Best Apps for Fitbit Iconic

Best Apps for Fitbit Iconic

, by Sona, 3 min reading time

The App Gallery from Fitbit includes a wide gamut of apps and games. All of these apps are free, but a few service apps may require a connected account, which may result a fee. Let's take a look at our favorite Fitbit Ionic apps.


With Deezer, you can now stream music directly from the wrist, of course you do need a pair of Bluetooth headphones. It offers around 53 million tracks to its subscribers, while Deezer Flow help you to mix up your old favorites with new recommendations.

The New York Times

The New York Times app will you bite-sized snippets of all the big stories of the day. But if you need to access the full article, you will have to either go to the app or site. The plus is that you don't need a Times subscription to use the app.

Think Fast

Think Fast, made by Fitbit Labs, is an addictive game. This two-minute rapid-fire game will test your cognitive ability and reaction time. You need to look at the fruit on the left and select which of the two options on the right match the fruit type, colour or price, depending on what it asks for.


The Nest Thermostat App allows you to adjust the temperature when within range of your Nest device and also when you are not at home.


The Starbuck app allows you to pay from the wrist. It is super easy - add the 16-digit Starbucks Card number into the watch's app and make purchases by scanning the barcode on your smartwatch. Isn't it uber-cool?


This app can analyse your shots and offer a breakdown by forehand, backhand and serve. It also includes a score counter, so that you can play without the hassle of keeping scores manually.

Philips Hue

Using Philips Hue, you can control your Hue smart lights from the wrist. This feature is also available on the Apple Watch and work better there. This app comes in handy when you want to control your lights without fishing out your smartphone.

British Airways

Those flying with British Airways, can now get flight information on their smartwatch. The app will provide flight status and a boarding pass.


The Uber app allows you to book a ride, view estimates and driver details, thought it doesn't provide the mapped location of your driver.

Drink Counter

This is a super cool app. It tells you if you are drinking less water than required or more alcohol than desired. Drink Counter will help you keep track of your intake. A man-shaped gauge tracks your level of sobriety, the more complete the gauge is, the less we can say about your sobriety.


Leaderboard compares you against friends and family with regard to step counts. You can even send people little emojis to encourage them or tease them.


Yelp is all about food and drink so it helps you take most popular joints in the neighborhood. It will give you a scrollable list of the top bars and restaurants including opening hours, review scores, and even a small map indicating the exact location.


This app is for existing Strava users, and not for non-subscribers. It lets you view your Strava activities on the watch as well as Matched Runs. You cannot record workouts from the app, but any workouts you do wearing the Ionic will be picked up by Strava and streamed to your smartwatch.

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