Golf Wearables, Apps and Swing Analysers

Golf Wearables, Apps and Swing Analysers

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Are you an avid golfer? Are you struggling a bit with your game, swing? Do you feel you are not getting enough out of your practise time? A great way to help yourself is to invest in a golf GPS watch. Read on to learn the top choices for the game. We have for you the best golf GPS watches and the best swing analysers that are out there.

Best golf GPS watches

Garmin still triumphs over most of the available golf watches. With built in fitness tracking and sport features, these watches are no longer just for golf. Here we discuss some of the best golf smartwatches available for you to choose from.

Garmin Approach S40

This golf watch costs 22,000 INR on Amazon. It sports a 1.2-inch colour screen and can measure accurate distance to hazards, detect distance to the pin, measure shots and has the ability to tag clubs allowing it to provide a great deal of analysis to your game.It also has advanced features such as AutoShot Game Tracking that keeps a track of all your shot distances. Data collected is synced to the Garmin Golf app. This device is a great buy if you are looking monitor your average club distances, else, you may just go for one of the cheaper Garmin devices.

Garmin Approach S10

This is the cheapest and latest full-factor golf watch costing 11,000 INR on Amazon. Given its cheaper price, it works to provide just basic on-course information. It allows you to access 41000 courses. When you are on a course, it gives you the distances to the front, back and middle of the green, hazards and lay-ups.It has on-watch Strokeplay scoring. There is no Stableford scoring. Also, the watch does not record putts or penalties or tee-short spreads. The data is collected is stored in the Garmin Golf app. Although not a great one, it provides an acceptable way of tracking your past rounds.Overall, the Approach S10 is perfect for those who want accurate distance measures and also a more affordable device. In comparison to basic Apple golf apps, the Approach S10 provides more data on dog-legs and hazards.

Garmin Approach X10

The Approach X10 in terms of design is a traditional fitness band (unisex). It monitors and records basic key things such as distance to the pin, hazards (lay-ups and doglegs). It also gives you an accurate shape of the green and where the flags can be placed. It has the hazard and distance data for 41000 courses all over the world.It however does not give you details of swing analysis, swing tempo. There is no shot tracking or recording of shots or any activity tracking. At its price of 12,500 INR on Amazon, it is still on of Garmin's cheapest golf watches.

Hole19 iOS and Android

This app available for both Apple and Wear OS smartwatch users, turns the smartwatch into a golf watch, by using the devices inbuilt GPS or the phone's data. The smartphone app can maintain a scorecard, and also, there is a golf community where you can add your playing buddies, keep track of them and also upload photos of your rounds. This is a free app.

Tag Heuer Connect 45 Golf Edition

A special edition smartwatch for golf, launched at Baselworld. Priced at 1,35,000 INR, the watch has a fabric sports strap, with 1-18 etched on the bezel. It comes included with the fantastic Tag Heuer Golf app. However, this app is available for free on smartphones, and cost 3,000 INR for the Apple Watch.It provides distance to the pin, hazards. It also offers round insights and on the wrist scoring. The best feature is the Brilliant 3D renders of 39000 golf courses all over the globe. Despite its heavy price tag, the Tag Heuer Connect 45 Golf Edition excels the Hole 19.

Garmin Approach X40

Though Garmin seems to have many golf wearables, each one is different. The Approach X40 preloaded with 35000 courses, with pin distances and hazards, also functions as an all-day fitness tracker with heart rate monitoring and GPS run tracking.It can track your shots, and also has a feature to tag clubs, and on-watch scoring. Though the touchscreen is small (1 inch), it is convenient to use. In all it is a real treat for that golfer who really loves the game and is active all day. Garmin Approach X40 is prices at 18,500 INR on Amazon.

Garmin Approach S60

A little pricey at 30,000 INR, the Approach S60 has almost all the features of the Fenix 5 but is less bulky than the latter. Its features include swing analysis (swing tempo), distances, scoring, shot detection, etc. PlaysLike and TruSwing sensor, are new features in this model.PlaysLike offers distances accounting for elevation also. The wearable also features inbuilt GPS sports tracking. This set of comprehensive features is enough to overwhelm any golfer.

