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Diesel On Full Guard 2.5 Review: A Good Looking Smartwatch.

Diesel On Full Guard 2.5 Review: A Good Looking Smartwatch.

, by Mathu, 5 min reading time

The Diesel On Full Guard 2.5 is a good-looking smartwatch that runs on Wear OS from Google. Smartwatches from most of the fashion powerhouses fall under the mothership of Fossil. The company Diesel also belongs to the Fossil Group umbrella.This smartwatch from Diesel also gets everything the other brands have from Fossil fourth-generation. The features include NFC, onboard GPS, heart rate sensor and water-resistance to mention a few.All the features are packed in a design which is familiar to the regular Diesel customers. The price of On Full Guard 2.5 starts from 24,500 INR and goes up to 26,000 INR(for the stainless steel). It costs less than the Apple Watch Series 4 and Samsung Galaxy Watch but is higher than the Fitbit Versa. It is compatible with both iOS and Android phones. It has 512MB RAM and has a memory of 4GB.The original Diesel On Full Guard used to be huge and had badly performing software as well as poor battery life. To know more about Diesel On Full Guard 2.5 which is slimmer and with more features, read our verdict here.


For all the Diesel fans, the design of Full Guard 2.5 will be impressive as they have maintained the traditional Diesel watch looks. It has the usual metal body and the straps are thick and can be interchanged. The variants of the Full Guard 2.5 come in silicone or a leather strap in brown colour with a totally stainless-steel look.The design is such that it looks better on mens wrist. The case size of the smartwatch is 47mm and the body is 13mm thick. There is nothing to complain about the size of the watch when compared to the bulky original Diesel On Full Guard.A few elements from the previous generation watch have been used in the new generation On Full Guard 2.5. The two physical buttons that are customisable.There is a crown sandwiched between the two buttons which can be used to scroll through the various screens on the watch. It makes things easier by not having to use the tiny touchscreen always. The screen size has reduced by about 0.01inches from the previous model and is 1.39inches now.The screen is vibrant and has an AMOLED screen. The Diesel On Full Guard 2.5 is water-resistant and can offer swim-metrics tracking with the help of third-party apps. Even though the silicone strap is good for swimming, it is not a comfortable smartwatch to swim with.

Wear OS and Diesel extras

The operating system running on Diesel On Full Guard 2.5 is Wear OS from Google. It means you get all the features attached to Wear OS such as notification support, watch faces that can be personalised, installation of Wear apps directly from the watch etc.You also get Google Assistant. All the operations are similar to any other Google Wear OS watch. A better Wear OS interface and revamped Google Fit is what you get for the Full Guard 2.5.A swipe on the touchscreen will bring the notifications to you and other watch settings are also easy to access. The Wear OS is not as good a performer as the OS of Apple, Fitbit or Samsung. Even though the core features with Wear OS works just fine, it feels like it is not so tightly knit as seen in other operating systems.Diesel has attempted to make it look more like a Diesel smartwatch and less like a Google Wear OS watch with its own innovative watch faces. The Dial Effects is an app that displays data such as activity and weather in a discreet fashion. The Diesel T-on-I app makes the watch look smart with the data on step counts and weather.There is not much to complain about the software but the performance is not too satisfactory. Instead of Snapdragon 3100, it has used Qualcomms Snapdragon 2100. The watch lags behind and is slow at times with some features. This issue can probably be solved with a software update.

Sports and fitness tracking

In addition to waterproofing, features like Google Pay, onboard GPS and heart rate sensor are also included on Full Guard 2.5. It includes regular features like accelerometer and gyroscope as well which are helpful for fitness tracking.The new fitness features added are pretty decent. Just like other Fossil watches, these features are good for those who are not too serious about fitness. But those who are fitness pros should go for watches like Garmin. The accuracy of GPS is satisfactory for short distances.The heart rate readings are a bit higher than the readings seen on standard chest straps. Diesel On Full Guard 2.5 is definitely not a substitute for a sports watch. You have access to third-party apps as well in case you are not satisfied with Google Fit.

Battery life

The Full Guard 2.5 packs a battery with capacity, 300mAh. The battery can stay on for about two days on a single charge. The battery capacity is, however, lesser than the original Full Guard smartwatch, which was 370mAh.One to two days of battery life is normal with most of the smartwatches which run on Wear OS. But the battery of Full Guard 2.5s does not live up to the companys claim, even with lesser use of power-draining features.It actually gives only about a day and a half at the most.

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