Upcoming Samsung Galaxy Watch in three colours and stainless steel case? A host of options on the upcoming Samsung smartwatch

· 2 mins read

The identity of the upcoming Samsung smartwatch is not yet known but it has been leaked that it will be available in a range of colours and with a stainless steel option. According to reports from SamMobile, the next Galaxy smartwatch (not yet confirmed if it is Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 3 or Galaxy Watch 2) will have the colour options of gold, silver and black cases.

The stainless steel models will be available in silver and gold. These details are subject to change, says the report, but Samsung is likely to repeat the options that are available with the Galaxy Watch Active 2 which was launched approximately a year ago. The date of the launch is also unknown. The details about the watch are still scarce with Samsung’s annual press conference focusing more on its latest smartphones.

But there are hints that the latest Galaxy watch will have double the storage of its predecessors — that is, an 8GB storage. All these speculations can anyway be confirmed only after its launch. The launch is assumed to be in the month of August, along with the Note 20 smartphone. Whatever is on the plate, let us hope Samsung will maintain its exceptional touch-sensitive bezel in the new smartwatch.