Best HTC Vive Games And non-gaming Vive experiences you can explore!

Best HTC Vive Games And non-gaming Vive experiences you can explore!

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Did you just get the HTC Vive or the Vive Pro? Then this guide will be very helpful for you. In this guide, we have listed the best Vive games as well as non-gaming experiences that you can check out! No matter what kind of video games you like, HTC has something to offer for you.


You will lose yourself in the immersive VR experience of this game as you follow the exploits of the cute little mouse, Quill. Solve puzzles, meet interesting characters, participate in combats, and explore the well-designed environments with the rodent. This third-person action game with a first-person perspective is sure to keep you engrossed for hours.1,700 INR, Steam

Island 359

If you love VR shooter games, then the Island 359 will be perfect for you. In this game, you get to shoot dinosaurs such as Velociraptors, T-Rex, and more baddies. This game is not just about shooting the dinos; its also about surviving in the prehistoric times by making the most of the available materials. You need to stay alert every second as you hunt as you are also being hunted by the dinosaurs.850 INR, Steam

Raw Data

Raw Data remains one of the best shooter games of the HTC platform. This Sci-Fi game is set in a dystopian future. You get a huge arsenal of screen-clearing weapons and powers to fight against an army of cybernetic villains and turn them into piles of metal. The storyline includes corrupt corporations, dark secrets, rebel hackers and lots more sinister stuff. Play solo or go for the multi-player version.1,800 INR, Steam

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice VR Edition

This 2017 edition of Hellblade is an emotional tale that tells you about the heroines descent into madness. The engaging environment of this VR action game and the stunning sound design that lets you listen to the heroines mind voice is gripping.1,100 INR, Steam


This unconventional HTC game gives a twist to the popular physics-based puzzle. The game has bizarre environments with inspired mechanics, which lets you play around with various physics principles. You can manipulate time or bring back your past version to solve puzzles. Give or remove gravity from objects. Theres so much that you can explore in this science game.900 INR, Steam


In this violent and brutal blood-soaked game, you battle against burly gladiators. You get a range of spiked, blunt, and bladed weapons to fight against the barbarians. Cartoony elements that depict cut body parts add a creative element while reducing the goriness of the game.1,100 INR, Steam

The Mage's Tale

In this high-fantasy VR game, you get to don the robes of a young mage and shoot spells. The game is set in the same universe in which The Bard's Tale franchise is set. Use spells to shoot spears of ice or flames from the tips of your fingers. The captivating storyline includes monsters, traps, puzzles, and lots of wizarding that will keep you engaged for hours.2,500 INR, Steam

The Exorcist: Legion VR

The Exorcist VR game is for those who have nerves of steel. In this game, you play the role of a demon-hunting detective. Listen to the immersive audio clues and watch out for the visual cues to track the demons. Every step you take is terrifying and heart stopping. This game is the kind that nightmares are made of!350 INR, Steam

Beat Saber

This fun game is a great way to let out steam by virtually slicing boxes to the beat of music. A great game to keep you occupied when youre bored or to vent out your feelings when youre emotional.1,500 INR, Steam

Skyrim VR

The Skyrim game is available on all platforms, even in Alexa. Get the full VR version of this game in HTC Vive and Rift.4,500 INR, Steam

Knockout League

The Knockout League game is for those who are serious about boxing. Learn the jabs and hooks from Doug Johnson before you take on the opponents in the ring. You get to fight with all kinds of opponents, from a pirate to an octopus. To make the most of this arcade-style boxing game, get the in-game calorie counter from the Virtual Reality Institute of Health. The counter tracks the calories youve burned while you do your virtual workouts. This game published by Vive Studios is developed by Grab Games. The Knockout League is available on PlayStation, Oculus Rift, and Vive.2,500 INR, Steam

Doom VFR

This latest Doom version brings to you modernized combats in a truly immersive virtual reality. Do you shoot quick enough to play the game? Get the version to enjoy hours of shooting fun.2,500 INR, Steam

