With the next Apple Watch, you may be able to answer phone calls with a clenched fist Advanced level wrist-based gesture control in Apple’s upcoming smartwatch

· 2 mins read

With the raise-to-wake feature on, the Apple Watch wakes up when the wrist is raised and goes to sleep when the wrist is lowered. As a bonus on top of this bonus, a new patent reveals that this feature is being improved for a future smartwatch. The filing which was first uncovered by Patently Apple gives details on the feature whereby the Apple Watch will be able to recognize and respond to more advanced wrist actions; for example, movements like a clenched fist. This functionality would probably work either with the improved sensors that will be installed inside and at the bottom of the smartwatch case or through the smart bands.

With these sensors, the Apple Watch will be able to identify the user’s wrist position and respond in real-time. But will the watch respond every time you clench your fist? Patent says it will not. You will have to clench your fist firmly for a considerable amount of time to see the response from the Apple Watch. The patent also explains how some wrist movements will be able to dismiss a notification. It is not sure if this feature will be included in the next Apple Watch. As always, the patent may or may not turn into reality. But it is quite realistic to believe that Apple is capable of riddling out and installing more advanced gesture control functionalities that are beyond the basic raise-to-wake function.

The wrist movement deduction feature is one of the hardest features to nail. This is tricky as the technology that is available has its limitations in distinguishing between the intended wrist movements and the usual ones. To see if all the hypotheses derived from the revealed patent turns out to be true, we have to wait until Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference to be held in June. It is expected that watchOS 7, which will debut on the Apple Watch Series 6, will be disclosed at this event. We will be updating on the developments. Stay connected with our site for more rumours and leaks on this.