Best VR Games for PlayStation 4

Best VR Games for PlayStation 4

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The Top Virtual Reality Games of 2019

In this guide, we have listed the best virtual reality games for PS4. A few of the VR games are original PS4 games, which are now redesigned for virtual reality. We also have some upcoming VR games specially designed for PS4 in this list. Let us know what you think about our list and share your suggestions in the comments section below.

Best PS4 VR Adventure Games

This adventure game is based on the Sony Playroom VR software called Robot Rescue. In this game, you help a tiny robot, Astro rescue little boys who have been kidnapped and transplanted to a world thats far away. This immersive game makes you feel like a giant amongst the tiny robots and bots. Use your size and strength to fight mech gorilla or save a bot to successfully complete the rescue mission.3,000 INR, | Amazon

Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner Mars

The fast-paced 2nd Runner game is based on the cult series - The Zone of the Enders. In this game, you join forces with a giant robot, Jehuty Warfare and travel through the skies of Mars. With full 4K resolution and stellar action scenes, this VR game is great for both newbies and seasoned players.2,500 INR,| Amazon

Borderlands 2 VR

In this looter shooter game, you get to choose one of the four playable classes Assassin, Siren, Commando, or Gunzerker. Fight enemies using procedurally-generated guns and loot their bazillions. This VR version of the game has a Slow-mo feature that lets you teleport or slow down as you plan your next attack. Get together with your friends and enjoy playing this PlayStation VR game.3,700 INR,


In this third-person VR game from Polyarc, you take the role of a cute mouse and explore the enchanted woods. The storyline is riveting and the virtual reality environment is astonishingly realistic.2,500 INR, | Amazon

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR

If you love the open world RPG, then you will love the Skyrim VR game. Play the game with Sony VR headset to view a completely new dimension of the lands you roam. This VR game is compatible with DualShock 4 and PlayStation move controllers.4,500 INR, | Amazon

Doom VFR

Bethesda's VR gives a different twist to the Doom game for a completely new experience. It also supports PS VR Aim controller for a more immersive action. Locomotion in this game includes short leaps and teleportation, which adds to the intense game play.2,500 INR, | Amazon


Archangel is the first VR game from the movie production studio, Skydance Interactive. In this game, you are strapped inside a giant mech. Use the cache of weapons to help the United States fight the war against HUMNX. For a more intense gaming experience, we suggest using Move Controllers to control the mechs arms and weapons.2,500 INR,


Farpoint is a VR version of the classic arcade shooter game House of the Dead. In this game, youre a space marine that has landed on an alien planet. Play this PS game with the new Aim Controller that has motion sensing and vibration feedback.2,000 INR, | Amazon

Robinson: The Journey

Robinson: The Journey is another VR game that takes you into space. In this adventure game, you get to play the role of a boy who has crash landed on a planet. The environment of this planet is similar to that of Jurassic Park. However, the visuals are not so appealing and there is no motion control, which can dampen game play.3,700 INR, | Amazon


This game brings the original first-person Atar game into the 21st century with stunning VR effects. The tanks travel very slowly, but the blocky graphics are amazing. The VR game also has a campaign and co-op mode for added fun.3,000 INR, | Amazon

Superhot VR

In the Superhot VR game, time moves only if you move. So, dodging bullets becomes fun and interesting. The limitations of the PlayStation camera may constrain the game play, but it still packs hours of enthralling entertainment.2,000 INR, | Amazon

The London Heist (VR Worlds)

The Heist VR game is set in the dark illicit underworld of London. Use both hands to operate the move controllers of the PlayStation as you dodge, duck, hang out, run, or reload your gun. Want to make the game more realistic? You can use a cockney accent as you fight with the villains. The sad part is that the game play is just around 20 to 30 minutes.Free (with PlayStation VR Worlds 3,000 INR), | Amazon

Best VR horror Games

This psychological thriller game set in a corrupted simulation created by a troubled scientist, Raymond is designed by Elijah Wood's SpectreVision and Ubisoft Montreal.The thematic elements are so realistic that you feel as if you are really inside the psyche of a fractured family. In this game, you need to sift through the brain data of the scientist and his family and find out what happened.As you are trying to interpret the data, you also need to fight with the static monster that is roaming the halls to find its next victim. Think fast on your feet to find whats wrong and escape the monster at the same time before you too enter the troubled state.2,000 INR,

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Biohazard is a full-length horror game that will keep you riveted to your seat. The amazing visuals and VR effects are terrifying. The Resident Evil 7 is the winner of the Experience of the Year award in the 2017 Wearable Tech Awards.2,500 INR, | Amazon

The Inpatient

The Inpatient is a prequel to the Until Dawn Game from Supermassive Games. The game play takes you back 60 years where you get to visit a Mental Institute of that period. The enthralling story line and voice interaction make it more terrifying and creepy.3,000 INR, | Amazon

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

This first person survival shooter game brings on big scares. Fight with zombies, clowns, and other creepy characters to survive.1,500 INR,| Amazon

Best VR Sports & Racing Games

If you love football, then you will enjoy playing this VR game. Head balls, bombs, and moving targets around the goalies to win the game. Initially, it can be a little difficult to head the virtual ball, but once you get a hang of it, you will enjoy this game to the max.1,500 INR,

