Wear OS may get a big fitness make-over A new survey shows that change is on the way

· 2 mins read

The Wear OS smartwatch from Google has been pushed behind by its competitors in the market. The company is now coming up with plans to rev things up and catch up with others on advanced features. Google is running a survey with its users to find out which features they would like to see in their future Wear OS devices and in Google Fit. The outcome of the survey is dominated by fitness features, though not limited to it. Droid Life has revealed the complete list of features that Google has included in its survey.

While advanced features such as SpO2 detection to detect sleep apnea and ECG have been introduced in smartwatches like Fitbit Versa 2 and Apple Watch Series 5, even common features such as activity detection, sleep analysis, and smart alarms are missing in Google Wear OS. The survey does not guarantee that the upcoming Wear OS or Google Fit will be packed with these features. But at least this has woken up the company to the fact that they are much behind on health and wellness features. The health platform that looks stagnated is a put-off not just for its own customers but also for those of the Gen 5 range of Fossil wearables that depend on the Wear OS.

The market for Fossil wearables got thinner because of the lack of a good and innovative health platform. And it is not just the health platform; Wear OS itself seems to have stagnated. The Suunto 7 is another evidence for this; it is nowhere close to devices like the Apple Watch Series 5. Even though Google Fit was updated in 2019, it still comes across as rather plain. It doesn’t provide the experience on par with the data that it has. While there are no major updates coming from Google soon, the survey is an indication that Google is working on some crucial makeovers and upgrades.