Rec Room

The Rec Room is a social club where you can hang out with others and participate in a host of activities, from disc golf and dodge ball to paintball. Take up different characterizations and indulge in interesting conversations with other characters in the social club.Free, Steam

Star Trek: Bridge Crew

Enjoy your favorite Star Trek games in virtual reality. This multiplayer game lets you and your band of Star Trek fans get together and command a starship. This cooperative play requires you to work together with your team to battle the Klingons and explore the final frontier.3,000 INR, Steam


This game is for all Titanfall fans and mech lovers. The game puts you in the cockpit of a huge bot where you need to fight against the evil HUMNX mechanized forces. You get a huge cache of weapons to blast your enemies and their vehicles. This arcade game is loads of fun.2,500 INR, Steam

Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality

If you are a fan of the Rick and Morty animated show, you will enjoy playing this entertaining game. Use the job simulators and swap characters for hours of hilarious gaming.2,500 INR, Steam

Batman: Arkham VR

The Batman Arkham VR game was originally designed for PlayStation, but is now available in HTC Vive. In this game, you are put in a Dark Knights cowl and need to solve the mystery in the Gotham city. This game is very short, but gives you the best VR single player experience.1,500 INR, Steam

To the Top

This VR game is totally about movement in virtual reality. If you are ready for a thrilling ride, download this game.1,500 INR, Steam

Superhot VR

This first-person shooter game was initially exclusive for the Oculus Rift, but is also available in HTC Vive now. The USP of this game is its slow motion feature. If you move, the time speeds up. This feature makes game play intuitive and intriguing. Get the Forever update for more challenges.1,900 INR, Steam

Arizona Sunshine

Arizona Sunshine is a first-person shooter game from Vertigo Game. This wave-based game is set in a zombie apocalypse in the middle of Arizona. It is a multiplayer co-op game. The tense and thrilling game play will keep your gang hooked up for hours.3,000 INR, Steam

The Gallery - Episode 1 and 2

Your mission in this fantasy adventure game is to find your missing sister. The room-scale game play along with MoCap actors and Blink locomotion tech make the environment more realistic. The perfect blend of intrigue and ambiance will keep you riveted in the game play. You can buy each episode separately or go for the bundle that has both episodes.First episode available for 1,500 INR; Bundle: 3,500 INR, Steam

AirMech Command

AirMech Command is a real-time strategy game where you need to think on your feet to command and conquer. You get many maps, wand controllers, and intuitive controls to strategize and deploy your troops.1,500 INR, Steam

The Brookhaven Experiment

This zombie shooter game is terrifying and fun! Choose from campaign and survival modes offered in the game. Blast the undead to come out alive in this virtual reality game!1,500 INR, Steam

Vanishing Realms

Have you ever wondered about fighting with skeletons using swords? With this HTC game, Vanishing Realms, you can do it in virtual reality. It has lots of shooting and slashing that will leave you sweating! The undead dont attack or lunge, but just wait for you to make the first more. This version is the Steam Early Access game.1,500 INR, Steam

The Lab

The Lab from Valve HQ contains 8 whimsical games. You will find Aperture Science robots in all the games. Enjoy playing all the eight entertaining games in this bundle available for free.Free, Steam

Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope

The Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope from the developer Croteam gives a twist to the usual shooting game. It is lots of fun, and while youre done playing this game, you can also explore the First and the Second Encounter games to keep you going till the third sequel arrives.3,000 INR, Steam

Fallout 4 VR

In the Fallout 4 VR game, you explore a nuclear apocalypse in virtual reality. You can play this game on your computer system or console.4,500 INR, Steam

The Talos Principle VR

This first-person puzzle game takes you to a weird world that has a combination of advanced technology and ancient ruins. In order to find your purpose in this strange world, you need to complete the 120 complex puzzles.3,000 INR, Steam

