Smart UV monitors Stay smart in the sun

Smart UV monitors Stay smart in the sun

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Ultraviolet radiations have energy higher than visible light, but lesser than X-rays. The natural source of UV rays is the sun, and there are some artificial sources like tanning beds and welding torches. UV rays are required by us and other animals for the production of Vitamin D, which is needed for better bone strength.Vitamin D deficiency is very common these days. However, exposure to UV rays beyond a certain level is harmful. UV rays are responsible for tanning of the skin and sunburn, and studies show that overexposure to UV rays can even cause skin cancer.Life on earth would have become miserable or even non-existent if the Ozone layer in the Earths atmosphere had not been filtering the intense UV rays from the sun. There are UV sensors that measure discrete bands of the electromagnetic spectrum from the UVA, UVB, and UVC, which are the three main groups of UV radiation.These sensors will help you understand the level and type of UV radiation you are exposed to. There are only a handful of UV sensor devices, compared to the wide range of fitness trackers. There are UV sensors that can be clipped on to your clothes, worn as a band, or stuck to your skin.Insights on some UV sensors are given below to help you to choose the right one.

LOreal My UV Patch

LOreal, a French cosmetic company, is the first beauty outfit to enter the field of electronics with its smart UV monitor. The device measures approximately one square inch in area and 50 micrometres in thickness.The patch works like a removable tattoo or a nicotine patch that can stick to the skin for up to five days. The wearable is showerproof, has no batteries, and there is no initial or ongoing cost. My UV patch has photosensitive dyes that blend with the baseline skin tone and change colours when exposed to UV rays.The user has to take a photo of the patch and upload it to their smartphone app. The software then analyzes the images of the photosensitive dye squares to determine the level of UV exposure.

LOreal My UV Sense

UV Sense is a tiny wearable that can be worn on your fingernail, sunglasses or running shoes -- essentially on anything that is exposed to the sun. This tiny wearable changes colour in the presence of UV rays to indicate the level of exposure.It can be connected to your phone via NFC to assess the exposure levels and trends. It will tell you when you should apply sunscreen. UV Sense is less than two millimetres thick and nine millimetres wide. It can be worn for up to two weeks, but you may need additional adhesives to extend its life.There is an option to clip it on to things. LOread held a limited launch of this tiny wearable last summer. They are gearing up for a global release in 2019.

Shade UV sensor

Shade UV Sensor can tell you the exact amount of UV light that you are allowed to expose yourself to before you have skin damage.The results have been found to be precisely the same as observed in the laboratory. The machine is efficient and sensitive enough to measure even the UV rays from normal light bulbs. The sensor can be worn on a t-shirt, jacket or bag using a powerful magnet.The sensor will detect and then send you notifications as you get closer to your UV limit. The sensor can even detect if you are wearing sunscreen and if you are sweating or not.

SunFriend Personal UV Monitor

An Indiegogo-backed project from 2014 is one of the first smart UV monitors in the market. This water-resistant device works independently -- that is, it does not have BlueTooth and you do not need a phone.The device has LEDs that flash to alert you as you reach your daily limit of UV exposure. The device can be personalised and you can set your own personal sensitivity level to match your specific skin type and tone. This is an inexpensive bracelet that helps you optimize Vitamin D production from the suns rays while preventing overexposure.The machine has been approved by the Vitamin D Council for that purpose. You need not charge the device. The in-built battery in the SunFriend can go on up to 3 years.

Rooti CliMate Environment Tracker

CliMate is a tiny, portable, cloud-shaped tracker that measures humidity, ultraviolet light, and temperature of your surroundings. It can be kept on a stand inside a room or worn on a lanyard outside your clothing or bag.A cartoon plant will show your status in the mobile app. The animation is such that when you are safe, the plant flourishes and when you are exposed, it withers away. It will send you alerts on the basis of the settings you choose, allowing you to stay aware of your environment, wherever you go. It will also tell you when to wear sunscreen.The app analyzes all the user-generated cloud data and pro-actively warns you about harmful weather conditions. Talking about hardware, it has Bluetooth and a single coin cell battery. It is also splash resistant.

Netatmo June

June is a device that looks more like a regular piece of jewellery than a technology device. Designed by French jewellery designer Camille Toupet, June looks like a piece of a cut diamond and it comes in three colours for us to choose.But this wearable sensor can measure your exposure to UVA and UVB radiation throughout the day. The device communicates with your smartphone so that you get real-time advice on how to keep your skin healthy and safe.June is rechargeable and will run for about a month on a single charge. At 7,500 INR, it's a little bit on the pricey side. But it is a good functional accessory that can protect your body.

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