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Best Sleep Tracking Apps for Your Apple Smartwatch

Best Sleep Tracking Apps for Your Apple Smartwatch

, by Madhu, 3 min reading time

Tracks your sleep patterns and analyses sleep trends

Apple Smartwatches are packed with advanced features and tracking metrics, but it doesnt have sleep tracking. Even the latest Series 5 watches from Apple dont have this tracking metric. So, you have to go for third-part apps to track your sleep. This guide talks about the best sleep tracking apps that you can download to your Apple Smartwatch.

1. AutoSleep

The key feature of this sleep tracking app is that it automatically starts tracking your sleep unlike most apps where you need to tell them that youre going to sleep. This sleep tracker also gives accurate results200 INR, Download AutoSleep

2. Sleep++

The Sleep++ is a popular sleep tracking app with a simple interface that has a start button, stop button, and a small blue chart that displays the sleep patterns. All the data is transferred to Apple Health. The app starts tracking once it is activated on the companion iPhone.Free, Download Sleep++

3. Pillow

This sleep tracker captures movements, heart rate, and sounds to track your sleep patterns. This app automatically tracks your sleep. All the data is presented in charts, which are easy to read and understand. You can see your sleep reports and analysis, and breakdown of the stats on the app. Subscribe to the premium subscription to get features such as sleep aid programs. You also get access to weekly, monthly, and yearly sleep trends and patterns.Free (in-app purchase for premium), Download Pillow

4. Beddit Sleep Monitor

Beddit is a daytime sleep tracker owned by Apple. You need to buy a sleep monitor sensor to use this app. It tracks your sleep and recommends daytime naps, if required. It also has a silent alarm that will wake you once your daytime powernap is done. The sleep scores are automatically updated in the app. Beddit doesnt have cloud storage now, so if you are using older Apple devices, then this app may not be useful.Free, Download Beddit

5. HeartWatch

This app is a little cluttered as it gives a host of details. It tracks your sleep and HR data to monitor your heartbeat when youre awake and sleeping. It also analysis the heartbeats during walking and sleeping time and compares with regular heart beat. If there are any unusual trends or patterns, it immediately raises an alert. The data captured has also been found to be accurate.200 INR, Download HeartWatch

6. Sleep Watch

This on-watch app automatically tracks your sleep, stages of sleep and heart rate. It also looks for changes in heart rate and gives you the sleep quality score. The app also provides daily updates and trends over a period of time. Get advanced options like heart rate variability monitoring with the premium subscription.Free, Download Sleep Watch

7. Sleep Pulse 3

This fully-featured sleep tracking app is compatible with Apple Watch Series 4 and 5. It also works with Infograph and Infograph Modular Apple watches. This app tracks and monitors your heart rate and movement. If you wake up randomly at night, you can check the Sleep View, which will show you how long youve been sleeping and your resting heart rate. It also records sleep talk and tracks your naps. The best part is that you can check sleep analytics right on the app instead of on the companion phone.300 INR, Download Sleep Pulse 3

8. Sleep Tracker by Sleepmatic

This Sleepmatic app has the same interface as Fitbits sleep tracker. It offers automatic sleep tracking for both nighttime sleep and daytime naps. You can check your last nights sleep in the compilation.150 INR, Download Sleep Tracker

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