Michael Kors Access Sofie Heart Rate: Fitness On Fingertips.

Michael Kors Access Sofie Heart Rate: Fitness On Fingertips.

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The Michael Kors Access Sofie Heart Rate is a smartwatch that runs on Wear OS. It is a watch that builds on its predecessors. When the first Sofie, a fashion smartwatch was launched, it was a success for Michael Kors and its parent company, Fossil group.Even though Michael Kors Access Runway which is packed with features is in the market, the company has brought forth its popular smartwatch, Sofie with an upgrade. The Access Sofie Heart Rate comes with a heart rate monitor, in-built NFC and GPS as well as water-resistance.It also includes a variety of improved fitness tracking features. Design has not changed much compared to its predecessor and it is still elegant and fashionable. The design suggests that you can wear it to the office as well as to a party.The price varies from 24,000 INR to 29,000 INR and is priced similar to the smartwatches from other umbrella brands of Fossil Group such as Emporio Armani. The price is closer to the Apple Watch Series 4 as well.

Michael Kors Access Sofie Heart Rate: Design and look

The Access Sofie Heart Rate is an oversized feminine smartwatch which is absolutely good-looking. It comes in various metal finishes like rose-gold, pav panel straps or embossed silicone. The Access Sofie is 1mm smaller than its previous model and comes with a 41mm case.The fine design surrounding the topring and the interchangeable straps make it more interesting. As far as length of the strap is concerned, you may have to use the additional links provided to fit your wrist if it is not petite. It is a comfortable everyday wear and comes with an additional strap that is sweat-proof for gyms. It fits right enough to take the heart-rate accurately.

The touchscreen has an AMOLED display and it is easy to read from the screen. But the brightness settings for saving the battery makes it a little difficult to read from the screen. There are many watch faces available as well.The Access Sofie Heart rate has three buttons instead of one seen on its predecessor. The two buttons, one at the top and the one at the bottom, is customizable to set as a shortcut to the most accessed screens. The middle one can wake the watch screen, takes you to various apps and turns on Google Assistant. You can scroll through the menus as well using the middle button which comes handy as a backup for touchscreen. Another new addition to the Access Sofie Heart Rate is that it is water-resistant up to 30 meters.

Michael Kors Access Sofie Heart Rate: Wear OS and features

The Access Sofie Heart Rate works on the operating system, Wear OS from Google. The usual features such as notification alert, Google Assistant etc. comes with the Wear OS operating system. To access third-party apps, assistance from Google Assistant, basic web searches and other tasks using voice control can all be done on this smartwatch.With the iPhone, there are issues of Assistant crashing at times. But this problem is not seen with Android users. The other new features included are Google Pay, in-built GPS and heart rate monitor. While Google Pay offers contactless payment, GPS helps to track your workouts and location.The heart rate monitor tracks your heart rate every 20 minutes or with a simple tap at any time. Google Pay is easily accessible from the main watch face.

The Sofie Heart Rate uses the processor, Qualcomm Snapdragon 2100. It operates just fine even though there are a few issues.The touchscreen, at times, becomes unresponsive. This affects the flow of notification alerts. To fix this issue, the watch has to be turned off and on. However, the fashion powerhouse Michael Kors touches on the Sofie Heart Rate has given it a special place in the market compared to the other smartwatches. The Wear OS has many watch faces that can be customised.In addition to this, MKs other apps allow personal images from your Facebook or Instagram accounts to be used for the watch face. There are options to set separate watch faces for day and night that will change automatically at set times. You can even have watch faces that will do the countdown for you for important events in your life.

Michael Kors Access Sofie Heart Rate: Sports and fitness tracking

Your daily steps, calories burned, move minutes, heart point can all be viewed on Google Fit. You can also adjust your daily goals in the app. The GPS onboard assures workout tracking without having to tether the watch to your phone.The optical heart-rate monitor is an add-on that measures additional workout metrics. This smartwatch is good only for casual fitness fans and not for pro sports people. The built-in GPS has issues in finding signal at times. Since the GPS refuses to lock on, it will leave you with the accelerometer on the watch to measure your distance.

The accelerometer in the watch is good enough to track the distance with very less margin in error. The heart rate readings are lower than the standard chest strap readings. It is a well known fact that the wrist-based heart rate monitors that work with optical sensors can never be accurate like a chest strap. It will be great if Michael Kors could provide a sportier strap that will sit tight on the wrist during workouts (which can give more accurate readings) rather than the bracelet that is loose.Another sport it can track is swimming since it is waterproof up to 30 meters. However, there is no option for swim tracking in the Wear OS. Therefore, a third-party app may be required to track your swimming.

Michael Kors Access Sofie Heart Rate: Battery Life

The battery life of the Access Sofie Heart Rate is around one full day. It also depends on how you use the watch. For example, the screen brightness, how frequently you check notifications etc. The more you use various features, apps and heart rate monitor, the faster the battery drain will be.It can be as low as eight to 10 hours on heavy usage days. The inconvenience due to quick battery drain is, however, compensated by fast charging. The magnetic charging disc can charge Michael Kors Access Sofie Heart Rate in about an hour from zero to hundred percentage.

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