Sprint Vector

The Sprint Vector has interesting locomotion techniques that you can use to climb walls, ski, run, or even fly. These techniques make your movement more natural and reduce the feeling of motion sickness.2,500 INR | Amazon

100ft Robot Golf

In this VR sports game, you and three of your friends can become virtual robots and play urban golf. If there are other robots or buildings that stand in the way of your shot, simply smash them down and tee off! Have loads of fun playing virtual golf with friends.750 INR,

Tiny Trax

In the Tiny Trax VR game, you need to submerge in a virtual ocean to watch cars race over your head, past your face and even under water. This immersive VR game will keep you occupied for hours.1,500 INR,

Best VR puzzle Games

If you love solving puzzles, then you will be engrossed in this VR puzzle game for hours. You travel to an isolated boarding school where you take the roll of a faerie. As a faerie, you can see and hear all, but others cant see or hear you. Play detective and find out whats the mystery in the boarding school and solve it. You will also meet ghosts, magical elements, artifacts, and dark elements as you try to solve the mystery.2,500 INR, | Amazon

Tetris Effect

This game gives a VR twist to the classic Tetris puzzle game. This VR game has plenty of interesting modes, challenging deadlines, exciting visuals, colorful backdrops, and finger-taping beats that give you a transcendent gaming experience. The Zone effect makes the gaming experience more entrancing while the Theater mode allows you to view the visuals even out of the game mode.3,000 INR, | Amazon


Statik is a short VR puzzle game published by Tarsier Studios. If you enjoyed playing games like Portal, then you may enjoy this game also.1,500 INR,

I Expect You To Die

This spy-themed VR game is just what its title says. You are put into tricky scenarios where you need to think and strategize to solve the puzzle and escape. Can you think so fast that you can escape death?2,000 INR,

Batman Arkham VR

In this VR game, you get to don the role of your favorite superhero Batman. As Batman, you can explore the Bat cave and other iconic locations. You play detective and solve the murder mystery. The story line is comic-book style and has a slow pace. You get to wear Bat suit, interact with other characters, rewind time at crime scenes, and fly high above Gotham To make the most of your gaming experience, use Move Controllers or Dual Shock.1,500 INR, | Amazon

Best Multiplayer VR Games

This Vive and Rift favorite is now available on PlayStation. It has tracks from the original, so you can slash your saber in time to the beats of the music. You need to have good musical timing and lightning-fast reflexes to play this game. Apart from the original tracks, the PlayStation version has new tunes for added fun and interesting multiplayer battles.2,500 INR,

Rec Room

Enjoy playing Rec room with your friends. The best part is that your friends dont need to wear a PS VR headset to play the game. This mixed reality game has some incredible cross-play action including, disc golf, pinball, 3D charades, and lots more.Free,

Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes

This family VR game for two to four players is fun and entertaining. One of you needs to wear the PlayStation VR headset while the others in the family refer to a manual and give you instructions to diffuse a bomb. Can you infer the instructions and diffuse the bomb?1,100 INR,

Star Trek: Bridge Crew

How excited are you about becoming a part of the Star Trek crew? This VR reality can make it happen, virtually. You can operate the Federation starship controls and command USS Aegis through space in this multiplayer game.3,700 INR | Amazon

EVE: Valkyrie Warzone

This fast-paced multiplayer shooter game from CCP Games will keep you on your toes. This game is set in EVE: online universe and has new modes. You can play the game even without wearing the VR headset. Enjoy short and fun shooting sessions with friends, swap ships and capture flag modes in this Warzone game.2,500 INR, | Amazon

Best VR Simulation Games

The Job Simulator is a fun game for beginners. In this game, you find fun definitions and descriptions of Job. Use the move controllers to explore the workspace.1,500 INR, | Amazon

Rez Infinite

The Rez Infinite is a VR remake of the Sega's psychedelic rail-shooter Rez classic game. This game comes with VR support and updated graphics. Intense visuals, thrilling music, abstract visuals, and intense action play will keep you enthralled for hours.2,500 INR,

Eagle Flight

The Eagle Flight from Ubisoft is a third-person game where you become an eagle and fly over the streets of Paris. The missions are simple at the start of the game, like collecting items, gliding over rivers, learning the tilting technique, or swooping underground. Once you perfect all these actions, you get to join the battles in the sky. If you dont want to fight, you can just fly and enjoy the skies. This game also has a cross-platform version, which means you can enjoy playing this game with your friends who have HTC Vive or Oculus Rift.3,000 INR, | Amazon


The Thumper is a mesmerizing rhythm violence VR game where you move the DualShock controller to match the drum beats. The graphics pulse all around you as you try to control the bug thats fast hurtling down a track. Overcome the obstacles and move to the rhythm as you tackle the baddies.1,500 INR,

Incoming VR Games for PlayStation

This shooter game is from the house that designed the London Heist VR and the Gateway. The story line is expected to be along the lines of a one-rail shooter against a gangster.

Golem TBC

Golem TBC is an exclusive PlayStation VR game from Highwire Games. In this game, the player gets to play the role of a young girl who controls golemns using eye and limb movements. You travel through ancient ruins filled with treasures as you tackle the villains.

Ace Combat 7

This arcade combat game from Namco Bandai is designed with photorealistic graphics for an immersive experience. You can choose from authentic and futuristic aircrafts as you get into the action game play.


The Megalith is a first-person shooter game set in destructible environments. In this game, Titans, mechanical monsters, fight head to head.

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