LA Noire: The VR Case Files

This game has redesigned seven games from the original LA Noire game for virtual reality platforms. Get a more immersive gaming experience as you search for clues or decipher facial expressions in this VR game.2,500 INR, Steam

In Death

In this game, you play the role of a rouge shooter who shoots using bows and crossbows in a godless afterlife. You also have a magic arrow that lets you teleport to any location.2,500 INR, Steam

Vox Machine

The Vox Machine gives you complete control of the mechs cockpit. Use all the weapons and devices to battle your opponents who are in their own mechs.1,900 INR, Steam

Creed: Rise to Glory

A must-download game for hardcore Rocky fans! In the Creed game, you take the role of Adonis Creed, Apollos son and Rockys mentee. In this version, Adonis builds his career as Rocky trains him in Micks iconic gym.2,500 INR, Steam

Best HTC Vive apps and experiences

Yearn to become a mixologist? Pick up some savvy bartending skills and mix fine cocktails in the Bartender VR simulator. Learn the nuances of mixology from a real-life bartending world champion. You get to virtually visit four unique bars where you learn all about glass types, liquors, cubed and crushed ice. Learn to mix concoctions and serve them in style with this VR simulation.1,000 INR, Steam

The Great C

This VR simulation is based on the short story by Phillip K. Dick of the same name. The cinematic story line combined with VR experience features science fiction and apocalyptic elements. Its hunger-games-like narration and engaging story is brought to life by stellar visuals, gripping story line, and stunning sound effects. If you want a true FVR experience with little interaction of movement, the Great C is your best bet.400 INR, Steam

Tilt Brush

The Google Tit Brush is an app where you can use a 3D illustration tool to create your own three dimensional designs. You can choose from various colors and types of brushes.1,500 INR, Steam

Virtual Desktop

This app lets you interact with your computer desktop just like you do with your tablet computer or cell phone. It removes the limitations of your desktop caused by its 2D nature and hardware capabilities. This virtual desktop gives you more space and an immersive experience, whether youre watching a movie or working on your spreadsheet.1,100 INR, Steam

Masterpiece VR

Masterpiece VR helps you easily and quickly create 3D models on your desktop. Sculpt the design using the touch controller, which will make you feel as if you are working on the model with your hands. This app also allows for co-designing, so you and your fellow designers can work cooperatively in the same space. The spectator mode allows others to watch the 3D model come to life.2,500 INR, Steam


Engage is an educational platform that takes teaching to the virtual space. Teachers and professors can record VR lessons that are interesting and engaging. Teachers can create VR lessons using animations, models and other design elements. It also has a platform where teachers and students can interact.Free, Steam

3D Organon VR Anatomy

The 3D Organon VR Anatomy lets students learn all about the internal structures and functions of human organs. This app has more than 4,000 realistic models of anatomical structures that allow students to learn the size, scale, and internal structure of the organs.2,500 INR, Steam


The Allumette is an example of VR storytelling. You need to play the camera as they 30-minute motion film plays. Focus on the main narrative or explore the scenery as you watch the motion film.Free, Steam

Google Earth VR

Google Earth is a mapping application that accurately tells you every location on the globe. You would have probably used Google Earth on your mobile phone or desktop. Try this VR version for excellent quality and immersive experience.Free, Steam

Ocean Rift

In Ocean Rift, you get to virtually visit an aquatic safari park and get up close with the numerous aquatic creatures. Tap on the creators and the narrator will tell you more about it.800 INR, Steam


Within contains a collection of 360 videos of sports action footage, videos from exotic places, and lots more. The app is regularly updated, so you get fresh content often. This app lets you access premier VR content in one place.Free, Steam

Shepard Fairey VR DAMAGED

Shepard Fairey held his last solo exhibition ten years ago. In the last exhibition, his iconic Hope poster for former US President Barack Obama was displayed. Now, Fairely has a virtual exhibition focused on the Social Media. With this app, you get to virtually visit the exhibition and also listen to 100 minutes of commentary from the artist.400 INR, Steam

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