Best hybrid smartwatch 2020 Tradition meets contemporary

Best hybrid smartwatch 2020 Tradition meets contemporary

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Hybrid watches look like traditional watches but work like smartwatches. If you are not a touchscreen or rectangular case lover, but want those smart features, then you should probably explore your options in the world of hybrid watches. Hybrid smartwatches have smart technology packed into a traditional watch design.Here, tradition meets modern technology-- it will tell you the time and also track your activity, sleep, health, and show your phone notifications on your wrist. You will not miss the regular analogue watch that you are used to. Another major advantage of a hybrid watch is its long battery life.You need not charge your hybrid like your regular smartwatches. Also these watches are comparatively cheaper than smartwatches. We have thoroughly tested a few hybrid watches by Fossil, Garmin, and Withings and the conclusions we derived will help you choose the best hybrid watch.You can hunt through our rankings and decide the best one for your wrist.

1. Garmin Vivomove 3 Series

The Garmin Vivomove HR has remained the best hybrid watch since its launch in 2017. But now, the Vivomove 3 series has taken the top rank, replacing its predecessor. The smart features hiding behind the traditional watch dial. There are a few options to pick from depending on the size of the case -- 39mm, 42mm and 44mm.The on-screen experience is largely the same for all the three variants; the difference is in the price and how they look on your wrist. The Vivomove 3 and Vivomove 3S are more affordable with the hidden screen at the bottom half of the watch face. It can bring notifications, activity data and much more to you. The other two models, Vivomove Style and Vivomove Luxe are costlier than the Vivomove 3 and 3S. Vivomove Style and Vivomove Luxe have a hidden screen covering the full watch face. The Vivomove Luxe has an additional feature -- colour display.A double-tap on the screen will bring all the smartwatch readings to you. Even though Garmin may not be the first company you will go to for a hybrid watch, this classic-looking Vivomove 3 watch is a noteworthy model which offers a good quality build and a fine style. Particularly the Luxe range which is the most expensive and comes with metal or leather straps.Price when reviewed: Starts from 26,000 INR

2. Withings Move ECG

Withings, a French company was formerly owned by Nokia. The company has made its name in the market with affordable hybrid watches. Withings Move ECG is a great choice for those who like to stay healthy and fit. This is the first hybrid watch with ECG reading which can detect the signs of atrial fibrillation. Move ECG is water-resistant up to 50 meters which means it can track your swim metrics.It can automatically track various activities like your walking, running, and cycling as well. The readings will be recorded in the companion app on your phone. It has a button cell battery that can stay up to 12 months and you need not worry about charging the device often. The Withings Move ECG is still under the process of medical validation from the FDA in the U.S. But it is already available in the European market.If you cannot wait, there is a Withings Move that you can consider buying. Or if you are patient enough to wait, there is Withings ScanWatch which was announced at CES 2020 that is on the way. In addition to atrial fibrillation, ScanWatch can also detect sleep apnea. If all goes well with FDA approval, it should be available for purchase from the first half of 2020.Price when reviewed: 15,000 INR

3. Fossil Hybrid HR

Hybrid smartwatch is no stranger to Fossil Group. They have an impressive line of options for both men and women. But the Hybrid HR is something unique in the sense that it has all the smart features in an E Ink display that works around the physical watch hands instead of a hidden screen or smart dial.This is far away from the functionality you will find in a smartwatch with a touchscreen but it impresses by taking the hybrid concept to a place which is unrevealed before. There are five different styles to choose from Hybrid HR. Three models are available for men in Collider range and two models for women from Charter range. The E Ink display beneath the screen will display notifications, weather updates, and activity metrics like heart rate, number of steps taken, and calories.However, the watch display can be customized using the Fossil app according to your interest. The users can swipe through the touchscreen to view the notifications or to access and control music. The battery life is around two weeks on a single charge which is of great use for sleep tracking.Price when reviewed: From 16,500 INR

4. Withings Steel HR Sport

Withings Steel HR Sport was the first device launched after Withings bought the company back from Nokia. This hybrid watch is similar to the old Nokia Steel HR. Steel HR Sport is sportier with GPS and VO2 Max data. Other features included are metrics on steps taken, sleep monitoring, heart rate tracking and other basic health and fitness features.The customization is limited in this model of Withings. It comes in a 40mm sized matte finish black metal case. The watch face has only two options that are, black or white with your choice of band. You can view data like activity tracking and smartphone notifications from the small digital screen on the watch face.There is a heart rate monitor also included to constantly track your heart rate throughout the day as well as during your workout. The battery life is around 25 days on a single charge and an additional 20 days if power save mode is used.Price when reviewed: 42,500 INR

5.Misfit Command

Even though the first hybrid watch from misfit, the Misfit Phase is a strong device, their Command is recommended more. The design simplicity is the main attraction of Misfits hybrids. The Command also keeps things simple with the basic activity and sleep tracking.Command has no hidden screen and the watch hands direct to features like a new notification. The bottom-half dial is used instead of a screen. You can access swim tracking to count your laps in the pool via an additional app purchase.The smarts are hidden under the surface which gives the Command a classic and subtle look. This watch is ideal for people who like to keep things simple and wants a good looking watch with basic activity trackingPrice when reviewed: 11,000 INR

6. Fossil Neely

There are a whole lot of Fossil hybrid watches that you can choose from. Fossil Neely calls attention to its style and affordability. This watch is a great choice for people with a smaller wrist. The Fossil Neely watch features a 36mm case and is elegant, lightweight and thin.The thickness of the watch is 12mm. In this hybrid watch, activity tracking is kept to a minimum that is, to count steps and nothing more. Notifications cannot be read from the screen but a tiny blue light from the LED and vibration of the device will alert you whenever a notification comes via third-party apps including Instagram and WhatsApp. There are three physical buttons on the side of the watch which offer access and control of additional smart features like control music playback or even take a selfie on a smartphone.More standard functions like the display of date, display of a second-time zone, starting the stopwatch or ringing your phone are available as well. It is a hybrid watch with discreet style and smart features. This watch is for those who love style and smartness.Price when reviewed: From 7,500 INR

7.Bellabeat Time

Most of the hybrid watches keep tracking your activity throughout the day. But the Bellabeat Time focuses more on your physical and mental wellness. It offers basic fitness tracking such as steps taken. The emphasis its companion app places are not on fitness metrics but on meditation, stress tracking, and period logging.With all the data derived, it will keep a check on your wellbeing. The meditation exercises are of high standards. The exercises included are on par with those available in the apps dedicated to meditation. The meditation exercises are divided based on your energy level so that they can help you accordingly. The device can also be linked to other features like your hydration level tracking.All of this is packed in a neat, classic design. The Time is one of the few hybrid watches that has prioritised the needs of women. It focusses on special features that are exclusively for women, which are missing in other watches. When viewed from this angle, it is a unique hybrid watch.Price when reviewed: 13,000 INR

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