Modular 45 Golf Edition Review: A Brilliant Golf Experience.

Modular 45 Golf Edition Review: A Brilliant Golf Experience.

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Tag Heuer redesigned its Connected Modular 45 which it had launched in 2017. The new design is more comfortable to wear when one plays a round on the course. The miracle is that the Golf app, which is only one of many advanced features, is capable of displaying 39,000 golf courses anywhere in the world.Added to this, the database is updated regularly to accommodate new golf courses and what all changes are made to them. As in its earlier Connected Modular, this smartwatch also has a high price tag -- that is 1,62,000 INR for anyone to keep one of his own.It was at Baselworld 2019 that the new model was tested first to prove the claims of Tag. That was the only way to find out how the much acclaimed model functioned. A detailed report of the performance of the Connected Modular 45 is given below.

Design and build of Modular 45

Its 45 mm body is among the biggest of Wear OS watches available now. The AMOLED display has a cover glass made of scratch-resistant sapphire which measures 1.39 inches and it is with 400 x 400 resolution. With 13.75mm thickness it is one of the heaviest smartwatches in the market. Tag has shown the wisdom to fit it with Intels Atom processor Z34XX which is supported by 512MB of RAM.The 4GB storage capacity makes it really useful as a sports watch. The fabric strap which can be adjusted with a special fastener is a speciality of this watch. True to the traditions of the Swiss designers, another speciality of this watch is that the numbers arranged around the bezel would read 1 to 18 instead of the usual timekeeping in other watches.This special design is not just for show. Instead, when one plays a particular round, the data on the screen will highlight all details including the hole which one is playing at the time. These data will be of great help in actual competitions.

Features of Modular 45

The Tag Heuer has bewitched the users of its Connected Modular 45 edition with its own golf app. It provides a very special golf experience which none of its competitors like Garmin golf watch or Apple Watch can offer. The companion app for iOS/Android, Tag Heuer Golf, can be downloaded from the respective App stores - which is free for use by anyone.The app comes preinstalled in your smartwatch. The pairing process is simple and swift between the Tag Heuer Connected Modular 45 (Golf Edition) and almost all smartphones. Before the start of any round, one can do this on the watch and it does not require any support from the watch.

One can select the closeby courses just by opening it.Now, what all you need is available without any difficulty. It is a great advantage that it works over Hole 19 for which one need not have to work on the phone, that too before the paired smartwatch app starts working.The GPS which is expected to work from the phone, can be switched to work from the watch, obviously at the expense of the battery power.By doing this one has to look only at one round from the watch. In order to make it work for a full round, the display is reverted to black and white and it gives reduced details which would enable it to save power. Like any other golf app, it gives the details of 39,ooo golf courses; that would make 99% of the total golf courses in the world.But what is amazing is the descriptions of the courses in detail. A 3D render for each course shows the hazards, greens and shape of fairways. The aerial photography is crystal clear and the presentation given in each hole is to be greatly appreciated.

The smartwatch app is equipped to receive it excellently well. That could be done by just dragging the finger on the hole to explore from the tee to the green when one plays a hole.White lines appear which marks every five yards. One can see the distance from line to line on the side of the display. There are three lines on the green. So one can drag the display to the back or front to find a yardage. There are additional ones in the case of green aprons also. Finding the distances to the hazards can be done very easily, though it is not easily visible as in other setups to spot the front, back and middle green yardages.The app works well on features also. The menu helps in tracking the distance of the shots quickly. It measures the actual distance between the ball and the tee very efficiently. This applies also to the scoring of the player and his buddies in a round. The app tracks the leaderboards/Stableford scores very fast.

The Golf App

On careful assessment, the smartwatch app is giving a great performance. In the same way, the smartphone app also provides a fantastic experience.The scoring, mapping of the course and the leaderboard options are available to anyone for free. The shot measuring can also be done from the smartphone without using the watch. The data of the Tag smartwatch users will be recorded automatically into this app. This includes scores as well as tracked shot distances.A companion app of the Apple Watch is also available to the users which has an annual subscription.

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