulse measurement sensor.The sensors on the ring offer data to derive insights on readiness, activity, and sleep.

McLear smart ring

Get it for 13,000 INR from mclear.comThis smart ring from McLear offers contactless payment support. It creates an isolated bank account between your card and the ring to ensure secure transfer of money.Once this account is created, you can make payments using a closed fist gesture. This ring is iOS and Android compatible. You can track your spend, average spend, or top up your digital accounts using the companion app.The McLear ring is available in the UK now. It is expected to be launched in the US later this year and in Japan in 2020.


Buy for 8,000 INR from nfcring.comThe NFC Opn ring has an onboard tech that helps you transfer information, unlock phones and doors, and even link people. This smart ring has two NFC tag inlays.The first one is for public information and the second one is for private and confidential information like your payment information, smart door unlock details and such. This private information is placed on the inner side of the ring, which sits close to your palm. So, you need to use a deliberate gesture to use it.Public information like your email address and other details are on the top side of the ring. This smart ring from NFC is waterproof up to 50 meters. It comes in various styles and designs including gloss black and ceramic coated.


Available from 8,500 INR on blinqbling.comBlinq is designed by a Montreal-based startup that funded the development of this smart ring with a Kickstarter campaign. This smart ring comes in 12-karat gold and sterling silver models. You can choose from 7 gemstones and 12 different styles.It is available in ring sizes 5 to 10. This water-resistant smart ring is compatible with both Android and iPhones. The battery lasts for up to 48 hours on a single charge.As for the features, it offers basic activity tracking and notification filtering. It also has an SOS alert feature that sends a custom text to friends.


Buy now from for 12,000 INRGo2Sleep from the startup Sleepon has launched a smart ring built with a 3-axis sensor that monitors your sleep. It even tracks the rate of your tossing and turning through the night.This ring also has heart rate and blood oxygen sensors that track and monitor blood oxygen saturation, heart rate, and perfusion index (pulse strength). This AI-powered smart wear is compatible with both android and iPhones.The app offers personalized recommendations and alerts users who suffer from sleep apnea. The startup has started shipping the ring to backers.

ORII Smart Ring

Buy from for 9,500 INRHong Kong startup Origami Labs raised more than 2 crore INR on Kickstarter in 2017. It has currently started shipping the rings to the campaign backers.This smart ring comes in armor red, metallic dark grey, sandblasted silver, and matte black finishes. You can take your calls on the ring by holding your finger to your ear.The other features offered in this ring are voice read-outs of notifications and text messages, and you can listen to them without using ear buds or headphones.

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