Zepp Health — Amazfit with ECG and blood pressure – comes with AI technology

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Amazfit is named Zepp Health outside its homeland China by Huami and has its focus on the U.S. market. Its amazing health features and low-cost, 5,000 INR for Bip U Pro, has taken it to the level of top six brands globally. Huami, which has been working with Xiaomi for manufacturing, has gathered a host of health features over the years. ECG Zepp Health COO, Mike Yeung told Wearables, “We are currently engaging with the US FDA and on areas such as ECG and blood pressure monitoring. Those things are ongoing right now. While we are getting our own algorithm to be FDA certified, we are already in partnership with Alivecor here in the States.”

Alivcor will be producing ECG sensors for Zepp Health. Mr.Yeung said, “We’re leveraging our hardware with Alivecor’s already FDA-approved ECG algorithm. We’re combining it together into a new thing that which should theoretically, give us a faster approval. With the company’s experience in getting approval for ECG with Chinese FDA, they are confident in navigating through the U.S. ones too. The detection of cardiac arrhythmia through ECG sensors will be the greatest attraction in its wearables. It wants to get ahead of major brands like Apple, Fitbit and Samsung for this feature. The company is working on blood pressure and glucose monitors as well. Amazfit and Zepp Health are planning to make blood pressure monitoring independent and said, “We’re working on something without calibration right now,” Yeung confirmed. AI deep learning and COVID Even though low-cost is the major attraction of its success, Amazfit has many other features like its appealing apps. According to Mr. Yeung,its greatest strengths are the algorithm, self-developed sensors, and processors that are optimised for low battery consumption. The vast amount of data that is collected each day is fed into self-learning, deep learning Artificial Intelligence to optimize and improve the algorithm quickly and more accurately. Automated analysis on data of sleep tracking, blood oxygen rate, heart rate and stress tracking has improved its algorithm over time. This has greatly improved the battery life as well. Zepp Health’s collaborative work with Chinese government in tracking COVID-19 has also turned out to be successful.

Yeung said, “We analysed and predicted that in Europe, Spain would be probably the first country with a huge explosion of cases of COVID, based on our analysis of our own users using our algorithm.” The data which got the attention of the Chinese government led them to their large-scale tracking mechanisms of COVID. Getting Spotify on board Considering the fact that in spite of offering extraordinary features, its demand in the U.S. is not so steep, the company is welcoming other partners to do better. One of the apps on the way in Zepp Health is Spotify. With the host of features available for low-cost, Zepp Health will win the North American market soon.