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Apple Watch Bands to Best Suit Your Needs  Give Your Apple Watch a Dash of Personality

Apple Watch Bands to Best Suit Your Needs Give Your Apple Watch a Dash of Personality

, by Raj, 6 min reading time

A major con to owning the currently most popular smartwatch is that almost everyone on the planet seems to have one! What do you now do to make yours unique or stand out? All you need is a replacement band or a couple and change it to suit your need for example you want to go running, there is a sweat resistant band or you want to go for a corporate function, put on one of the formal designer options.Read on to find out more about these fantastic bands. Many third-party options are available, so you wont put a dent in that bank account just yet. Another bit of good news is that most of these bands are compatible to the older 40mm and 44 mm watches from series 4. Let us now look at the best of straps we have chosen for you.

Awoowell Milanese Loop

It looks similar to the official Apple Watch band and is probably the most popular one. Available in almost all colours for all the Apple Watch sizes, with Gold being the favourite. Priced at 1,000 INR on Amazon, it costs a fraction of the original Apple Watch band.

Biaoge Metal Band

A unique and fashionable band for women, with a mix of delicate metal chains and links to give you a feminine bracelet. Price on Amazon is 2,000 INR.

MIFA Leather Band

This traditional leather band with steel adaptors and fastener gives your Apple Watch a sophisticated and classy look. Focussed for series 4 watches, the MIFA leather band will cost you 1,800 INR (on Amazon).

Amband Sport Loop

While this is a direct copy of Apple's nylon sports brand, it is available in a host of colours and at a fraction of Apple's original price. This strap comes with a two-year warranty, stellar reviews and is available on Amazon for just 650 INR.

iGK Sport Band

At less than 750 INR (600 INR on Amazon) a piece, these silicon bands are the best for those who love to work out or swim. These are also available in a variety of colours. You can always have on handy in your gym bag to save your other band.

Marge Plus Leather Band

A genuine leather band with a metal buckle that is totally worth its 1000 INR price (on Amazon).

Cinnamon Leather Band

This elegant deep brown leather band with hand stitched detailing has a rustic charm to it. It is available for all sizes of both series3 and series 4 Apple Watches at 2,000 INR a piece (Amazon).

Carterjett Sport Tire Strap

A silicon strap that is inspired by tyres, perfect for the car lovers. Available for 38mm and 42mm Apple watches and fits wrists 5.5-7.5 inches. The soft silicone strap is durable and suitable for use during workouts or swimming.You can buy it on Amazon for 1,500 INR. Its not over yet. These were the most stylish and budget friendly Apple Watch straps. We now have a collection of Premium Bands for you to indulge.

Rose Gold & Chocolate bracelet

This rose gold and chocolate leather band makes the Apple watch appear less chunky on the wrist. The double wrap leather band measures only 7mm and is much thinner than other bands though it wraps the wrist twice. It is only available for the series4 -40mm and 44mm watches and costs 3,500 INR on Etsy.

Natural Vegetable Tanned band

This cream coloured leather strap is both hand dyed and hand stitched. Available for all Apple Watches, it costs 3,500 INR on Etsy.

Speidel Twist-O-Flex

The classic Speidel stretch metal watch band is now modern and is available for Apple Watches 38mm and 42mm. Buy it for its comfort, craftmanship and old charm for 3,700 INR on Amazon.

Casetify Classic Lady

This feminine and classy strap made of a refined plastic stands out amongst all the leather and metal bands. There is also a men's version available. It is available on Amazon for 3,700 INR.


Another one for leather lovers, Alto bands are available in 6 variations of leather. These unisex bands are great for either the 38 mm or 42 mm watches. For now, there is only one colour option with indications of a new shade in development. Find them on for 7,500 INR.

Pad & Quill Field Strap

Comfortable and strong best describes this hard canvas build combination of water-resistant Cordura fabric with full grain leather accents. This cool band that is exclusive for 42mm Apple watch is available on for 7,500 INR.


These leather straps are closest in feel to Apples own premium ones. They have a wide range of bands from standard leather, to the Nappa collection and to more vintage. The leather is thin and durable, and they even have an option to engrave your initials on the leather.Not satisfied, you want something wilder? You can get bands fashioned from pythons, crocodiles, cat sharks even. Find these bands on costing upwards from 6,500 INR.

Monowear Nylon Active

The perfect less expensive alternative to Apple's Sport Loop Strap. It has a leather panel on the back with stainless steel lugs and looks good with the aluminium or stainless-steel watches. Costing 2,500 INR, buy them from

Infinity Bangle

This stainless-steel band with zirconia stones is one of few targeted at women directly. Available for 38mm and 44mm watches, it is a fancy and a bit flashy option. Buy through for 3,700 INR.

Nomad Modern Leather

These are unique and elegant made of Horween leather. The slate grey colour is designed to develop a shine with time giving it a rugged look. Buy these minimalistic straps on for 4,500 INR.

Strapple Crocodilus

These premium leather straps are made of fine Italian calf leather (not crocodile) that is embossed with an alligator pattern. They look amazing with a space black Apple Watch. Get yours for 10,500 INR from

Coach Prints Strap

This glovetanned leather strap with pink roses exclusively from Coach is for the brand lovers. This gorgeous band from the Strap with Prints collection goes with the 38mm and 40 mm models only. Available on for 11,000 INR only.

Nike+ Sport Band

The Nike+ sports band now goes with all the Apple Watch models. The perforated band is comfortable on a sweaty wrist making it the perfect choice for runners. Bonus, the Nike bands are colour coordinated with their shoes. Get yours from for 3,500 INR.

Southern Straps Brown Leather

These handcrafted bands from San Francisco are made of vegetable tanned full-grain leather. They come with gold, black or silver lugs and look great with a suit. costing just 6,500 INR, they are available on

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