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Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Review: Its A Feature-Packed Wearable.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Review: Its A Feature-Packed Wearable.

, by Sona, 2 min reading time

The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is the best fitness tracker in this price range. It is loaded with activity tracking, fitness monitoring and smartwatch features. This band has a color touchscreen and even music playback option.


The tracker has an 18mm silicon band with a button clasp to offer a comfortable fit. It features a 0.95-inch AMOLED touchscreen with color display.The large screen and 120 x 240 resolution lets you clearly view all the data even in low light conditions. A single capacitive button is located below the display.This fitness tracker has a waterproof rating of 5ATM, which means you can wear the tracker when you go swimming or take a shower.

Activity tracking

This tracker is built with a 3-axis gyroscope motion sensor and a 3-axis accelerometer to track distance, steps, and calories burned. You can view the steps count right on the screen.As for the other tracking details, you need to swipe up the Menu option. In the Status menu, you see the activated alerts and idle alerts that indicate periods of inactivity. This wearable also offers sleep tracking.However, you need to visit the companion app to check the sleep tracking details such as sleep score, sleep duration, and sleep quality analysis. It also offers insights on sleep regularity by comparing sleep data of a week.

Sports tracking

This wearable has 6 sports tracking modes cycling, outdoor running, pool swimming, treadmill running, exercise mode, and walking. The tracker doesnt have a built-in GPS, but offers connected GPS support.Running The wearable tracks distance, pace, and time. Also, it monitors your current heart rate zone and delivers real-time heart rate data.Swimming It tracks swim distance, duration, and calories burned. The tracker also gives you stats on average pace, stroke type, SWOLF, and average stroke rate. To stop tracking, simply press the capacitive button below the screen.

Smartwatch features

The wearable displays weather forecasts as well as notifications from your smartphone. You can play music right from your wrist as this tracker is compatible with third-party apps.Also, you dont need to use your smartphone to pause, skip tracks or control volume. You can do all that by just swiping on the wearable screen. Click on the Menu option and scroll down to the More option to open options such as Set Alarm, Do Not Disturb, Find Your Device, and Silent Notification Mode.You can personalize the wearable by selecting watch faces from the Mi Fit phone app. The Chinese version of this tracker has Alipay contactless payment support.

Mi Fit app

The Mi companion app is compatible with both iOS and Android phones. The app has three tabs Workout, Friends, and Profile. You can launch tracking for running, cycling, and walking from the Workout tab.On top of the dashboard is the Daily Activity tracking Data Box. Tap this box open to get details such as body weight, scores, and breakdown of tracked workouts.


This tracker comes with a 135mAh capacity battery that offers up to 20 days of charge on normal use with 2 to 3 intensive workout tracking, music playback, heart rate tracking, and notifications.

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