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Best Bands for Fitbit Ionic

Best Bands for Fitbit Ionic

, by Sona, 2 min reading time

When we were searching for the the best Fitbit Ionic band, we realised that there is no one-size-fits-all since the needs of everyone is different.So here's a list of straps and bands that can be used to customize your Fitbit Iconic. You can get official Fitbit Ionic straps to update your Fitbit smartwatch.If you don't want spend a premium on your straps, you can also go for third party options. So, let's take a look at the best Fitbit band options for you right here.

EMallee Milanese loop

Buy at 700 INRThe EMallee Milanese loop from Frler comes in four different colour styles champagne, black, rose gold and silver. This classy magnetic band is perfect for those who want a smarter option without the bother of adjusting and resizing.

Elobeth stainless steel strap

Buy at 1,400 INRThis standard steel band comes in 14 different styles, so you can pick one that is not your usual sporty look. The Elobeth strap should fit most wrists, but you may have to adjust the links a little.

Bayite metal with rhinestone strap

Buy at 1,800 INRThe Ionic's standard band is perfect for those who wants ditch the sporty look for a bejeweled option. The band comes with a clasp and is available in gold, black and silver colors. This metal band comes with a tool for resizing and adjusting.

Skylet perforated silicon strap

Buy at 900 INRIf Fitbit's sporty, perforated bands are too limited in design or expensive for your taste than lets look at the alternative combinations from MoKo. The same two-tone design is available with seven options and in small or large sizes.

Cagos leather band

Buy at 1,300 INRFitbit has its own range of leather straps, but if you are looking for cheaper options, Cagos' bands can be your answer. It is designed for wrists sizes between 6.29- to 8.66-inch. You can pick from three leather options - black, brown and blue.

Supcase rugged buckle case

Buy at 1,400 INRIf you out your Fitbit Ionic through rugged use, then go for this durable case and strap combo. It is made from shock-absorbent, heavy-duty materials so it can withstand pretty much anything. The size adjustable band can accommodate any wrist size.

Wepro 3-pack bands

Buy at 500 INRLooking for a basic Fitbit Ionic band for a steal? Then this option is perfect for you. You get three different colors in one pack and you can pick from 13 different color combinations. You get both small and large sizes. These silicone bands are perfect for workouts.

Allbingo colourful straps

Buy at 800 INRAllbingo give you everything - regluar designs, colorful designs and even protective cases. Made from rubber, these straps will take you to gym and back. So, if you are going a little adventurous with your style, you can pick a wacky variation.

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