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Best Apps for your Apple Watch

Best Apps for your Apple Watch

, by Madhu, 6 min reading time

The Apple Watch is big on apps and its app store is incomparable when it comes to quality and quantity! Now with the watchOS 6 update, Apple has launched the on-watch App Store.

Here we give you an overview of the 10 best Apple watch apps!

For serious runners and cyclists, this standalone app is the best fitness app. It facilitates GPS tracked running and cycling and offers a stable and reliable performance.

Carrot Weather - The best weather app (500 INR + in-app purchases)

Carrot Weather offers a stunning Apple Watch app interface and quite effective in predicting weather. It offers quick access to your current, hourly, and daily forecasts. With Premium Club membership, you get access to bonus features like a customizable widget, weather time travel and more.

ESPN: the best sports app (Free)

Enjoy notifications on scores and breaking news for your favorite teams in almost any sport. With this go-to sports app, you can also get access to live scores, Fantasy News Alerts, articles and more.

Carrot Fit: The best gym app (400 INR)

The makers of Carrot To-Do and Carrot Alarm have introduced the Carot Fit App. This unrelenting but fun taskmaster can make you sweat it out and lose some pounds! This snarky fitness app which is all about the 7-minute workout makes working out a fun experience.

Things 3: The best app for to-do lists (1,000 INR)

Things 3 is a great GTD and productivity app. It organises your life and sorts tasks into Today, Upcoming, and Anytime views. It helps focus on your currents tasks and once complete are ticked off. This task management app offers subtle animations and clever keyboard navigation.

Rules!: The best gaming app (300 INR)

This app offers a daily mini-game challenge, and to win you have to be well-versed in all the rules and tap relevant cards. It is not as easy as it sounds, rules get complicated as you move up the levels. It is fun, nevertheless!

Cheatsheet Notes: The Best app for notes (Free + 400 INR in-app purchases)

Cheatsheet is store those vital but east to forget nuggets of info such as your hotel room number, luggage combination, Wi-Fi passwords, ID numbers and more. You can write them down in Cheatsheet and refer to them anytime in the Widget. You can even paste them anywhere with the Custom Keyboard.

Streaks: The best wellbeing app (500 INR)

This app is more like a to-do list. It encourages you to form good habits through gamification. You can define up to 12 habits on your iOS device. Recurring habits (good or bad) are added to your list, and with each completed task, you extend your daily streak. This app is ideal for task management and habit tracking.

Just Press Record: The best audio recording app (500 INR)

Make quick recordings on iPhone with the Just Press Record app! All you need to do is tap the record button to capture some audio and once the recording stops, your audio syncs to the cloud. The iPhone app offers transcription as well. So, you can talk to your wrist and later get a text file of what you said.

PCalc: The best Apple Watch calculator app (1,000 INR)

PCalc comes with an excellent interface and built-in conversions. It is super-responsive, and the Digital Crown can be used to adjust conversion values.

Now let's look at the best ravel apps alone:

This app offers precise directions to get from one place to the other. Of course, you have to be in one of the supported cities such Paris, San Francisco Bay Area, New York, London, among others. It keeps you posted of times for upcoming buses, trains or trams, while offering an outline of the stops to expect on your journey.

ETA (300 INR)

ETAkeeps you up to date on how long it'll take you to reach home from your current location. It also tells you of any delays on your route. ETA is a standalone app, so if you don't have your phone it'll tap into LTE. This app has an awesome Complication that lets you use Time Travel to see how long your commute home might take.

Babbel (Free)

This app on Apple Watch figures out what's nearby and provides quick quizzes about relevant words. It helps you learn 360 words from each of our 14 languages, whenever and wherever they are most relevant.

iTranslate Converse (Free)

This app acts like a translator - it automatically picks up who is speaking what language and translates. It takes a while to decipher complicated sentences though.

Yelp (Free)

With this app, all you need to do is pick a category, and then you'll get a list of recommendations close to your location to grab a bite or a drink.

App in the Air (Free + in-app purchases)

This 'personal flying assistant' App tracks your flight, gives you in-flight 'courses' and provides gate and security wait times.

Elk (Free + 400 INR in-app purchases)

This currency conversion app knows where you are and sets the currency for you so that you can convert seamlessly and quickly.

Best fitness and sport

This personal fitness service includes all kinds of workouts, from HIIT to yoga to spin and more. You can pick from a variety of levels. With this app, you can get interactive coaching from athletes while you're doing your workouts.

ActivityTracker Pedometer (Free)

If steps are your thing, ActivityTracker Pedometer zeros in on steps, calories burned and distance travelled. (Free)

If you're looking for a post-swim analysis and want your pool workouts tracked in one place, is the app for you.

ViewRanger (Free + In app purchases)

ViewRanger is perfect on your kikes as it gives you live turn-by-turn navigation and trip stats for many hiking and cycling trails worldwide. You can even download additional topographic maps, for a price of course.

Streaks Workout (290 INR)

This fitness app helps you stay fit with its six-minute 'Quick' option or the half-hour 'Pain' mode, and more.

Hole19 (Free)

This comprehensive tool for golfers offers hole routing, course stats, an interface for your scores and more.

Health and wellbeing

One Drop is a great aid for diabetics. It allows you to log glucose, medication, food and activity directly from your wrist. You can also integrate it into HealthKit.

AutoSleep (200 INR)

All you need to do is install AutoSleep on your watch, then wear your Watch to bed and it will automatically track your sleep. It will send you a notification with your sleep analysis, in the morning.

Start With Yoga (200 INR)

This yoga app presents routines as a simple series of static images and you can even set your own routine. You can define how long each position should be held for.

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