Wearable Technology: A smart way to overpower your addiction

· 2 mins read

The wearable market is moving out of the fitness-centric programs to develop devices that can help you with your lifestyle in multiple ways. One of the latest inventions is how wearable devices can help the users with various types of addiction and eventually get rid of them in a good manner. Though there are uncountable types of addictions affecting the population, the wearable industry is focusing on providing a significant help with some.

Smoking tobacco in forms of cigarettes has always been a worrying addiction as it harms our system in a very bad way. To help smokers with this issue, Chrono Therapeutics is working on a wearable device that will deliver needed amount of nicotine to the blood. When the cravings are at its highest, the device will deliver nicotine thereby slowly reducing your nicotine intake but meeting the nicotine rush. It promises to work better than nicotine patches also. Also, applications like “Stop Smoking for Wear” have an effective interface to help you reduce.

For drugs like cocaine and heroin, a concept based biosensor device is being developed that will track various body reactions like increase of heart rate at the time of intake of drugs. This information can be used for evaluation of various stats which can be helpful for doctors and counsellors.

Devices are being developed to tackle the tech addiction as well, which serves as a slow poison to trouble your life. The Pavlok wristband rewards you with an electric shock whenever you are checking notifications too much. Moreover, the wearable can be trained to handle multiple other bad habits as well.

The world of wearable looks bright and may soon be an essential addition to everyone’s life.