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Sony Wena Wrist Pro Review: A Unique Smart Strap.

Sony Wena Wrist Pro Review: A Unique Smart Strap.

, by Mathu, 4 min reading time

The highlight is that it is more of a smart strap than a smart watch. So, you can add this smart band to a timepiece that you already possess or have it with you when you need to change the watch entirely.Wena Straps are quite useful when you have a collection of luxury watches that you do not wish to part with. You can add smartwatch features to a more discreet design and the tech packed within will hardly catch anyones attention at all.

Sony Wena Wrist Pro: Design and screen

The Sony Wena Wrist Pro can be used either as a smart strap or clubbed with various watches which are referred to as heads. The price of these heads varies between 10,000 INR and 40,500 INR. Wena Strap supports 18mm, 20mm and 22mm watches with its bundled lug adapters.The various head models available are Mechanical Head, Solar Head, Chronograph Classic Head, Chronograph Head, Three Hands Retro Head and Three Hands Head. All these can be paired with Wena Wrist Pro.Wena Wrist Pro straps are available in black and silver stainless steel finishes.

The design is smarter, unlike other bracelets of steel watches, which is a point to be noted. At first sight, there is nothing particularly noticeable or unusual about Wena Wrist Pro. The subtlety it carries in its design is a distinct advantage.However, the silver display towards the buckle will not go unnoticed. With its black display, it blends better with the black strap than the silver one. Even though you may not see a lot of information, the OLED display is good enough to display a couple of lines of text. Since there is no auto adjustment in brightness, it has to be set in the companion app and there are three levels of adjustment available for brightness.In a bright and sunny place, the brightness has to be adjusted to the maximum to see the screen.

Rotating the wrist will wake up the display which is consistent compared to many smartwatches and fitness trackers.The button above the display can be used to switch between various screens, disable Bluetooth as well as to turn on or turn off the Wena Strap Pro. It does not offer a touchscreen or any other mode to interact with it.The steel bracelets imply that you need to remove or add links in case you need to resize. Not all the links are removable. Only the ones that are marked with an arrow can be removed. You can go swim or shower with the Wena Wrist Pro as it is water-resistant up to 50 meters. However, it has no swim tracking.

Sony Wena Wrist Pro: Fitness tracking

The fitness tracking in the Wena Wrist Pro is not too advanced. It sticks to the basic tracking such as step counting, sleep tracking and calories burned. Sony Wena Wrist Active does a good job in sports tracking with the built-in GPS as well as heart rate monitor.

Sony Wena Wrist Pro: Notifications and extras

There is an LED light which can flash in various colours and is located at the side of the OLED display. You can easily identify which app has pushed notification from the colour of the LED flash. The information displayed from the notifications is limited due to the small display.The scroll speed is not adjustable and it may take some time to access useful data. The Wena Wrist Pro cannot show all the data but only the last one that comes in and there are no options to go back to the past notifications. The notifications are alerted through vibrations. You have the option to set it in three levels in the app and the medium level itself is pretty strong.You need to sign up for a Boon account, which is a prepaid virtual MasterCard, to use Wena Pay. This is a simple solution for payment and the Boon card needs to be recharged regularly. However, after the initial three months, the Boon has a monthly charge of 150 INR. So essentially, you need to pay and subscribe to spend your money.According to Sony, the placement of the contactless payment is good but it works well only with the horizontal readers. With vertical readers, it is rather awkward just like using an Apple Watch in the opposite way.

Sony Wena Wrist Pro: Battery life

The claim on battery life for Wena Wrist Pro is about a week, which is expected with its basic display and fitness tracking.However, it stays only for four days or even lower depending on the number of notifications received. It takes about an hour and a half with the charging clip to completely charge the Wena Wrist Pro.

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