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Best Pet Wearables

Best Pet Wearables

, by Nams, 4 min reading time

Pet wearables like GPS collars and fitness tracking collars are becoming increasingly popular. Listed below are some of the best pet wearables for cats and dogs.

Whistle 3

Buy at 6,000 INRWhistle 3 is a device from New Deal Design, which also designed the original Fitbit Flex. This device combines GPS tracking and pet wellness.It can be clipped on to any collar more than an inch wide and then connected to a smartphone app so that you can keep tabs on your pet's step goal. It can also give real-time location anywhere in the US and allow you to set up a geo-fenced area with alerts. You can charge the battery fully in one hour and the charge will last around 10 days.However, in addition to the price of the unit, you will have to spend somewhere between 500 INR and 800 INR per month for a data subscription.

Invoxia Pet Tracker

Buy at 7,500 INRTelecom giant Invoxia together with animal-centric community website Wamiz have launched the Pet Tracker for dogs and cats. This smart collar comes with GPS location features. You can define personalised security zones within the app, and in case your pet leaves the safe perimeters, you will receive notifications.You'll then get their location pinged every three minutes via LPWAN, so you need neither SIM cards or data plans. The Invoxia Pet Tracker is IP67 water-resistant and offers six months of battery life between charges. It weighs 15g and measures in at 42 x 24 x 17 mm.There is a subscription fee of 750 INR a year which will be covered by Invoxia for the first three years. The Invoxia Tracker works in Ireland, France, Germany, Spain and so on but not all parts of England and Scotland. Check if it works in your area/country before you invest in the unit.

Link AKC

Buy at 11,000 INRThe Link AKC offers a complete solution to keep your favorite pet safe. You can constantly track your pet; it allows to set up digital safe zones and in case your pet goes outside these zones you will receive alerts.It also tracks steps and lets you know in case the temperature is too hot or cold for your dog. It also has the ability to learn what kind of activity is actually an exercise for your breed.The collar has a built-in LED light, so you can safely walk your dog at night and a sound alert to help train your dog. You need to sign up for a subscription plan that ranges from 500 INR to 800 INR.

Xiaomi PetBit

Buy at 4,000 INRThis GPS collar also doubles up as a fitness tracking device for your furry friend. The Xiaomi PetBit weighs 26 grams and measures 5.04 x 4.6 x 1.8 cm. It features IPX7 water rating so it can survive splashes and rainfall but not full, prolonged water exposure like when you dog goes for a swim.This device lets you get a position lock for your pet via the app but there's no subscription fee. Also, if your pet decides to take a solitary walk in the night with the tracker, you can spot your pet thanks to the flashing blue LED light on the device. In case your pet gets lost, the QE code on the tracker will reveal your contact details for easy return.It also measures distance travelled, calories burned and so on. The app is available in the US but since it's from the Chinese company, Xiaomi, you might come across a few amusing translations.

Pawbo iPuppyGo

Buy at 2,500 INRThis activity tracker is designed for both dogs and cats. You can clip it onto your pet's collar for tracking movement and sleep. This affordable tracker weighs just 8g.


Buy at 3,700 INRYou can keep tabs on your dog's movement 24/7 with the PitPatPet. It offers a full year of battery life. It not only tells you whether your dog is getting enough exercise but also tracks changes in your dog's activity behavior to indicate any signs of illness or fatigue. This waterproof device is compatible with both iOS and Android phones. PitPatPet ships only to Europe.


Buy at 5,000 INRInstead of GPS, the Fitbark uses an accelerometer to track your dog. Once you your dog's weight and breed, targets are set. The device offers 24-hour tracking giving insights into your pet's sleep pattern, mobility, nutrition and so on.

Garmin Delta Smart

Buy at 11,000 INRThe Delta Smart is not a mere tracker, it also includes training capabilities. According to Garmin, the device's training system allows you to use tones, vibrations and stimulation to condition your dog's behaviour.

PetPace Smart Collar

Available From 12,000 INRThe PetPace is a comprehensive health monitor that works for both cats and dogs of any size.It tracks vitals such as temperature, pulse, respiration, activity, calories, posture and notifies you in case of any irregularities. You can also share this data with your vet.It is a little pricey with annual plans and collars starting at 12,000 INR and going up to roughly 25,000 INR for a lifetime cover.

TabCat by Loc8tor

Buy at 7,500 INRTabCat is perfect to keep tabs on your cat! It can be clipped on to your cat's collar and function on an RF receiver. It does not require a data subscription.

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