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Best Google Daydream Apps and Games

Best Google Daydream Apps and Games

, by Nams, 5 min reading time

Experience an immersive virtual reality experience with Googles VR headset

The Smartphone powered Daydream View Headset is Googles follow up to Cardboard. This standalone Daydream app is priced at just 3,600 INR. You cant expect a highly immersive experience like that you get in a PC or a console, but it is pretty good for its affordable cost. If you have a Mirage Solo, then these apps are easier to use. Weve put together a list of the best Google Daydream apps and games in this blog. Share your thoughts in the comments section.

Best Google Daydream Games

600 INR, Google PlayThe Battle Planet is the simplest, yet the most challenging VR game for Daydream. In this game, you play the role of a little dude on a large planet. At every step of your way, you will be swarmed by villains and you need to shoot them to escape.

Eclipse: City of Light

700 INR, Google PlayIn this VR game, you play the role of a space adventurer who has crash landed on a mysterious planet. Explore the planet all by yourself and wield your magical powers. This game has WorldSense support.


1,000 INR, Google PlayBeartopia is a VR game that feels like a mix of Minecraft and Animal Crossing. You get to live in a city thats full of cartoon bears, meet villagers, and even sheer sheep. Join hands with other players to rebuild a lighthouse and do other fun activities

The Other Room

400 INR, Google PlayThis fun and riveting game helps you escape real life. The Other Room game has plenty of escape rooms that you can string into a story you can solve.

Rez Infinite VR

Free, Google PlayDesigned with intense visuals and peppered with lively music, this game is enthralling. You can download the game for free. However, it has in-app purchases.

Brickheadz Builder VR

Free, Google PlayThis game takes the classic Lego game into the virtual reality realm. You can build models and even bring them to life in this Brickheadz Builder game. Download this free game and enjoy hours of building fun.

Hunter's Gate

500 INR, Google PlayCrawl through dungeons and kill baddies using your controller or headset in this fast-paced game. Initially, the moving mechanism may feel a little weird, but as you get used to the controllers trackpad, you will find it easier.


400 INR, Google PlayThis puzzle game is developed by Mike Bithell, a British indie. In this game, you become an astronaut who explores stars, planets, and growing plants. You need to use the Daydream motion controller to play this game.


300 INR, Google PlayMekorama is a puzzle game that is an amalgamation of Monument Valley and Minecraft. Guide a robot through an obstacle course using Daydream controller. This game is adapted from the Smartphone game, and the VR experience makes it truly immersive.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

750 INR, Google PlayThis classic game popular on the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Gear VR is now available on Google Daydream. You need to defuse a bomb, but the catch is that only you can see the bomb. Your friends need to read the instruction manual and guide you to diffuse the bomb.


400 INR, Google PlayClaro is an entry-level Daydream game. In this relaxing game, you use the controller to move the sun and help a tree to grow. The puzzle gets more complicated as you rise up the levels. Enjoy the abstract landscape and soothing music as you play the game.

Best Google Daydream Apps

Free, Google PlayDownload Horizons for the ultimate music listening experience. Control the music, which in turn controls the virtual world. Soar through surreal and beautiful worlds as you lose yourself in the serene music.

Netflix VR

Free, Google PlayWatch your favorite movies on Netflix, sitting on a comfy couch in a beautiful virtual cabin. This app is free to download, but you will need a Netflix subscription to use it.


Free, Google PlayThis app makes your dream of meeting your favorite NBA players come true, though virtually. You get to sit with the legends of the NBA in a virtual lounge, watch NBA videos and listen to them discuss the game.

YouTube VR

Free, Google PlayThe YouTube app has an ever growing library and an easy-to-navigate interface. Its a great app for watching videos, movies, and games.

Google Street View

Free, Google PlayIn Google Street View, you get a 360 immersive view of the streets. Get the max experience with a Daydream headset. You need to launch the view from the Street View app itself.

The Turning Forest

Free, Google PlayIn this interactive VR film, you follow the story of a child and his creature friend on their fairytale journey. Navigate the environment using Daydream controller. Use headphones to listen to the spatial soundtracks that create an immersive VR experience. This experimental film is from BBC.

BBC Earth: Life In VR

Free, Google PlayExplore the underwater sea life of the California Coast and virtually interact with the otters and whale in this VR game from BBC Earth.

Star Chart VR

300 INR, Google PlayThe Start Chart is a fun app where you dont get to destroy or create anything, but explore the universe and the stars.

Google Arts & Culture VR

Free, Google PlayThis free Google app is perfect for art connoisseurs. With this app, you can virtually visit more than 850 archives, museums and organizations that have partnered with the Google Cultural Institute. You can even zoom in to look closely at the showpieces and read the details provided.

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