Wearable technology meets Manchester City with Fantom

· 2 mins read

Everyone knows how wearable technology is making its impact on our everyday lives in a massive. While a major part of the wearable devices is aimed at making our lives healthier and more active, the Swedish-based start-up Turnpike group has just come up with a device that takes tech to a whole new level.

Fantom is an exclusive Manchester City F.C. wearable that brings good news to the club’s fans in many different ways. With Fantom on your wrist, you have news about the club’s transfers, a clear understanding of countdown to kick off and even have match updates when you are on the move.

Also, with Fantom, you get some other amazing features like having the benefit of NFC, meaning you do not have to pull out your season ticket every single time as the wearable device will double up as the ticket. The engaging features like choosing your own Man of the match while the game is in progress gives you an extra edge over other supporters. Moreover, when you cross paths with other City supporters, Fantom will detect it, thus helping you find more supporters of the Premier League champions.

It is available on both iOS and Android, thus if you are a true blue Manchester city supporter, having the Fantom on your wrist is a great choice.