Train Your Brain to Sleep Using UrgoNight

· 2 mins read

UrgoNight, developed by neuroscientists and sleep-experts at Urgotech (a French Start-up) appears to be the first of its kind, that works by training your brain during the day while you are awake, to help you sleep better at night.

UrgoNight is a headband that measures the user’s EEG (Electroencephalogram) non-invasively, to measure brain activity, and helps users to learn to naturally increase the brainwaves that are associated with sleep. The user needs to wear the headband for only 20 minutes in a day, and for about 3 times in a week. Once the device is on, it connects to a supporting app on iOS or Android , and utilizing this, the user can view brain waves in real time and also the app leads users to participate in exercises to relax the brain and increase the frequency of those waves that help us to fall asleep (sensorimotor rhythms- SMR, produced during the day). These exercises can be growing leaves on trees, or drawing relaxing patterns, etc. With this, you should be able to increase your SMR, and fall asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow.

Urgotech says users should be able to see results in 10-15 sessions, and sustainable results in about 3 months. UrgoNight is available on Indiegogo at 18,000 INR (early bird price) with shipping to begin from December 2019. Once it rolls out in 2020, it will be priced at 36,000 INR.