Garmin Approach S20

Another allrounder that offers fitness tracking with GPS distance measures, smartwatch notifications and preloaded data of 40000 courses all over the globe with distances displayed along with a map of the course. Layup distances and hazards for any hole can be accessed from a context menu. You can keep score on the watch and it also records every shot you take.It does not come with GPS tracking for workouts or a heart rate monitor, putting it below the Approach X40. It can be used as a smartwatch for 8 weeks else the battery will last you 2 big rounds of Golf. Costing 12,500 INR on Amazon, it is still an excellent option for those who prefer a watch to a fitness band (Approach X40).

Golf Buddy WTX

Priced in the range of Garmin Approach X40 and S20 (13,500 INR on Amazon), this watch surprises us with its display features. The 1.2-inch screen is bright and clear on the course, making it easy to read the distances and other stats. Swiping between screens is also easy.Though equipped with GPS for running tracking, it does not provide any extensive post-run analysis. The biggest negative is the battery life that does not last for even 2 rounds of the game. Addition of a couple of features for score tracking, and extended battery life may make this wearable a little more attractive.

Bushnell Excel GPS

A good wearable with excellent accuracy probably describes the Bushnell Excel GPS well. It comes with data for over 35000 courses worldwide, a digital touchscreen and its own companion app.However, the device is not as convenient to use with its interface being hard to read due to its design. Also, the side buttons are not very responsive. It can be considered if you are looking for a budget watch (15,000 INR, Amazon), but with the Garmin Approach S20 available at a similar price, it is in a tough spot.

Best swing analysers

Swing analysers quantify the biomechanics of your swing. May be not replace your coach, but they can certainly supplement your professional and provide insights on the little adjustments you need to make. here are some of the top swing analysers you may love.

Zepp 2 golf sensor

This is a clip-on device that you attach to your glove. The sensors note the speed of your hands, tempo of forward as well as back swing. The data appears on the app within a second of your shot. The app allows you to then review your shot data with visual charts, compare with professional's swings to identify your issue.Also, there are videos to help tutor the area of your shot that you need to work on. The app when paired with a smartphone also tracks the players hip movements using a built-in accelerometer.

Garmin TruSwing

This device is a more accurate than the Zepp sensor as it positions on the club shaft rather than the players gloves, thus a steadier position. It records data on shaft angle, club speed, lean, club pane, etc.On the flip side, the app in comparison to Zepp is quite complex. It is not possible to comprehend the raw data, nor is it easy to compare swings. Pairing this device with another Garmin wearable such as the Approach S20 or X40 may make it a little easier to check your swing plane as then you will get the data on your wrist instead of your phone.Overall, this device is good if you are working with a professional coach, else the Zepp 2 is a better option for those working alone to fix their swing at the range. Priced at 11,000 INR on Amazon.

Best golf shot trackers

This uses a device placed on the club-top to track every shot. The shots are detected automatically by your smartphone. The app gives you your handicaps along with the average distance for each club. (13,000 INR, Amazon).

Game Golf LIVE

With endorsements from the likes of Lee Westwood, Graeme McDowell and Barack Obama, this device consists of a wearable sensor to mount on your belt and a series of sensors to be mounted on the top of your club. You need to just tap or touch the club element of the sensor and then play your shot.Game Golf then provides you with every shot you made and the success rates of each, allowing you to identify the areas to work on. The app is well designed and gives you valuable data but remember to tap the device on the club! (79,500 INR, Amazon).

Cobra Connect driver range

These drivers feature the Arccos technology built into the club shaft. It pairs with the app on your smartphone via Bluetooth. The advantage is that there are no screw-on sensors to touch or tap.These drivers allow you to track your driving accuracy. The driver recognises the shot you make and plots it on the course map (has to be paired with your smartphone of course). Now, if you take your next shot with a club that does not have a sensor attached, the app uses the phones microphone to detect the shot and plots the next GPS location.With the real data on your shots, it allows you to understand your driving. Cobra King LTD and is available at American Golf now for 33,000 INR, the Cobra King F7+ is priced at 29,500 INR and Cobra King F7 at 25,500 INR.

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