Vivofit Jr 2 will release it Disney Princess fitness trackers.

· 2 mins read

Making your kids aware of the importance of a fit and a healthier lifestyle can be one of the best parenting decisions you can ever take. To make this challenging task a piece of cake, Garmin’s latest collaboration with Disney for the Vivofit Jr 2 is certainly a praiseworthy step.

As Vivofit Jr 2 is one of the best fitness trackers out there in the market for kids, the upgraded second-generation version is all set to make a stronger impact with its design. Compared to the black and white screen of the older version, Vivofit Jr 2 will now have an always-on colour screen for an enhanced user interface. Apart from this, to appeal more to the kids, their teaming up with Disney and launching the Disney Princess characters is a smart step.

Internally, the Vivofit Jr 2 still has commendable features like monitoring of sleep and Move Bar to inform how much time the wearer was inactive. Alongside, the watch will also give virtual gems as gifts to your kids for completing the chores. There will be activity goals, which when met, progress through the Disney Princess story will serve as rewards.

For the parents, you can influence your kids more towards a healthier journey with the Toe-to-Toe challenge, a timed step challenge which allows your kids to compete with other Vivofit Jr2 users. Also, you can delegate household chores to your kids and this intuitive wearable from Garmin will remind your kid with the task at the right time.