Updated Stryd with Better Features

ยท 2 mins read

Stryd was the first wearable device that gave runners an accurate measure of power, al you needed was to plug it on to your running shoes. And now the company is launching its next-generation device that will factor in things like running into headwinds and adjusting running power in the more challenging conditions.

The new pod has been redesigned to include new temperature and humidity sensors, so that runners can use the environment to their advantage. The new pod will also include a magnetometer, though we don’t know yet how that sensor will be utilised but it is included in future features. You also get more onboard storage and an improved antenna range to ensure data is being accurately relayed to your phone or compatible sports watch. With the new footpot, you can now pace your runs based on the insights on real-time air and wind conditions.

“Every runner wants to perfectly pace their run. They want to be running just as strong at the end of the run as they did at the beginning,” said Jamie Williamson, Stryd’s CEO. “While the wind’s effects are unavoidable, that does not mean that you should run poorly. Stryd makes it possible to pace a run perfectly even in perfect weather conditions.” The new Stryd is now available at 16,000 INR, and will start shipping in July.