Best Games and Apps for Samsung Gear VR

Best Games and Apps for Samsung Gear VR

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The Samsung Gear VR is a very popular mobile VR headset, amidst all the new competitors like the Oculus Go. You can find amazing apps, games, short animations and more for this device. We have compiled a list of the best apps, games, short films and interactive experiences for Gear VR.

Samsung Gear VR games

Buy at 750 INRThis fun game involves you playing an imaginary friend to a kid. The kid has lost his dog, Rishu and you have to guide the child to find the pet. As you traverse through the world, you need to engage in lifting up trees, moving boulders and more.

Poker VR

FreeThis free game is built for the Oculus Go but is also available on Gear VR (with controller support). You can engage in daily tournaments with friends and other headset owners and win trophies.

Virtual Virtual Reality

Buy at 750 INRThis narrative-focused comedy-adventure game offers a world where AI is dominating humans and you play as a human who is trying to break free from the clutches of these AI overlords.

Star Wars: Droid Repair Bay

FreeIn this game, you need to help Poe Dameron in the Star Wars universe. Your task is to repair BB-8 and other droids so that they can defeat the First Order. What makes it interesting is the fact that each droid comes with its own unique personality. Also, this game is connected to the story of Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

IT: Escape from Pennywise

Buy at 70 INREscape from Pennywise is based on the blockbuster horror movie, IT. This game is also available for Google Daydream. It involves breaking free from the clutches of Pennywise, the Dancing Clown. You need to find the right path to escape.

Micro Machines VR Racer

Buy at 750 INREnjoy the immersive version of the table-top racing favourite. You got to still play with a bird's-eye view. It doesn't support multiplayer mode, but is still fun with some inspired tracks to pick from.

Blade Runner 2049: Replicant Pursuit

FreeIn this fun game, a rogue replicant has gotten away after murdering two people, and you are responsible to track him down. Search through futuristic Los Angeles while piloting a spinner. Exciting? You bet!

Hitman Go: VR Edition

Buy at 600 INRHitman Go is a third person, turn-based strategy board game. It involves you helping Agent 47 navigate around a grid layered on top of model-like environments. You can get this VR edition on the Oculus Rift as well as the Gear VR. Both trackpad and Bluetooth controllers are supported.

Sing Space

Buy at 350 INRThis game is a multiplayer karaoke title from Harmonix. It includes a built-in mic, a pair of headphones and support for the Gear VR controller.

Please Don't Touch Anything

Buy at 700 INRThis fun puzzle game has you looking for clues, solving riddles, pushing buttons and is quite a hoot in VR.

Drop Dead

Buy at 750 INRDrop Dead is a multiplayer game and offers a great variety. It is one of the best first-person shooters on Gear VR.

Minecraft: Gear VR

Buy at 500 INRMinecraft in VR needs a controller and offers Pocket Edition modes like Creative and Survival. If you are not a fan of the full-on immersion, you can also play in 2D.

BombSquad VR

Buy at 250 INRThe BombSquad VR cheap, cute and fun! It offers multiplayer modes including co-op, teams and more. This game also offers gratuitous explosions, ninjas, barbarians, pirates, insane chefs and more. It is also on Google Cardboard.

Smash Hit VR

Buy at 250 INRSmash Hit VR is a VR arcade game from Mediocre Games. This game is also available on your smartphone game under the same name.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Buy at 750 INRThis multiplayer game is quite fun - one person wears the Gear VR while the rest needs to give instructions (from a comprehensive printed manual) so that the wearer can diffuse a bomb located in the room they all are trapped inside.

Land's End

Buy at 400 INRLand's End is Ustwo's first VR game. This amazing puzzle game includes over five chapters (for now) and you can use the Gear VR's head tracking as controls to explore spectacular landscapes in order to awaken a lost civilization. You should play this game while standing or on a swivel chair.


Buy at 400 INRThis VR game is a spinoff of the Project Nemesis, which was available in early 2015. It's an action-packed arcade space shooter with amazing detailing. It is set in the EVE universe - a stunning sci-fi world of danger and destruction.

Oculus Arcade

FreeThis virtual arcade game allows you to so play Pac-Man, Sonic, Galaga and more in three arcade rooms. Though it is supposedly free, you need to pay in order to unlock unlimited play.


Buy at 750 INRDarknet is an arcade-style, strategy hacking game. It features neon visuals and a stern voice giving you instructions. This game will have you spreading viruses through a network of nodes, banking the Bitcoins and causing carefully constructed mayhem.

Anshar Wars 2

Buy at 400 INRYou get two Anshar Wars games on the Gear VR now. In this space shooter, you can control your ship's direction using head movements. You can use a Bluetooth controller or the headset's touchpad to fire missiles.

Temple Run VR

FreeTemple Run has graduated from smartphones and has found its footing in virtual reality. For those who enjoy consistent motion and happen to enjoy free things, this is a no-brainer download.

Best Samsung Gear VR apps and experiences

FreeYouTube is now available on Samsung Gear VR with an official app. You can also find it on Daydream, Vive and PlayStation VR. There's a social 'watch together' option under the regular controls which is pretty cool.

Plex VR

FreePlex VR is available on Gear VR and Oculus. It lets you browse your local media and then allows you to watch it in a virtual 3D environment, if you are interested.

Oculus Venues

FreeOculus Venues transports you to live events such as stand-up nights, concerts, sports events and more for free!


FreeWith CNN VR, you can pick stories by taking these orbs and tossing them in the center of the control panel. In addition to traditional 2D news and clips, you will also get 360 videos from CNN reporters across the world.

Coco VR

FreePixar's Coco VR, you can create your own character and then socialize with friends and characters from the Day of the Dead-themed movie. If that wasn't enough, you can enjoy gondola rides and be the star of a concert.

Jaunt VR

FreeJaunt VR app is one of a few live action libraries from where you can enjoy premium cinematic virtual reality experiences.

Facebook 360

FreeThis dedicated VR app allows you to view 360-degree photos and videos on the Gear VR. It streams 360 content from your news feed and flashes it in front of your face.

Samsung Internet

FreeWith Samsung Internet, you can open up sites via voice or by selecting from favourites like YouTube. You can select content using Gaze mode but there's an onscreen keyboard too. You can use its private browsing mode.

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