Turn Your Smartphone into an Immersive AR Headset with MagiMask

· 1 min read

Turn your smartphone into an unaugment reality machine with MagiMask. This 7,000 INR AR headset for smartphones makes it super easy.

All you need to do is slot your smartphone into the headset and get going. Unlike most mobile VR headset, the MagiMask uses a single lens to retain all the pixels from your phone’s display and also provide a great immersive experience. It has a soft fabric design and is compatible with 99% of existing AR apps on smartphones.

The headset come with 3 accessories – MagiTile to lock placement of objects on tables or floors, MagiDice for control and MagiKard or AR cards. You can pre-order your Magi Mask on Kickstarter for 7,000 INR.